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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Machines and equipment for the processing of other food products (e.g. coffee processing, production of ice cream, etc.)
  • 05.01  Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Cook Chill

DCN Cook-Chill System has become an industry benchmark, with food companies around the world using our ground-breaking technology to create meals of the highest quality, with a safe extended shelf life.

The Cook-Chill System was developed as an economical alternative to traditional cook-and-serve methods. Food produced using the system retains the taste, texture and aroma of freshly prepared ingredients, yet may have been produced in large volumes up to 45 days in advance.

The key to safe extended storage of foods is to rapidly chill cooked product through the ‘danger zone’ of 5 – 63°C, to retard bacterial growth. Products are safely pasteurised when heated to a high temperature, then rapidly cooled to slow spoilage caused by microbial growth. The key to retaining food quality, taste, texture and aroma is controlled refrigerated storage.

Today, we manufacture Cook Chill Systems for both small and large producers from foodservice (café’s, restaurants) through to those producers supplying supermarkets.


• Savings of 5-10% possible from increased meat yields, control of ingredient inventory and use of standard recipes reducing food waste.

• Build up a stock of quality food for future use

• Consistent quality of finished product

• Large and small particulates can be processed without damage

• Products are packaged at pasteurisation temperatures

• No direct human or utensil contact during the cooking or the packaging process

• Production can be centralised for operations where food is distributed to off-site locations

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Jet Cook Steam Infusion

High Speed Cooking & Mixing

- 500kg of sauce in 6 minutes

- 20,000ltrs of sauce continuously in 60 minutes

Jet Cook Steam Infusion Technology delivers fast, flexible and efficient liquid food processing solutions utilising high performance technology to enhance your manufacturing business
The system offers significantly reduced processing times and dramatically cuts clean in place requirements, without compromising on quality or flavour.  It is a revolutionary fluid processing solution that can homogenise, emulsify, entrain, pump and heat with impressive performance.

Our cutting-edge technology also provides the potential for reduction in ingredient quantities, such as starch, gums and spices – all recipe dependent.  We can also eliminate the need to pre-slurry active powders by utilising our unique entrainment facility;  combining multi-stage processes into one system. With a small footprint and minimal cleaning requirements, the DCN Jet Cook Steam Infusion System is a compact, fast and cost effective solution to food production.

DCN also offer a Multi In-Line Jet Cook System combining as many as 4 of our units in sequence,

With 12 years’ experience of this process, DCN has 100+ Steam Infusion units operational around the world including the UK, Australia, South Africa, Europe, UAE and the USA.  

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Tumble Chiller

When it comes to ensuring higher food quality, better texture and superior taste, there’s no better method of cooling than using a DCN Tumble Chiller.  Large batches of food can be rapidly chilled in their flexible plastic casings to below 4°C (40°F), extending refrigerated shelf life for up to 45 days.

Cooling Times:

Thin viscosity products – 45 minutes (approx.)
Thick viscosity - 90 minutes (approx.)
After the cooking stage, the bagged product is immersed in chilled water, the drum then rotates, gently tumbling the bags and massaging the product to ensure complete cooling and minimal product damage. 

An easy to use HMI Screen with temperature display leaves no room for operator error , with cooling times and temperatures fully logged.  Virtual Chart Recorder can be utilised to log times and temperatures for batch traceability.

Recycling surge tanks also save and reuse chilled water, helping conserve resources and cut costs.

DCN Tumble Chillers form part of the Cook Chill System

  • Capacities:   300/500/750/1000 litres
  • Chilled Water Recovery System
  • Automatic Back Flush System for Heat Exchanger
  • ‘Super Dynamic’ Temperation Loop
  • V-Type Twin Belt Skeleton Conveyor
  • Virtual Chart Recorder
  • All stainless steel design
  • Microprocessor control
  • Easy to use HMI
  • Cleaning cycle

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Static Coolers

For processes requiring large batch cooling in stand-alone vessels, DCN offer an extensive range of static DA coolers with unique, scraped surface agitators.  Their large surface area to product ratio allows rapid cooling times, without damage to particulates or adverse effect on quality or taste. 

Product is gently transferred to the Coolers using our vacuum transfer system and the cooling cycle is closely monitored to eliminate the risk of thermal shock and separation.  Once cooled, product can then be pumped, or using the over-pressure system with sterile air, transferred into vessels.  They can then be taken to the filling line for depositing, avoiding product damage and keeping losses to a minimum.  Standard batch sizes range from 300 to 1000 litres

  • Mobile up to 400 Litres
  • Cooling jacket and central column to minimise cooling times
  • Vessel is capable of taking a vacuum to allow filling of product  without the need for transfer pumps
  • 1 Bar internal pressure rating for product evacuation using sterile air overpressure
  • Insulated, with a conical bottom and stainless steel cladding 
  • Vertical product zone with scraping surface type, variable speed agitator fitted with replaceable food approved plastic blades
  • Fixed lid design with manway for incorporating into CIP cleaning systems, or:
  • Full diameter, counter balanced, domed top lid for complete access to product zone, available as an option

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Vacuum Cooling

DCN’s Vacuum Cooling Vessels provide an extremely fast and efficient method of batch cooling products with or without particulates.   These include sauces, soups and rice.

Our systems are available for 100 – 1000 litre batch sizes.

This rapid evaporative cooling technique offers many benefits to the food producer:

  • Shorter Processing Times
  • Energy Savings
  • Improved Shelf Life
  • Quality and Safety

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About us

Company details

Welcome to DCN - market leaders in manufacturing world-class industrial food processing and packaging machinery.
For over 45 years DCN has been at the heart of the food processing industry.  We provide our customers with flexible, efficient and innovative solutions to meet the full range of food processing needs, from stand-alone items to fully automated processing lines.   As acknowledged market leaders, we are continually looking ahead, planning to meet the needs of the future through active research and development.

We have manufactured some of the largest food processing plants around the world and are proud of our reputation for innovation, quality and understanding our customers’ needs. 

From Design Through to Installation
Customer satisfaction is our mission; we involve our customers at every stage of manufacture working closely with you from design through to installation to ensure that our solutions work.  Using state-of-the-art 3D modelling design software, we can create an on-screen simulation of a new plant, enabling a walk though before it’s even built.

DCN has over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space with the very latest CNC and laser cutting machines.  All our equipment is manufactured at our premises in the UK and meets our exceptionally high standards.
Product Development Kitchen
On-site is a state of-the art Product Development Kitchen, fully equipped with DCN cooking and cooling lines. Here we can rigorously trial customers’ products in a food factory environment.  There is also a kitchen/leisure area which can be used for tasting, training and discussion.

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