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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.04  Labelling and marking
  • 01.04.01  Labelling machines
  •  Pressure sensitive labelling machines

Pressure sensitive labelling machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.04  Labelling and marking
  • 01.04.02  Digital direct printing devides

Digital direct printing devides

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.04  Labelling and marking
  • 01.04.03  Coding devices

Coding devices

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.04  Labelling and marking
  • 01.04.05  Printer (Thermo, Inkjet, Matrix)

Printer (Thermo, Inkjet, Matrix)

Our products

Product category: Digital direct printing devides

Printing on labels

Printess is the result the expertise of Eidos in designing and making thermal transfer printing systems. It is a labelling robot for automatically printing and applying labels quickly, reliably and safely. It is robust and ideal for industrial environments.
Printess can print high-definition self-adhesive labels (300 dpi) at high speed (up to 500 mm/s) applying them directly onto stationary or moving objects moving very precisely.
Printess printers implement SATO and ZEBRA standards allowing integration on all packaging lines with no problems of compatibility.
With the integrated printer and applicator system, you can choose from an extensive range of applicators and modules designed, developed and tailored by Eidos for specific needs.
Variable data can be invoked directly on the production line on the touchscreen connected to a remote PC or uploaded from a USB flash drive.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

Printing on film

Thermal transfer technology makes Swing an ideal solution for overprinting variable data (dates, forward or backward number sequences, text, lists of ingredients, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, logos) on plastic film or paper. A solution which allows to print directly on the production line, to the advantage of printing speed and quality.
With Swing you can print up to 1000 mm/s or up to 350 prints/minute for high-definition applications (up to 12 points/mm - 300 dpi) without ever stopping the production line.
With the thermal transfer printing you can change the head without changing the plate. And you can save thermal transfer ribbon by using the ribbon saving functions.
Swing has a bracketing system ready for the most popular machines on the market and comes in a variety of models according to the operation of the packaging machine.
With Swing you can print variable data on small batches or intervene on the printing parameters directly on the touchscreen, by connecting to a computer or by using a USB flash drive.

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Product category: Digital direct printing devides

Printing on objects

Coditherm printers are designed in the Eidos research and development workshops to implement the advantages of digital printing flexibility on industrial products. By implementing clean and environment-friendly methods, Coditherm can be used to print small batches with variable data (dates, forward or backward number sequences, texts, lists of ingredients, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, logos) directly on plastic surfaces, porous materials, irregular substrates, rigid and round objects without interrupting the production process and guaranteeing object traceability.
With Coditherm you can print variable data without needing to store plates: real-time printing and the result is immediately dry and clean without needing particular drying processes.
Coditherm is ideal for marking variable data on small batches. A wide range of thermal ribbons are available in an array of colours for all applications. A complete set of alphabets, numbers and logos allows to create all data settings.
Coditherm may be supplied as printing head or pre-fitted on a desk support with sliding device and guards for semi-automatic operation. It is suitable for replacing hot or pad printing. No particular changes to the packaging machine are needed.
Thermal transfer technology guarantees high-definition printing which is resistant to frequent washing, scratching, rubbing and external elements, such as oil, petrol or alcohol.
With an integrated electronic unit and touchscreen, you can adjust printing parameters or edit data retrieved directly from the memory of the device, from a USB flash drive or a connected computer.
Coditherm can print on surfaces with very different compositions and features, such as plastic, smooth wood or leather, fabric or thick coats of paint on metal.

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About us

Company details

Eidos is the leader in the design and production of label printers and for marking and automatic printing of industrial products.

We have focused on developing thermal transfer digital printing for over forty years. Thermal transfer is a clean, eco-friendly and safe solution for printing variable data in real time, such as best-before dates, forward or backward number sequences, barcodes, 2D codes, identification codes and more. In this manner, you can intervene on the printing operation directly along the production line without changing the plate or stopping the machine.

All Eidos products are the result of autonomous and original design on hardware and software level. This has fostered the development of high-efficiency solutions and applications, many of which covered by international patent.

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