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  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
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Strapping and banding machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
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Foiling machines

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  • 03.02.75  Tempering equipment
  • 03  Machines and equipment for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionary, gum)
  • 03.03  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionary, gum)
  • 03.03.10  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of confectionery / Pumps

Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of confectionery / Pumps

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Assembly, maintenance and repair services

Our products

Product category: Wrapping machines

Rasch special figure foiling wrapping maschine type FI 4-6

Chocolate figures are very popular. But how are these fragile figures fitted into their customized cover? Rasch special figure foiler type FI has been setting standards in the wrapping of sensitive hollow chocolate products for decades.

Santa Clause, Christmas elf, angel, Easter bunny, frog, chicken, bear, teddy, ice bear, penguin, Yowies, Kiwi bird, car, comic characters, sports mascots or other figures – as long as they are made of chocolate and fit the size range of Rasch special foiler for hollow figures type FI 4-6 they will get their tailormade outfits on this wrapping machine. Rasch experts are on your side starting from the product development up to the final shape with best possible technical advice in order to develop a geometry which can be wrapped on a machine in the best possible way.

Besides the approved overlap, Rasch has developped the triple fold for figures (also called z-fold) and has already been defining standards regarding the accurate fold of the foil without the shiny inner silver foil seen from outside. Our original heat-sealing technique guarantees even the most sophisticated wrapping of products with a difficult geometrical form such as sitting rabbits for example. The new fold-seal wrapping style combines the advantages of both wrapping techniques: The foil is perfectly fitted to the product, then folded with z-fold and finally heat-sealed. This does not only avoid foil tears but creates a solid packagingwhich meets the requirements of a temper-evident packaging in the best possible way. The figure smoothing station finally gives the smooth look and soft touch to the products.

This machine series can wrap up to 60 products per minute depending on product and wrapping style. Moreover, Rasch wrapping machine for hollow articles type FI offers diverse possibilities to attach labels which is increasingly important as producers have to meet numerous declaration obligations.

This machine can either be fed manually or automatically by a couple of systems. Foil uncoiling device, main drive and folding bridge are equipped with de-centralized servo motors as standard. On top of that, hollow figure wrapping machine type FI 4-6 has quick change over systems for format parts and the folding brigde. This way, change over times, especially compared to previous versions, can be importantly shortened.

Rasch wrapping machine type FI kann be equipped with additional sets of format parts and devices anytime. Rasch format parts are only developped on modern CNC-machines on the basis of the original 3D product data. This is always related to a close co-operation with the mould supplier. This proceeding avoids errors and mistakes which can arise from hand-made production or the scanning of chocolate products. Original Rasch technology – something you can rely on!

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Product category: Tempering equipment

Rasch special tempering unit type TR

Rasch TR is a precrystallizing machine (tempering machine) for chocolate masses, fat glazes, compound masses and similar fat products. The machine fulfills the requirements of precrystallizing, i.e. it forms smallest stable fat crystal modifications and homogenously disperses them in the melted mass, in an optimal way. Even low-fat masses, with a fat content of min. 26% can be precrystallized. Ingredients such as whole hazelnuts, all forms of chopped or broken nuts and certain dried fruits or small pieces of nougat may be included in the mass prior to tempering.
Re-work can easily be integrated and handled.

The mass-hopper is double-lined and equipped with a stirrer, so that any inclusions in the mass will be well dispersed. The hopper is heated with a warm water system so that the mass is free of crystals prior to tempering. The forwarding screw is a multi-start screw with a high gradient. The screw's depth is determined by the product to be handled, up to 16 mm deep for masses with nuts. The forwarding screw fulfils two objectives: First of all, it conveys the mass to the place of use with the help of a continuously variable drive. After that the mass crystalizing at the heat exchange surface is mixed with the mass inside the screw. This process guarantees the essential requirements of pre-crystallisation: creation of stable, smallest crystals and regular dispersion in the liquid mass.

Rasch special tempering unit type TR is available in five different versions (500, 100, 1500, 2000 und 2500 kg/h). Screw can easily be removed and cleaned.

Rasch tempering technology – approved worldwide and up-to-date.

Why Rasch?
  • You get customized wrapping solutions for your products.
  • We develop original technology Made in Germany.
  • Our machines are reliable and have a long service-life.
  • On-time-service is highly important to us.
  • We offer reliable technical (after-sales-) service

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Product category: Strapping and banding machines

Format parts production

In order to handle your sensitive high quality smoothly and in an optimal way, we count on precize production of every single piece of format parts. Benefit from our long-lasting experience in this field and rely on us.

Customized format parts are an essential part of a good wrapping result. To ensure this even works on older machines without any problems, we have collected the knowledge and data from decades of developping efforts. You'd like to have a set of format parts for an existing machine or you purchased a used machine and now need format parts? No problem. With the help of up to date CAD- and CNC technical devices we wrap your products in their skinny foil covers.

Format parts are produced on the basis of the original 3D data of the figure in question. Tolerances which can arise from scanning or manual production are not an issue. Of course, our format parts are produced in accordance with EC Regulation 10/2011.

Original format parts for our wrapping machines have always only been produced in Cologne and are installed and commissioned by our skilled service staff. Manufacturer's guarantee for quality and smooth operation are, of course, included. This is a service only an original producer can offer.

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