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Jens Caroe Sorensen

Sales Director

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Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.02  Packagings
  • 02.02.01  Aluminium packagings
  •  Foils made of aluminium
  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.02  Packagings
  • 02.02.11  Plastic Packagings
  •  Foils made of plastic

Our products

Product category: Foils made of aluminium

Specialty PE and CPP films for various laminate applications

Schur Flexibles supplies high-end PE and CPP films manufactured in two extrusion plants for both food and non-food applications. Each available combination is tailor-made to fulfill specific requirements:

  • To ensure optimal protection of the product
  • To offer vital sales appeal and consumer convenience
  • To optimize the packing process on all types of packaging lines
Continuous development activities take place applying all new polymer technologies and employing new polymers such as metallocenes, bimodal PE and VLDPE. 
Our objective is to be abreast of - preferably rather ahead of - any requirement from customer side and to minimize the total impact of packaging consumption on the environment, by reducing the material consumption – in terms of material down gauging and construction refinement.

The shiny and glossy surface of cast PP (Polypropylene) will enhance the appearance of any product. Adding a touch of exclusivity, the excellent clarity of the packaging material makes the product stand out at its best. The material offers an excellent basis for print. 
Cast PP is applied for many paper products, e.g. greeting cards, as the excellent clarity is an evident advantage. Cast PP is used for a wide range of bread products, as the gloss and clarity of the material underlines the freshness of the product. As cast PP is heat-resistant and tolerates a pasteurization process, the material is also the ideal solution for bread packaging.
For all types of fresh produce like vegetables, herbs and lettuce, as well as cut flowers and potted plants, cast PP is the evident solution. 
When the best possible exposure of a product is vital, like e.g. in the case of impulse items like flowers and toys, it adds the final touch to achieve a perfect presentation. Also for many types of textiles, like e.g. shirts, ties, bedding covers, cast PP is employed.

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Product category: Foils made of plastic

Peel and reclosable solutions ensure convenience and freshness

One trend within the packaging industry is evident: consumer convenience is a key feature. Recloseable bags and trays are easily opened, closed and stored again. And because the product quality is ensured to the very last bite, a reclosable bag or tray offers the best possible storage.

For many years, Schur Flexibles has supplied reclosable solutions for bags and trays for various fresh and dry products like cheese, fresh meat, minced meat, cereals, rice, baking ingredients, etc., to name only a few.

However, also a growing number of frozen food producers seem to become aware of the consumers' demand for convenience: Reclosable bags are supplied to food producers all over Europe - for frozen products like fish, seafood, poultry, ready meals, snacks, pastry products and minced meat. But also within the bakery industry the tendency is evident: both producers and consumers appreciate the advantages of a convenient recloseable bag for bread products.

The  Schur DrawString is an example for a construction that enables the consumer to open and reclose the packaging. These bag constructions are mainly applied within the hygiene and cosmetics industry.

Schur Flexibles has refined the traditional inner liner film for bag-in-box solutions with new features. The result is the Schur Flex B-Peel solution. The single-source 3 layer PE construction gives the pack prominence on the supermarket shelf, and the peel effect offers high convenience in the household.

The Schur Flex B-Peel construction is a cost-effective solution for products that need high barrier qualities, but do not call for a laminate construction.

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Product category: Foils made of plastic

One bag - many possibilities

The wicket bag is the most commonly applied bag type for flexible packaging – for manual packing, as well as for many types of semi and fully automatic packaging machines.

All product types can be packed in a wicket bag – from fresh bread and petfood to sanitary towels.

Schur Flexibles supply wicket bags made of PE, CPP and laminates of almost any size and make. The bags are available with different opening and reclosability features, which additionally can be combined with a wide selection of carrier handle constructions.

The number, the size and the make of the wickets can be adapted to the respective packaging machines.

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Product category: Foils made of aluminium, Foils made of plastic

Multi-layer laminates for various applications

Multi-layer laminates for various applications

The extensive and growing application of laminate solutions is based on the numerous requirements that are set on the qualities of flexible packaging. 
Meeting all requirements in one material can be difficult, whereas a combination of different materials makes it possible to construct a laminate that is employable for most products and most storage conditions. To construct the suitable laminate packaging for your product we need to define the

  • Required barrier properties
  • Required strength properties
  • Required welding properties
  • Packing method & packing machine
Schur Flexibles runs modern lamination facilities, based on  solvent-free and solvent containing processes. The comprehensive Schur Laminate range enables us to meet most market demands for suitable and economic packaging solutions. 
The Schur Laminate range comprises mostly 2 and 3 layer combinations of polyethylene, cast and biaxially-oriented polypropylene, polyester, and polyamide. Most of these films can be combined into an optimal solution, protecting your product and offering the vital sales support.

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About us

Company details

Schur Flexibles is one of Europe's most important full-line suppliers focusing on production and distribution of high-barrier flexible packaging for the food, tobacco, and healthcare industries. Most of these flexibles are sold in converted shape as bags and pouches.

Offering a comprehensive and broad product portfolio produced in four dedicated plants, we are one of the leading suppliers of flexibles for the European fresh food market. With 13 production sites in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Finland, Russia and Slovakia, and a staff of about 1,350 dedicated people, we are able to serve our customers with tailor-made flexible packaging solutions.
Our group companies are experts within their own product and production areas. This "Center of Excellence" concept makes us an attractive and competent partner for our customer industries.
We work together with our customers, starting with the very first step – be it for assistance in creating an attractive design, be it for developing an entirely new bag construction, or be it for setting up a total packaging system solution.

For further information of the Schur Flexibles companies, please click on the images below.

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  • Food
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