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Form, fill and seal machines (FFS) for Bottles

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
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Fill and seal machines (FS) for Bags

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Feb 6, 2017

A real space miracle

When it comes to rapidly changing over to a different format, automatic positioning drives are increasingly replacing handwheels in production plants. But what happens if there is insufficient space available for installing a positioning drive? The PowerDRIVE-Positioning GEL 6109 from Lenord + Bauer solves this problem: the positioning drive offers a minimal mounting depth of just 76 mm at a nominal torque of 2.5 Nm or just 96 mm at 5 Nm, making it the most compact PowerDRIVE in its class.

It forms an extremely compact mechatronic unit comprising a brushless DC motor, a 32-bit microprocessor, a compact power amplifier and a powerful gearbox. A complete magnetic multiturn encoder is also integrated into the unit, ensuring that the PowerDRIVE is ready for use immediately after power on with no need for a reference search routine.

Users will enjoy the ease of operation: A support tool is available, allowing up to five PowerDRIVEs to be parameterised and tested via the USB port of the PowerDRIVE-Box.

Since key system parameters such as temperature, lag error and motor current are monitored, safe operation and protection against overloading are guaranteed.

The PowerDRIVE-Box regulates the power management of the positioning drives and also forms the basis for the supply of power and communication with the PowerDRIVEs via the PowerDRIVE-Connect ONE-cable solution. All standard fieldbus interfaces are available. These are supported by function blocks, simplifying integration into the machine. This diversity of interfaces is particularly interesting for mechanical engineering companies using a variety of control systems.

The anodised aluminium and stainless steel housing with a high protection class (IP 67) makes the PowerDRIVEs a popular choice in the food and packaging industries. However, the compact GEL 6109 has also proven its worth in bottling lines and in woodworking and plastics machinery.

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Feb 6, 2017

Replacement of handwheels without design

Positioning drives with continuous hollow shaft permit the direct replacement of handwheels without mechanical modification of the spindle shaft. In this way the conversion of the manual drives to automatic positioning systems is significantly simplified.

The manual adjustment of format-dependent stations costs time in many production lines. Automatic positioning systems rectify this problem and enhance the efficiency. They also support „Industry 4.0“ requirements. The conversion does not need to be time-consuming: mounting a positioning drive with hollow shaft significantly reduces the effort required.

As is the case on the new variant of the PowerDRIVE product series. The positioning drive GEL 6113 has a hollow shaft with an inside diameter of 20 mm. With the aid of slotted double clamping rings, the dimension is reduced by up to 10 mm. Mounting on typical spindle shafts with diameters from 10 to 20 mm without mechanical modification of the spindle is possible. The engineer undertaking the conversion only needs to realise the mounting for the torque support by using a 5 mm headless screw.

The positioning drive requires only a little more space than a standard handwheel on the spindle axis. With a mounting depth of 90 mm in the axis direction, the PowerDRIVE is extremely compact. The clamping ring is already taken into account in this dimension.
The angled gear delivers nominal torques up to 10 Nm and has an absolute multiturn encoder. The robust sensor acquires the position directly at the spindle axis, as such very precise positioning is ensured.

Two lengths are available depending on the installation space. The short variant with a device length of 170 mm delivers nominal torques of 5 or 7 Nm. On the other hand the 20-mm longer device achieves a powerful 10 Nm.

The new PowerDRIVE can be connected via hybrid cable, compact M17 or robust M23 coupling. The positioning drive can be integrated directly into a plant control system via the integrated communication interfaces and the ready-to-use function blocs (PowerDRIVE-Lib).

The flexibility, particularly during the upgrading of plants, is considerably increased by the PowerDRIVE with through hollow shaft. Mounted directly on the spindle shaft without modification, the GEL 6113 saves significant conversion costs. In the end the investment pays off due to shorter, error-free format changes.

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Jan 16, 2017

Lenord + Bauer establishes Ltd. in China - Timo Ren appointed Managing Director

By establishing a subsidiary, the Oberhausen-based Lenord + Bauer continues to expand its activities in China. Until now, the specialist for automation technology has been represented by an office in Shanghai. As a native of China, Timo Ren not only has experience in technical sales but is also familiar with the local culture.

The 39-year-old has been managing the representation in Shanghai for two years already. Before joining Lenord + Bauer, he held a position as international product manager with HBM Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH. He was responsible for the area of Business Development in China. His close connection to Germany dates back to his student days. In the late 1990s he studied communications engineering in Bremen.

As for the future, he sees the main task in advancing corporate growth. "Our customers appreciate the presence of an independent partner directly in China", says Timo Ren. "Product quality 'Made in Germany', in-country consulting know-how and local order processing are a good combination."

"China plays an important role in our internationalisation strategy", explains Ralf Beckmann, Managing Director Sales + Marketing of Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH. "The start-up is our response to the positive feedback from the market."

In line with the launch of Lenord + Bauer Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., a relocation from the German Centre in Pudong to larger offices took place. Meanwhile, the new site in the free trade area Jinqiao Park has eight employees. The new office complex offers sufficient space for additional company development. Thanks to an in-house lab, the local customers can be provided with improved technical support and additional services.
The magnetic sensors and control systems will be distributed in China from this location with immediate effect.

Especially the resistant sensors with high measuring accuracy are of interest to Asia. They are primarily used in rail vehicles and in the machine tool industry.

About Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH:
For more than 50 years the name Lenord + Bauer has stood for the automation of industrial motion sequences. The business develops, produces and markets magnetic sensors for the measurement of rotational and linear movements, as well as intelligent control and drive systems.
Due to the robust design and the technologies employed, all products withstand even the harshest operating conditions. Typical applications are rail technology, wind turbines, mobile machines and machine tools. Customerspecific solutions manufactured in a very wide range of batch sizes represent a large part of the products.
Lenord + Bauer is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as IRIS.

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About us

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About us
For more than 50 years, the name Lenord + Bauer has stood for the automation of industrial motion sequences. The company's product range consists of magnetic sensors for the measurement of rotational and linear movements, as well as intelligent control and drive systems

A majority of the products marketed by Lenord + Bauer are customer-specific solutions. The company deliberately focuses on the Ruhr location, a high level of vertical integration, and the detailed industry knowledge of long-time employees.  Thus, customer-specific product adaptations can be much faster implemented than when relying on production or development facilities abroad. 

Due to the robust design and specific technologies chosen, the controls and magnetic sensors withstand even the toughest environmental conditions such as shock, vibration, condensation, and temperature fluctuations. Thus, typical applications are rail vehicles, wind turbines, mobile machines, as well as marine and offshore applications.  The precise measurement data provided by the high-resolution Lenord + Bauer sensors are appreciated by machine tool manufacturers.

Lenord + Bauer has gained another foothold in 2010 by adding a mechatronic system solution to its product range: The PowerDRIVE-System an intelligent positioning system that fully automates feed axes in modern production plants, aligning them with 100% repeat accuracy.

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