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Product category: Stretch-film wrapping machines

Investing in a Pre-stretched Film Rewinder

Pre-stretched Film for Pallet Wrapping

Stretch film used for pallet wrapping traditionally has been applied in 2 ways: using a machine (semi-automatic or automatic) and manually. When using a machine, the film ideally is stretched right before it's applied to the load. When it is applied manually, the packer has to stretch the film while applying it.

Stretch films need to be stretched to make it stiff enough to effectively hold a shifting load. The stretch ratio of films varies widely, from 100% to over 300% in some cases. When applied manually, operators rarely stretch the film more than 50 percent during the wrap process. In most cases the average range is 15-20%, and given the nature of the manual process this ratio is not consistent throughout the wrapping of the pallet.

This is where "pre-stretched film" comes in. Pre-stretched film brings the advantages of machine-applied wrapping to the manual process. Starting from a master roll similar to those used in automatic stretch wrappers, the film is stretched in a rewinder to a desired percentage and smaller rolls are produced to facilitate the manual wrapping operation.

Benefits of Pre-stretched Film

Pre-stretched pallet wrap film offers the following advantages over traditional stretch film for manual wrapping.

The main advantage is that load stability can be increase while using less film, which may sound counterintuitive. Consistent wrapping tension is also achieved. Since the film is stretched close to its maximum elongation point, the wrapping strength is maximized at this point. By using a much lighter material, less film is used per pallet, which translates into lower packaging costs and less waste.

By not requiring to stretch the film, less energy is required from the operator during the wrapping process. Since the rolls are lighter and easier to unwind compared to traditional film, the risks of injury or fatigue-related hazards are also reduced.

Pre-stretched film consumption per pallet can be half or less compared to conventional film. Although the cost per kg or per lb of pre-stretched film is higher than that of conventional film, the reduced usage results in a net saving to the end user of anywhere from 25% - 40%.

Usually pre-stretched film has rolled edges and has air blown into the roll. These two processes together prevent the roll edges to be damaged during transportation or while in use. This eliminates wastage when compared to conventional film rolls that have to be discarded in part or fully due to this reason.

Reasons to Invest in a Pre-stretched Film Rewinder

Pre-stretched film consumption is steadily growing as the end users understand its benefits and advantages. For stretch film distributors and manufacturers it makes sense to invest on pre-stretched film rewinding equipment for the following reasons:

1. Value added product offering. By bringing to market a premium product such as pre-stretched film, clients will benefit by having better quality and reduced costs for pallet wrapping. For the distributor or manufacturer this translates into a premium price on a per kg or lb basis compared to selling traditional film.

2. Return on Investment. With the proper volume of material sold, this premium (price difference of traditional vs pre-stretched film per kg or lb) can pay out the investment in a period as short as 1 year.

3. Reduced inventories and transportation costs. By having an in-house pre-stretched film rewinding operation, the cost of carrying inventory and for transportation can be reduced. Master rolls of conventional film are more efficient to transport and have a lesser cost compared to moving finished rolls of pre-stretched film that occupy more space and are more expensive on a per kg or lb basis.

4. Improved customer service. Different formats can be produced even for reduced volumes to match customers' specific requirements, allowing distributors to keep their clients happy.

Unitech Pre-stretched Film Rewinders

Unitech manufactures pre-stretched film rewinders with the latest technology to provide reliable and affordable solutions to stretch film distrubutors and manufacturers. With no obligation, we can help you with a productivity study based on the products you want to produce, which rewinder model we recommend, evaluate your material and produce samples, and ultimately help you determine if it makes sense to invest in a pre-stretched film rewinder. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

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Product category: Stretch-film wrapping machines

Stretch Wrapping Solutions

Our product line consists of fully automatic and integrated stretch wrapping systems, including the following equipment and peripherals:
  • Stretch wrappers: turntable, rotary arm, double rotary arm
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Top sheet dispensers
  • Empty pallet dispensers
  • Pallet labelers
  • Scales
  • Strapping systems
Our design philosophy is to keep things as simple and convenient for the end user as possible. We customize our systems to include components of our customers' preferred brands (control, pneumatic, electrical), and provide all documentation to enable the end user to be self sufficient in terms of maintenance. Most of the spare parts for our systems are non-proprietary, commercially available components. We believe this is beneficial to our customers in the long run, as they can self perform almost all of the maintenance tasks without requiring the intervention of our service department.

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About us

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Unitech designs and manufactures machines and fully automated lines for wrapping and conveying of palletized loads, primarily using stretch film and plastic net. Our experience since 1995, state-of-the-art technology and a dynamic technical team are all elements that enable us to provide innovative and successful solutions to satisfy the diverse and wide range of our customers’ needs.

An active collaboration with qualified engineering and manufacturing groups helps us guarantee on-time and on-budget delivery of our systems.

Our experienced technical group provides a prompt and professional field service during installation, commissioning, inspections, and system updates and upgrades.

Unitech’s head office is in Vigevano, near Milan, Italy. Unitech North America, located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada (Toronto area) is responsible for sales & marketing, project management, field service and spare parts serving our customers in Canada, USA, Mexico and Central America.

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