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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.10  Packaging machines with special equipment for hygienic packaging
  •  CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging)
  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.10  Packaging machines with special equipment for hygienic packaging
  •  MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)
  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.05  Inspection and control
  • 01.05.02  Leackage test systems/devices

Our products

Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

OXYBABY® O2/CO2 headspace gas analyser

OXYBABY® O2/CO2 is the practical battery-operated hand held gas analyser for measurement of modified atmospheres in food packages (MAP).

The perfect device for mobile, fast and accurate samples: at the packaging machine, in packages or in the laboratory. The small, high capacity analyser features ergonomic design, short sample times, minimal sample gas requirements and is easy to use.
The USB port or the optional Bluetooth interface provide a fast and easy data communication for data transfer or for the connection of a separate printer. More options available e.g. barcode reader, documentation software, can piercer for measurements of bottles or cans.
It also has a unique feature to avoid wrong measurements - permanent flow control with automatic alarm in case of a needle or filter blockage.

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Product category: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Leackage test systems/devices, Protective gases


LEAK-MASTER EASY features the detection of even the smallest of leaks without the need for trace gases. LEAK-MASTER EASYis a water-based system. Benefit: any leaks are easily visible and located via a stream of bubbles.

The system is also suitable for vacuum packages and packages without modified atmospheres.

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Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

Gas mixers

The use of protective gases is an essential element of precise quality control (HACCP) in food packages (Modified Atmosphere Packaging = MAP). MAP gas mixers by WITT provide controlled gas quality and safety in your packaging process – for germfree and preserving food.

WITT offers gas mixing and metering systems for all packaging machines used in the food industry, no matter if vacuum packaging, thermo forming, flow pack or chamber packaging machine. The gas mixing systems are adjusted to your specific product type and processing and require only basic installation requirements.

WITT system solutions are developed in close collaboration with national food and research institutes. WITT is approved and certified according to ISO 22000 for food safety.

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Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

Electronic gas mixer KM-MEM+

This  device uses electronically actuated valves, a further leap forward in the technology. And it’s not only the gas mixture setting that is extremely precise in comparison to manual setting. The target values can also be reproduced exactly, even after changes in use. The speed is tremendous too. "It usually takes just a second to get the gas mixture flowing", stresses Witt Managing Director Martin Bender, "no matter which target values you set".

What is more, the  Witt development provides the option of remote control via processor technology and electronic motor-operated mixing valves. It can be driven via PC, PLC or a machine control system. All parameters can be conveniently called up, set, queried and documented. "That means the mixer can be integrated seamlessly into any of the user's existing infrastructure", states Bender.  A new feature of the KM100-MEM+ is an additional touchscreen display. The user can utilise this to check the current settings or change the device parameters.

In conjunction with a gas tank, the mixer is suitable for both continuous and batch gas blending. Pressure is accurately controlled using dome pressure regulators which compensate for any fluctuations in the gas supply pressure. The integral gas inlet monitoring system ensures extra safety, by emitting an alarm and/or alarm signal if the pressure is too low. The device can be combined with other modules, such as on-line analysers.

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Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

MFC gas mixer KM-FLOW

With the  KM-FLOW, the Germany gas systems specialist Witt is the first to offer a gas mixer with digital mass flow controllers (MFC) for packaging using a protective atmosphere in the food industry.

Depending on the model, the KM-FLOW mixes two or three gases for all types of packaging machines; whether vacuum, thermoforming, pillow bags or manually-sealed compartments. At the same time, the digital mass flow controllers assume the function of the proportional valves and pressure regulators that are so far found in practically all standard mixing systems in the international food industry. The digital mass flow measuring instruments are a major step technologically for the user, but a smaller one for Witt: The manufacturer has already been building MFC systems for many years. "We typically use this technology for supplying burners in the glass industry”, confirms Martin Bender. "No other manufacturer in the food industry can demonstrate such practical experience as WITT. The KM-FLOW is also certified according to ISO 22000 for food safety.“

As a particular benefit for the user, Bender cites the easy operation that is now performed by touchscreen instead of the control dial commonly used previously. Freely programmable gas mixtures can now be selected at the touch of a button or by barcode reader, for example. The digital data-bus also makes evaluation of the measuring data easier. When it comes to technical precision and reliability when metering and retaining the selected mixing ratio, the MFC technology is currently state of the art.

