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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.07  Wrapping machines

Wrapping machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.02  Bundling machines
  •  Strapping machines

Strapping machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.05  Machines for securing pallets and other loading units
  •  Shrink hood machines

Shrink hood machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.05  Machines for securing pallets and other loading units
  •  Strapping and banding machines

Strapping and banding machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.05  Machines for securing pallets and other loading units
  •  Stretch-film wrapping machines

Stretch-film wrapping machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.05  Machines for securing pallets and other loading units
  •  Stretch hood machines

Stretch hood machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.07  Complete packaging lines
  • 01.07.02  Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.01  Assembly, maintenance and repair services

Assembly, maintenance and repair services

Our products

Product category: Strapping machines

06 RP

The automatic horizontal strapping machine model 06 RP, automatically packs products with one or more thermowelding polyester or polypropylene straps.

The machine consists of a sturdy structure made of arc welded steel profiles which supports all the strapping machine’s components:

TR Head (our own international patent) located to the side of the product’s direction of travel which automatically carries out all strap feeding, recovery, tensioning, welding and cutting operations.
Track for the strap to run around the pack made of a special material featuring a special releasing device with multiple independent segments to ensure perfect strap centering around the pack.
Strap compensation and pulling device. This occurs through the transversal compensating motion of the entire welding head during the tensioning phase. This ensures an homogenous pull on all the sides of the pack. The head’s motion is given by sleeves which slide on treated guides.
Strap feeding group with coil holders which collects the strap through an anti-tear system and electromagnetic brake.
Electric panel to make the machine work completely automatically and manually.
The machine comes complete with all the drive systems (electric and pneumatic) and is painted in its every part.

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Product category: Stretch-film wrapping machines

IS 43

The Stretch Hooding Machine model IS 43 has been designed to package palletized products using tubular stretch-film. The stretch hooding technique uses a film hood which have smaller circumference, WITHOUT THE USE OF HEAT; the stretching and the shrinkage strength of the film assure the best stability of the packaged products. The hoods are prepared in the rear part of the machine, while the hooding of the product is performed in the front zone.

The hood, duly opened, is laid down on the package by a descending frame UP TO THE BASE OF THE PRODUCT.

The mechanical clamping system, moves vertically the bag on the upper part of the arch; the film is gathered on four special devices, then stretched to fit the dimensions of the product to be packaged.

Peculiarity of this packaging system is the final result: the welding ends of the hood are on the inner side, thus assuring a flat surface of the upper side and therefore an EXCELLENT STABILITY OF THE LOAD.

The IS 43 has a simple and modular structure, that allows easy maintenance operations. The machine can be installed on any type of exsisting conveyors WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATION.

All the zones of the machine that require maintenance, can be easily reached by the operator without the use of ladders and/or platforms.

The mobile coil holder and film guide allow a VERY SIMPLE AND FAST replacement of the film coils. the machine can use up to three different film coils. This allows the automatic packaging of loads having different sizes.


ECONOMIC : the packaging with stretch film does not require energy to heat the film
STABILITY OF THE PACKAGE : the packaging with stretch film is very strong, and assures stability and compactness also unstable packages.
RESPECT FOR ENVIRONMENT: low consumption of material, no emissions in the atmosphere.
SAVING THE PRODUCTS: the water-proof, dust-proof hood protects the products against the bad weather and thefts.
PRINTABILITY : the stretch-hood technique allows to print the external side of the hood.

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Product category: Wrapping machines


With the automatic combined winding machine model AVFP2 it is possible to package cardboard pallets in a completely automatic way by binding them, even crosswise, with one or more thermo-welded polypropylene or polyester straps as well as wrapping them with CCDPE extensible film.  The machine consists in a sturdy structure which supports all the combined winding machine’s components.


2 heads (our own international patent) which automatically execute the strap feeding, recovery, tensing, welding ad cutting operations.

Strapping head motion group complete with pressing plate with an adjustable force of up to 2000 Kg. The machine is equipped with an electronic system to control the pressing force, which can be regulated from the maximum available value down to a value close to zero, with the electric drive managed by an inverter and controlled by an encoder.  The  positioning of the plate is automatically determined according to the height of the pack to be strapped. The cycle is completely automatic.

Rotary table with a 360°  revolution and incorporated roller conveyor, diameter  2200 mm., diameter of rollers 76 mm, pitch  85 mm., height from the ground 380 mm. Sturdy structure, galvanized rollers with welded control pinions, ball bearings with dustproof shield and lubricated for life, motor reducer fixed to the frame, ½” transmission chains. Speed 12-13 mt/min.

2 strap feeding groups with automatic strap recovery. Coil holders and strap tear prevention unwinding device.
2 automatic lance groups for bindings inside the pallet.


Aluminum support column designed by us with coil holder and inverter controlled variable upward/downward speed.
Safe automatic clamp group which first takes hold of the film and then cuts it and welds it with a hot pad.
Motorized pre-stretching to minimize waste and maximize winding performance.
Inverter controlled progressive start and stop, programmable r.p.m.’s.

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About us

Company details

In 1949 Maurizio Rossi and Luigi Cristina founded the company Officina Meccanica Sestese in Arona. In those difficult post-war years, the company undertook the important task of producing equipment and accessories for kilns especially for the production of bricks

OMS’ production soon asserted itself on the market so much that after a few years it became necessary to change premises. So, in 1958 a new plant was inaugurated in Arona where it continued to produce technologically advanced kiln equipment.

First Patent: “ Artiglio Fork” for bricks. Sold in all 5 continents.

New Headquarters in Paruzzaro

First Strapping Head Model R10

AT62 New thermoshrink hooding machine

Strapping Head TR14

OMS celebrates its 50th Anniversary

First Thermoshrink hooding machine AT53

Acquisition of OMSTRAP in - Sandigliano - Biella, for strap and consumables production

New Stretch hooding machine model IS43

ISM bundle strapper, for the paper and cardboard industry

The new high yield IS 46 stretch hooding machine

Today, Officina Meccanica Sestese offers a complete range of end-of-the-line packaging machines and systems. Thanks to the great reliability of its machines, guaranteed by years of experience, and its production versatility, Officina Meccanica Sestese can satisfy all market requirements from the simplest strapping machine to the most sophisticated packaging system.

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Target groups
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages
  • Consumer goods (non-food)