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Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.05  Inspection and control
  • 01.05.04  Optical inspection systems

Optical inspection systems

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.05  Inspection and control
  • 01.05.05  X-ray inspection systems/devices

X-ray inspection systems/devices

Our products

Product category: Optical inspection systems


Control unit BBULL PC-5000 with 15 inch graphic touch display
BBULL IMAGE is a flexible all-purpose image processing system for integrated quality assurance in any automated production line.

The system consists of a central operation and processing unit BBULL PC-5000 and, depending on the application, at least one inspection bridge for installation on the conveyor or in the machine. Because of the modular design, BBULL IMAGE can be easily adapted and extended to many requirements. Even for individual solutions technique and cost efforts are always in a reasonable balance.

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Product category: Optical inspection systems


With the empty bottle inspector MULTIKON EBI, BBULL introduce a device that combines complex inspection requirements from the glass manufacturing industry with the required high-performing machine technology required in the bottling industry. MULTIKON EBI integrates perfectly the advantages and requirements of both applications and offers solutions that present systems do not provide yet.

When developing this device, especially a compact hygienic design, user-friendliness, short change over times and the implementation of future-oriented pc-technology have been considered, without disregarding the standard requirements of these kind of an inspection systems.

As a result, the machine convinces with design, minimum space requirements and outstanding detection values, which eclipses other technologies.
Combined with the established BBULL reject and sorting systems and the huge competence in line automation, the BBULL MULTIKON EBI is a trendsetting and profitable long-term investment.

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Product category: X-ray inspection systems/devices

X-Ray Technology in the Inspection Technology

We refer x-raying to a process of interfusing a body by radiation with X-ray radiation.
X-rays are short wave, energy-rich, electromagnetic radiations.
The wavelength of the X-rays is shorter than the rays of visible light. The upper array abut on X-raying on the shortwave ultraviolet radiation (soft radiation) and in the lower array to the gamma radiation (hard radiation).
X-raying interfuses the matter breezing. But if and how strong the material is interfused depends on the denseness and the atom sort.
The X-ray inspection technique avails this characteristic (for example radiometric fill level inspection).
For generation of X-rays a X-ray radiator is used. It consists of a X-ray tube and a cabinet.
The X-ray tube in its simplest mold consists of a cathode and an anode, which are situated in a vacuum within a sealed glass body.
Thermionics are accelerated by a high tension of the cathode to the anode and interfuse the anode material. Thereby they are decelerated and produce X-rays.

A detector is used to measure the x-ray radiation after the interfusion of the medium. A detector consists of a scintillator, a tube and the corresponding electronic. A scintillator is an instrument to proof charged particles, which fly through the scintillator material (for example sodium sulfite iodide). They cause a light flash which is altered by photomultipier (special electron tube which compound minor light signals) into an electrical signal. This electrical signal is transferred to an evaluation unit.

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BBULL TECHNOLOGY is a global supplier of control and regulation technology. For nearly 40 years BBULL TECHNOLOGY belong to the leading developers of the latest innovations for pc-based image processing, complex integration, control and inspection systems.
Ouer portfolio comprises of: Process automation for the beverage, food, packaging and glass industry in the areas of detection, rejection and sorting of bottles, cans, jars, crates, cartons, trays, six-packs and kegs.

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