MFC devices are especially advantageous for users aiming for a fully-automatic inert gas packaging process with permanent monitoring and fault correction: In combination with an analysis instrument that continually measures the gas concentration in the package during the packacking process, the KM-FLOW can adjust the gas ratio and gas mixture volume to optimize the process. The result: maximization of the packaging quality along with a minimization of the gas consumption. “This efficient packaging workflow can be ideally realized with MFC. The optimized gas consumption helps to reduce costs and minimize the uncontrolled escape of CO2 protecting employees", stresses Bender.

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Product category: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Leackage test systems/devices, Protective gases

Leak detector LEAK-MASTER PRO

Leak detection of food packages based on CO2 – non-destructive, fast and accurate.

WITT’s Leak-Master® series is an effective control instrument for the sample leak tests of modified atmosphere packages based on CO2.

LEAK-MASTER® checks flexible and rigid packs up to E2 format and detects even the smallest of leaks. LEAK-MASTER® manages the specific settings of up to 1200 products and names, passwords and barcodes of up to 60 users.

In combination with the software “Gas Control Center”, WITT provides the solution for complete quality documentation.

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Product category: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Leackage test systems/devices, Protective gases

In-line leak tester LEAK-MASTER MAPMAX

A worldwide unique speed of up to 15 cycles per minute provides 100% control of your production. With state-of the art technology LEAK MASTER® MAPMAX features the detection of even the smallest of leaks in single packages or complete shipping cases.

If a leak is detected various options for communications are available for example triggering an alarm or activating a pusher.

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Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

Gas analyser MAPY 4.0

The premium multifunctional gas analyser MAPY 4.0 raises the bar in quality control regarding the connection between design, ergonomics and functionality and was awarded with the „red dot Award“ 2009 for outstanding product design.

The clearly arranged large touch screen provides optimal handling and easy visible information. MAPY 4.0 can be used for continuous monitoring of gas mixtures and for sample analysis via sample needle. Fast and highly accurate measurements, permanent system control and an automatic alarm signal when set limits are exceeded provide quality and safety in production processes. High-quality components and the robust easy-to clean stainless steel housing guarantee a long product lifetime and fulfill the high hygiene requirements for the food industry.

A multitude of connections (Ethernet, USB, Barcode-Reader) provide ease for communication. As an option the documentation software GAS CONTROL CENTER, an integrated printer, a barcode-reader are available, as well as a high pressure and a 19“ rack version of MAPY 4.0.

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Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

Gas analyser PA 7.0

PA is a compact gas analyser for monitoring of modified atmospheres in food packing and welding technology.

The practical unit is suitable for sample analysis and continuous measurement - for optimal quality in your production processes. The PA features minimal sample gas requirements, a large data storage, fast results and a multilingual menu.
PA is available in various versions: as table top unit with vertical or inclined display, with integrated printer and can be integrated within a gas mixing system.

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Product category: CAP (controlled atmosphere packaging), MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), Protective gases

Ambient air monitor / gas monitoring

Ambient air monitoring devices by WITT offer reliable protection against the danger of gases often used in the food industry, metalworking industry, chemical processing, and last but not least, waste management.

WITT offers stationary ambient air monitoring devices for toxic gases, oxygen or hydrogen. The gas warning unit permanently controls the concentration of the respective gas in ambient air, and activates an acoustic and visual alarm when individually definable limits are exceeded. Simply effective.

