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  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.10  Packaging machines with special equipment for hygienic packaging
  •  Aseptic filling machines
  • 05  Machines and equipment for the processing of other food products (e.g. coffee processing, production of ice cream, etc.)
  • 05.01  Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Our products

Product category: Aseptic filling machines, Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Fruit bases production

Bertuzzi has developed an extensive know-how and proprietary technology for the production of fruits preparations for yogurt, bakery and confectionery industries. Our technology has been developed in order to minimize any mechanical and thermal damage to the fruit and in order to be highly versatile: it allows to process a great variety of raw materials into many different products.

Ingredient preparation
Fruits are sorted and prepared in a dedicated room. Fruits are usually available frozen or canned or in aseptic bags and may be diced if needed. Fruits that are most commonly used for fruit bases production are apricots, peaches, strawberries, berries, apples, pears, coconuts and oranges.
Other ingredients like water, sugar, thickeners and citric acid can be dosed, dissolved and mixed in steam heated tanks before being blended with the fruit.

Blending, pre-heating and dearation
Fruits, liquid phase and possibly puree or juice are loaded in the blender. Liquid phase and puree/juice can be loaded by means of vacuum or by pump or by trolley. Trolley can also be used for the fruit pieces. To break down agglomerate of IQF (individually quick frozen) fruits, a special device is provided in the hopper.
The ingredients loaded in the pan are blended and heated up by means of low pressure steam running in the jacket and in the pipe stirrer. The speed of the stirrer can be adjusted in order to find the best balance between blending, heat transfer and fruit pieces shape preservation. Steam pressure in the stirrer and jacket is adjustable independently, in order to avoid product burning. In this process phase, it is possible to:

  • deaerate and standardize the brix of the product by means of a liquid ring vacuum pump and a tube nest condenser,
  • take a sample for analysis purpose and possibly adjust the recipe,
  • add thermo-stable aromas.

Pasteurization, cooling and filling
The product is heated up to pasteurization temperature and hold for the required time. The pasteurizer can be provided of different volumes and it can work at different capacities; to avoid the product burns on the non-wetted upper part of the pan, it is foreseen a system to select which part of the jacket will operate (only bottom or bottom and side).
The pasteurizer is placed on a scaffolding, so when pasteurization is completed, the product is directly transferred by gravity, and also with the help of sterile nitrogen or fine filtered steam, to the cooling pan. Cooling process is slower than heating, so more coolers are usually required to assure a continuous filling process. The product can be cooled down to 40°C. The coolers have a special sanitary design in order to assure the asepticity of the product to be cold filled. In this step, the thermo-labile aromas could be added at low temperature. Vacuum can be used also to speed up the cooling phase.
As an alternative, the system can be supplied also with a single aseptic pan that assures all phases of the batch, pre-heating, pasteurization and cooling.
After cooling, the product is transferred again by gravity with the help of steril nitrogen or of a peristaltic hose pump (recommended for high viscosity products), and packed in aseptic bags of 5 - 25 kg and/or bags in drum of 200 kg and/or in stainless steel reusable tanks (totes). Bags are then manually or automatically packed in cartons and wrapped before being transferred to the cold storage.
The shelf life of fruit base yoghurt is 3-4 months at 8-10°C without preservatives and can be extended up to 6 months with preservatives.

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Product category: Aseptic filling machines, Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Jam processing

For a real breakfast, there is something which in many countries definitely may not be missing... a jar of delicious jam.
If a small-sized jam production line with a capacity of 100 kg/h or the industrial version, Bertuzzi will find the right answer to your needs.

From fresh fruit or from puree?
Jam is most usually produced starting from frozen or aseptically filled fruit puree. However, Bertuzzi can also offer complete plants for producing jam starting directly from almost any type of fresh fruit (apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, oranges and more). Further information about fruit washing and fruit puree production can be found in the pages dedicated to the specific fruits, see our homepage.

Ingredients dosing and cooking
Fruit puree and sugar are dosed on scales or loading cells, they're mixed together and processed by our cooker and vacuum evaporator. This unit is suitable to produce jams, but also sauces and seasonings and it is available in five different capacities, from 40 to 1200 kg.

Filling and pasteurizing
In case of the request for a turnkey jam production line, we can easily integrate the suitable jam filling line e.g. into glass jars. Depending on the capacity, customized solutions will be found to meet exactly the requirements.

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Product category: Aseptic filling machines, Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Juice reconstitution / UHT milk recombination

A large part of processed fruit is transformed into concentrated juice, that is then reconstituted into the final juice or nectar. Bertuzzi offers complete reconstitution lines for all types of fruit juice, with very economic solutions according to the required capacity.

Dosing and mixing
The reconstitution process consists of mixing concentrated juice with previously prepared sugar syrup. Bertuzzi offers syrup preparation lines for a wide range of capacities. The ready prepared syrup is pasteurized and kept in a storage tank, for being then transferred to the dosing and mixing line in the required quantity.
For smaller capacity we offer solutions for integrating the syrup preparation line into the core mixing process, in order to reduce the investment.

Homogenization and dearation
In order to increase the product shelflife, we recommend to deaerate the juice. Upon request the dearator can be fitted with aroma recovery.

Pateurization / sterilization and filling
Pasteurizer ThermoFlash and sterilizer SterilFlash allow to treat juices and nectars to be hot-filled into glass bottles or gable-top cartons, etc. or to be cold-filled into aseptic cartons.

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Machines and complete plants for fruit processing
Bertuzzi designs, manufactures and supplies fruit processing machinery since 1936

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