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  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.06  Closing machines
  •  Closing machines for Bags
  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.08  Shrink film machines

Our products

Product category: Closing machines for Bags, Shrink film machines

L-Sealer Shrink Tunnel Combinations

L-Sealer Shrink Tunnel Combinations seal one or several products, after which they are shrunk. They can be flexibly deployed and used everywhere as a complete compact packaging unit. The Minicombiset in particular may be used in any situation due to its single-phase power supply. A large proportion of products that are usually sealed and shrunk may be processed using one of these machines. In addition, the price-quality ratio of these machines is very favourable. The optimal insulation of these machines ensures that operational costs are low. L-Sealer Shrink Tunnel Combinations are frequently used by, among others, printers, copy print shops and software manufacturers.

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Product category: Closing machines for Bags, Shrink film machines

L-Sealers - Shrink Tunnels

L-Sealers are known for the great flexibility with which various product sizes may be sealed. Whether or not in combination with a Shrink Tunnel, you will be able to quickly and easily seal your products. Besides the standard sealing sizes (400 x 500 mm, 500 x 600 mm and 600 x 800 mm) we are able to supply a sealing window that is specially designed for your product size. The extensive option packages make the L-sealers extra-appealing. For example, there is the twin system, the automatic conveyor system, the pneumatic operation and the continuously heated sealing system.

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Product category: Closing machines for Bags, Shrink film machines

Sleeve Wrappers - Shrink Tunnels

Sleeve Wrappers typically shrink-wrap multiple products where it is not necessary to have the packaging completely closed. It is a very practical and efficient way to protect products, and also more economical and more convenient than using boxes for packing. The space saving alone is one of the major advantages, since one roll - good for thousands of wrappings - takes much less space than piles of empty boxes. The fact that the contents remain visible can also be a big plus. We have extensive experience in manufacturing machines designed specifically for this purpose, and they are used to handle a great variety of products. For example, sleeve wrapping is used for large packagings such as rolls of carpet or sets of (parquet) floorboards, as well as for smaller bundles such as the familiar six-packs of beer.

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About us

Company details

AVC Sealing Solutions is a dynamic company with many years experience and a clear ambition: to be the best in our market. We are well on our way to achieving this goal, continuously expanding our expertise through research and development. When it comes to our, or rather, your machines, we prefer speaking in terms of solutions instead of product ranges. After all, as a specialist in sealing and shrink-film wrapping, we offer a complete, state-of-the art customised design to meet existing or desired requirements.

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