The safety of your employees increases with WITT gas warning systems for ambient air monitoring: For instance, a concentration of 0.3 percent carbon dioxide in ambient air can be a health hazard. At five percent headache and dizziness may occur; eight percent and more lead to unconsciousness or even death.

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Company news




Mar 15, 2017

PATBOX Data logger for pressure and temperature

The new and fully contact-free data logger "Patbox" from Witt-Gasetechnik: a highly mobile solution for measuring pressure and temperature rapidly and accurately everywhere in production.

This allows the setting and monitoring of machines that work with vacuum, for example inert gas packaging. Even the control and setting of pressurized lines is possible using this practical box.

Once initiated via the button or timer, the box registers its measurements at intervals of 100 ms, 1s, 10 s or 1 min. The logging runs until cancelled by pressing a button, or until the memory is full or the battery empty. The internal flash chip records 600,000 entries: at ten measurements per second, extremely precise progress monitoring over up to 16 hours is also possible in addition to purely random sampling.

Only 90x50x20 mm in size, the Patbox communicates pressure and temperature data via the NFC standard. This cordless near field communication based on RFID ensures simpler data transmission – an advantage in comparison to USB as in other systems. The measuring range extends from 1 to 2,000 mbar or -20 to 60 °C. The data can be read via a smartphone or tablet app for Android.

The 550 mAh battery is charged wirelessly on a charging base. According to the manufacturer, 1.5 to 7 days operating time are possible once charged, depending on the measuring interval. The device is also waterproof and dustproof according to IP55.

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Mar 15, 2017

Inline leak detection for packaging in the smallest of spaces

The MAP specialist Witt-Gasetechnik has now released a new variant of the tried and tested Leak-Master Mapmax for the inline leak detection of packaging, and it’s a particularly compact version.

Minimal space requirements and a high test speed make this "short" version of the Mapmax an extremely attractive choice. With up to 14 test cycles per minute, the Mapmax Compact enables the automatic testing of the entire production volume on a single packaging line.

Only 1.167 m (46 ins.) long, the new Mapmax Compact is almost 70 cm (3 ins.) shorter than its big brother. This is a major advantage, as space can be at a real premium in many food production plants. These reduced installation dimensions make the operation of an inline leak detection system possible for the very first time for a large number of users. "We are aware of the space issue from our client projects. There is frequently a lack of space in existing production lines in particular. The new design, which is now shorter, offers significantly more room to play with – with no loss of performance and an extremely attractive price to performance ratio", Witt product manager Michael Kallweit emphasises.

The Leak-Master Mapmax enables the non-destructive detection of even the smallest leaks using CO2 as a trace gas, and integrates seamlessly into any packaging line. A vacuum in the Mapmax test chamber creates pressure differences between the packaging and the chamber. Even tiny leaks in the packaging allow gas to escape and this is detected by high-tech sensors. When a leak is detected, connected systems such as an alarm, dischargers or a device stop can be actuated via potential-free contacts.

Thanks to its speed, the Mapmax is able to check everything on a line for leaks in a contact-free and non-destructive manner: As well as individual packaging, even shipping cases and entire boxes and cartons can be tested. Witt deliberately relies on carbon dioxide detection, as this gas is usually already present in most protective gas packaging, consequently costly helium or hydrogen is not required. The device is operated intuitively via a touchscreen. It is also possible to integrate the device within a wider control system via Ethernet.

"Only 100% testing can guarantee 100% safety", Michael Kallweit explains. "With the new Mapmax Compact, we can now make this level of safety possible for even more food producers." Witt has further information on leak detection for packages on its own website, leak-master.net.

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WITT is a high-quality manufacturer of gas technology. As the world leading supplier of Modified Atmosphere Packaging equipment we offer a wide product range including gas mixers, gas analysers and leak detectors for packages.
With more than 70 years of cross-sector experience in gas control and gas safety equipment, WITT is able to create solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. WITT supports its customers every step of the way: from product selection and planning through to commissioning as well as maintenance and repair.

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