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Product category: Labels made of paper

HD Quality

It is with enormous pleasure and satisfaction that we present our high-quality flexo printing system, rarely found at present both in Poland and around the world. Thanks to the use of special aniloxes with very high line counts and digital computer to plate preparation using the most recent KODAK technologies, we are now able to offer printing at 220 lpi. This previously unheard-of line count using flexo technology combines innovative solutions in print preparation of printed forms and precise execution using top-quality anilox rollers.

In recent years, flexo technology has made enormous strides and is now successfully competing with offset and rotogravure levels of quality. The lower quality previously associated with the technique was in large measure related to photopolymer preparation, which because of the nature of the printing form (polymers being a rubbery substance) faced significant barriers in achieving gentle and smooth tonal transitions and in reaching low values close to 0%.

The introduction of UV inks, followed by the arrival of digital Computer to Plate preparation, revolutionised flexo's possibilities, and its quality. Now, with the use of high line counts and precise anilox rollers, we are able to offer quality levels comparable to that of offset.

The main benefits of the use of high line counts are the possibility of printing photographic images at high resolutions and the achievement of tonal transitions to very low percentage values.

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Product category: Labels made of paper

Metallic foil applications (Coldstamping)

Coldstamping has been known for several years as a technique for applying coloured metallic films on labels made on a variety of substrates. In years past this technique took a backseat in terms of quality to the hotstamping technique due to the imperfections of the foils used and the low quality of the adhesives. Today we can offer you solutions that are visually similar to that of hotstamping but decidedly less expensive.

In the case of hotstamping the application of the foil and its binding with the substrate took place through pressing with a heated steel roller of a sheet of foil onto the target material. The preparation for hotstamping is associated with high costs ranging from several hundred to thousands of EUR. The use of this technique also reduces the speed of printing and as a result increases the cost of the label. The one benefit and advantage of hot stamping is the high quality of reproduction of patterns, texts, and prints.

Over recent years the leading producers of foils for cold stamping such as KRUZ and API brought to the market a new type of foil for high resolution, which has revolutionised the quality available using this solution.

For printers who are not aware of these advances, coldstamping causes difficulties due to the use of cheaper materials or improper configuration of machines, and the final result is remains one of poor quality. Cheap Chinese foils are not able to provide the desired quality levels, which shows itself in jagged line edges, missing elements, or overstamping.

We are proud to have reached a very high level of achievement in this field and can guarantee stamping that is at the highest level of excellence. The selection of foils, adhesives, and polymers has a direct impact on the final result. The type of machine used is also important. With our experience, high quality materials, and machines produced by the industry leader, we are able to assure you of attractive, smooth edges, legible texts, and guaranteed reproduction of every element of your image.

Our offer also includes cold stamping foils intended for printing . This offers the possibility of covering of silver foil with any ink or with several colours, which means that on a single label several metallic shades can be achieved.

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Product category: Labels made of paper

Adhesive-side printing

Using properly equipped printing machinery gives us the capability to offer a wide variety of solutions. One of these is adhesive-side printing. Labels with underprinting can be found in a variety of types of bathing liquids, shower gels, and window washing fluids, mainly in cases where there packaging, colour, and transparency of the contents allow.

Labels with underprinting make it possible to include any kind of necessary information on the glue side, leaving the front for colour graphics. After being applied to the product, we can read all of the information included on the glue side by looking through the bottle.

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Product category: Labels made of paper

Labels for the dairy industry

The dairy industry, like the meat industry, is characterised by a specific production cycle related to low temperatures and greasy adhesion surfaces.

Typically the label must be applied in a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, which standard acrylic adhesives do not permit. The adhesive used should have good initial adhesive properties and adhere quickly even to greasy surfaces. The use of high-quality paper with the properly selected adhesive guarantees that the product will maintain an appealing appearance for a long shelf life. The proper adhesive provides a grease barrier from one side and the UV lacquer applied makes certain that the high-quality printing will be resistant to moisture even during long storage periods. Aside from decorative labels, thermal labels dominate within the dairy industry as in the meat industry, and must also meet extraordinary quality requirements due to the environment in which they are used.

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Product category: Labels made of paper

Labels for the cosmetics industry

The cosmetics industry is the most demanding branch of industry both from the viewpoint of quality requirements, and of the variety of technologies, materials, and enhancement used. Depending on the client's requirements and the product's style of packaging, standard self-adhesive paper, semi-gloss paper, matte paper, and metalized paper, white polypropylene and polyethylene film, and highly-transparent CLEAR-series film may be used.

The printing technology used depends upon the imagination and the concept of the designer. In a single printing process, flexo printing may be combined with screen printing, which gives an exceptionally good ink coverage and provides the print to contain relief that can be felt by touch. It is possible to make use of two types of matte and glossy lacquer, which in the proper combination can give the label a luxurious appearance.

The most frequently used enhancement application is the coldstamping process, which allows the placement of metallic or holographic foil on the chosen portion of the label. Currently, the use of films from producers such as KURZ or API in combination with high-quality adhesive gives an effect comparable to the hot stamping process popular in years past. This latter technique is, however, more expensive in both the preparation and production phases. Coldstamping film has achieved very high quality in recent years and a properly selected type can make additional printing of the surface possible. In addition, labels can be stamped using an embossing technique which in combination with high-quality printing using Computer to Plate preparation with a line count of 175 lines/cm give the end product a unique appearance, with a quality level similar to that of offset printing.

Unique product effect and high requirements for quality?

NO-LABEL LOOK labels carried out using transparent PP film on a PET30 surface ensure the highest quality of print and produce a label that is not visible on the product. This creates an effect of direct printing on the packaging.

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Our overriding goal is to meet the need of manufacturers, packers, and end consumers of everyday products by producing safe, high-quality labels and rolls of packaging.

We achieve our goal by consciously filling even the most demanding orders though our wide array of solutions on offer with the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and certified materials, as well as environmental protection.

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