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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.06  Packaging consulting

Packaging consulting

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.14  Trainings

Our products

Product category: Trainings

Training: Seminars and Hands-On Instruction

Greener offers various training programs designed to help improve the quality and efficiency of form/fill/seal packaging operations.

Cutting and Sealing 101 Seminar
This training covers the fundamental information necessary to better understand the cutting and sealing process on form/fill/seal packaging machinery. This is a classroom type seminar and PowerPoint presentation.

Objectives include:
  • Establish a basic understanding of OPP based films
  • Increase understanding of the basic sealing equation
  • (time + heat + pressure = seal)
  • Establish a conceptual basis for crimper and knife set-up and adjustment
  • Improve problem recognition
  • Introduce troubleshooting techniques

Hands-On Instruction:
Crimper and Knife Set-Up on Horizontal Flow Wrappers
In most cases the Greener portable training head (photo) is utilized for this instruction. Learning opportunities are improved by digital readouts that provide instantaneous feedback to adjustment changes. In addition, participants are afforded with an unobstructed view and easy access to all relevant features of the crimper head.

Objectives include:
  • Establish a uniform crimper and knife set-up procedure
  • Increase understanding of each adjustment and its effect on set-up
  • Establish consistent methods to check set-up
  • Improve the critical thought process and approach to troubleshooting

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Product category: Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS), Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

Easy Seal

Reduce Crimper Change-Over Time from Hours to Minutes

Greener's unique Easy Seal crimpers for horizontal flow wrappers are designed to improve seals and significantly reduce the downtime associated with crimper change-over and set-up. They are available in a variety of styles and configuration.

  • The special quick-change sealing faces can be easily replaced without removing heaters or thermocouples.
  • Serration alignment is fast and easy.
  • Crimper replacement cost is decreased.
  • Available for both heat seal and cold seal films
  1. Cold Seal version features exclusive Kevlar® composite flexible sealing face
  2. Heat seal version features Dura-Therm sealing face for increased heat transfer and improved durability
  • Special purpose designs available:Seal Reduction Profile (pdf)
  1. Quick change hole punch to standard face
  2. Quick change inserts for "drum" or "clamp" style crimpers
  3. Inserts with screw-adjusting knives

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Product category: Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS), Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

Crimpers & Sealing Jaws

Greener Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of crimpers and sealing jaws for both horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal packaging machinery. We have over four decades of experience providing customers with effective, real-world solutions to help improve seal quality and reduce packaging line downtime.


Specialized materials are utilized in order to optimize performance or to provide other desired functional characteristics that are not available with basic steel crimpers and jaws.

  • Hi-Durability Stainless Steel provides excellent resistance to sealing face wear and damage as well as the prevention of rust and corrosion without the need for plating.
  • Dura-Therm provides superior heat transfer as well as excellent resistance to wear and corrosion without the need for plating.
  • Kevlar® Composite provides a flexible, resilient sealing face on Easy Seal crimpers for cold seal films


  • Serration Patterns
    Numerous factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a serration pattern: product, seal quality requirements, packaging film structure, packaging machine design and condition, line speed, etc. Greener can analyze these factors then recommend and guarantee the proper serration geometry to meet your requirements. Our specialized CNC grinding machinery enables us to custom design or match virtually any tooth profile.

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About us

Company details

Greener Corporation has been a leader in the flexible packaging industry since the 1960's. Over the years we have acquired unsurpassed experience and expertise in helping our customers to improve package quality and packaging line productivity.

Our concentration on horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal equipment and operations enables us to provide global leadership and serve customers around the world including snack food, confectionary and other packaged goods companies as well as packaging machine manufacturers and flexible packaging material suppliers.

The comprehensive approach of P3 Solutions creates a focused collection of parts and services. This includes sealing jaws and crimpers, knives, fin wheels, hole punches, head assemblies, training, line evaluations, installations, research and development consulting, process documentation, project development, and more.

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