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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.01  Assembly, maintenance and repair services

Assembly, maintenance and repair services

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.02  Consulting and project planning of track & trace solutions

Consulting and project planning of track & trace solutions

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.11  Remote diagnosis / teleservice
  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.12  Retrofit
  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.13  Software solutions for the manufacturing and packaging process

Software solutions for the manufacturing and packaging process

Our products

Product category: Remote diagnosis / teleservice

Remote service -- Secured access. Wherever you are.

Global trade is based on modern production and logistics concepts. Great distances can be traversed with ease.
It only becomes problematic when maintenance work is necessary that can only be provided by a qualified technician. Every minute counts when the plant is idle. The solution?
In just a few seconds you can make a connection, perform diagnostics and fix the fault. A certificate-based, encrypted VPN is set up for this purpose – but only if for example a key switch authorises access from the plant side. This means it is entirely up to the customer who may access their system, when and for how long. The actual tunnel
connection then takes place via a separately shielded rendezvous server at the premises of AZO CONTROLS in Germany.
For all-round security!

Time for a rendezvous?

  • Support request hotline (individual + tailored to requirements)
    on request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – 365 days a year
  • High level of expertise owing to qualified service team
  • Physical activation on-site by the customer
    using a key switch (access control)
  • No need for the customer to have specific IT knowledge
  • Unambiguous validation of access authorisation (certificate-based)
  • Complies with IT and security standards
  • Strong encryption for data transfer (up to 4096 bit)
  • Clear administration of all VPN accesses (logged)
  • Cost reduction through short response paths
  • Best possible utilisation of resources (personnel and technology)
  • Low investment for the reasonably priced house standard solution

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Product category: Assembly, maintenance and repair services

Maintenance -- Because technology needs to work.

  • Increase the operational reliability and availability of your system significantly with regular maintenance for timely prevention of potential failures. This significantly reduces operating costs by avoiding downtimes, and guarantees that your system retains its value over the long term.
  • The services included in the maintenance contract are agreed in advance and matched precisely to your needs, thereby offering you the best possible service.
  • Our maintenance customers are assured of preferential treatment. Response times are kept to a minimum if a technician is required on site, for example. The majority of service interventions are carried out quickly and efficiently using our remote service option.
  • Our service technicians are only called upon as needed, or in a
    preventive role at the agreed maintenance intervals. This represents a considerable cost saving compared to having your own IT department, while still having access to a highly qualified service team.
  • Transparency is also ensured by our detailed logging system, which is filled out for every maintenance event and depicts the technical situation of your system.

We would be happy to draw up a personalised cost comparison to see whether a maintenance contract is worth it for you.
No ifs or buts!

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Product category: Retrofit

Does your control system ¬ still have a future?

Considerable progress has been made within the last 2 decades concerning functionality and performance.

The changeover of a production plant from an old to a new control system, frequently also called "migration", can bring about many improvements:

  • High flexibility and/or expansion/upgrade capability
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Higher product quality
  • Implementation of new guidelines
  • And much more.
Many companies balk at the thought of the changeover despite the many benefits a new control system provides.

The following 2 reasons are probably mainly responsible for this fact:
  1. Control system modernisation initially requires a substantial investment.
  2. A lengthy plant standstill during the reequipment phase is not usually tolerable, because this would inevitably entail high economic losses. 
Consider all these points:
Maybe a new control system would pay off faster than you have assumed until now!

Challenge us:
We have the know-how and the commitment to accomplish the changeover in the shortest time possible.

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Product category: Consulting and project planning of track & trace solutions, Software solutions for the manufacturing and packaging process

The major benefits of having customised plant controls:

  • product safety
  • production safety
  • reliability of production planning and scheduling
  • efficiency
  • reliability
  • forward-thinking
  • competitive
The controls are the “brain” of the plant. They monitor and direct all the crucial processes. We place the utmost importance on clear, straightforward user guidance to simplify oversight and control of the plant. Having a reliable, user-friendly control system is a core component, integral to plant planning. It goes without saying that occupational safety and operational reliability are also key factors that have top priority in the planning process. To this end, we work with our customers to develop and deliver automation and control concepts that incorporate the latest standards; we provide appropriate visualisation means and/or recipe management to ensure the efficiency of every plant, with a high degree of flexibility in application. We program customised, bespoke and platform-independent visualisation solutions as required, offering the best possible user experience and configured with recipe management, batch tracing, simulation, trend display etc. in line with the needs and specifications of the plant operator. The product range covers a number of configurations, from the basic version with semi-automatic controls, developed for small production plants and autonomous production sections, through to comprehensive whole plant control systems, integrating all plant components that are essential for production. PLC control, visualisation, recipe control, process control system and traceability make operation and monitoring of the production plants easier and allow for automated operation. We firmly believe that logical, consistent project management and schedule control, as well as end-to-end documentation, are central to ensuring the success of a project. The time required to commission the plant in the factory is minimised as the software has already been subjected to intensive testing before dispatch. On request, you can also benefit from our service support for plant controls, with secure remote access.

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About us

Company details

AZO CONTROLS is the expert for innovative process IT in developing automation solutions in the production environment. From consulting to implementation, from sensor technology to the commercial production planning level: this is where we will provide you with reliable, joined-up solutions at each stage.

Intelligent process control, instrumentation and visualisation technology for automated production processes

For over 35 years, AZO CONTROLS, as a full-service provider for automation, has delivered innovative solutions in the production environment for the entire value chain.

Well-trained staff from a wide variety of specialist fields, who offer extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of products and process-oriented approaches resulting in the ideal combination of innovation and reliability.
AZO CONTROLS acts as a partner for many renowned companies and, in addition to its own developments, it offers solutions that are based on tools that are available commercially.

With sites all over the world, AZO CONTROLS is never far away from you.

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