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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.02  Single machines /equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.02.18  Single machines /equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials / Extruders

Single machines /equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials / Extruders

Our products

Product category: Single machines /equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials / Extruders

Reconditioned Rheon Encrusting Machine

It is suitable for making Filling Biscuit,Fish Bal, Piroschki, Pyzy, Meat Pie, Treacle-Cake, Crystal Dumpling, Nastar, Cheese Ball, Meat Ball, Sweet Walnut Cake, Rasgulla, Steamed Meat Bun with Filling, Tamale, Croquette, Red Bean Paste Bun, Fruit Bar, Pelmeni, Piroschki, Worstebroodjes, Flatten Filled cookies and more.
Different shape are subject to change extra forming option, freely contact us for details.


  • Machine Dimension: L 1930 x W1235 x H 1345/mm
  • Machine Weight:500Kg
  • Product Weight: 15 ~ 300g (Different According to Encrusting Unit)
  • Capacity: 40 pcs/min
  • Electricity: 3Phase , 220V, 1.88KW
It's compact and has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. The weight of products, producing speed and the ratio of casing to filling is adjustable.
It can replace attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for secondary molding.
It can make the food material with a variety of soft and sticky ones.
It is completely safe to be operated with little noise and long-lasting operation.
It can record separately the production data up to 100 different kinds of products by computer memory unit.

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Product category: Single machines /equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials / Extruders

Auto High Speed Encrusting Machine (Large Type)

Bakery/Confecionery /Snack
Moon Cake, Maamoul, Fruit Bar, Knodel, Topfenknodel, Polvoron, Toaster Pizza, Filled Pretzels, Filled Slit Pretzels, Tamales, Twisted Dount, Filled Ring Dount, Piroshki, Pan de Huevo, Meat Sandwich, Marzipan, Ginger Bread, Almond Cookie, Pineapple Cake, Piroschki, Flatten Filled Cookie, Sweet Walnut Cake, Striped Cookie, Twisted product, Dinner Roll, Mochi Cake, Ice Box Cookie, Double Filling Cookie, Strietzel, Apple Strudel, Stollen, Ice Cream(Three Flavors),Chocolate Chip Cookie, Designed Cookie, Filling Bagel and more.

Frozen Foods
Coxinha, Arancini, Sausage Roll, Rice Croquette, Leek Dumpling, Mear Roll, Meat Patties Filled with Mushroom Sauce, Filled Guocchi, Meat with egg, Beef roll, Pyzy , Fish Ball, Kubba, Rasgulla, Pelmeni, Germknodel, Bite Size Hamburger, Filled Potato, Mochi, Steamed Bun, Chicken Kiev and more. 


  • Machine Dimension : L1730xW950xH1280/mm 
  • Machine Weight : 500kg 
  • Product Weight : 10~300g 
  • Capacity : Max 100 pcs/min(Under 60g) 
    Electricity : 3Phase, 220V,3.865kw
The HM-268 has been designed to specialize in the manufacture of Bakery, Confectionery and Snack food products, and will work with a variety of food materials from soft to sticky and can be fitted with attachments for secondary moulding.

Specially,it can make 4 color products by simply changing different option to increase your product items.

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Product category: Single machines /equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials / Extruders

Multi-function Bread / Paratha/Meat bun Processing Machine

HM-968 suitable to roll up Laminated Dough Products, Knish, Dinner Roll, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Pie, Filling-inserted Bun, Meat Bun, Vegetables Bun, Bun with Red Bean Paste, Steamed Bun, Rabbit Bun, Cinnamon Roll, Meat Sandwich and more.


  • Machine Dimension: a. L3360 x W1300 x H1750 / mm(Standard)
                                    b. L4400 x W1300 x H1750 / mm(Optional)
  • Machine Weight : 1,000 kg 
  • Product Weight : 10~600g 
  • Capacity : 600~12,000pcs / hr 
  • Electricity : 3 Phase 220V, 4.5KW

HM-968 are possible to change filling material rapidly and easily because of the easy disassembly cylinder. The dough belt will go through 3~4 rolling stages to produce the proper thickness without damaging the gluten of dough. Following this process, the Auto Filling Feeder will extrude the filling on the dough belt. The dough belt with the filling on top is then rolled by the cylindrical molding section and the dough belt forms the outer casing. The Auto Filling Feeder is an independent unit and easily attached and removed for cleaning and convenience of changing different filling material. Finally the encruster automatically forms the rolled dough with inner filling into the profile of choice such as ball, long bar or pillow shape. The ratio of filling and casing is fully adjustable as well as the size and length of product.

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About us

Company details

Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a well established company specialized in food processing industry since 1996.
At present, we specialized in manufacturing fully automatic encrusting machines to market around the world , such as Samosa / Dumpling / Empanada/ Pelmeni / Raviol / Egg roll / Small Juicy Meat Bun Making Machine, Chinese Bun / Meat; Vegetable Bun / Bread / Silk Bun / Paratha Making Machine, Cookies / Biscuit / Sweet Cake Equipment, Spring Roll / Pastry Sheet Making Machine, Aligning Machine, Stamping Machine and more.
Specially, we also supply reconditioned Rheon Encrusting Machine,and provide one year guarantee after sales service as well as complete spare parts, Both of our head office in Taiwan and branch office in Shanghai have a showroom. Sincerely welcome your visiting and trial operation with our machines.

Food Processing Machine Manufacturer

Hundred Machinery Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional food processing machine manufacturer, specializing in Food Machine and Filling Machine, etc.  We produce Cake Slicing Machine, Auto Cookies Slicing Machine, Panning Machine, and Auto Cake Depositor, etc.  Besides, Cake Depositor, Multi-Purpose Dumpling Forming Machine, Rolling Machine, Pastry Sheet Making Machine and Dumpling Forming Machine are also available.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for Food Forming Machine, Depositor, Encrusting Machine and Filled Cookies Machine.

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  • Confectionery products
  • Bakery products