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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging
  • 02.03.05  Closures, closing means
  •  Bayonet closures
  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging
  • 02.03.05  Closures, closing means
  •  Capsule closures

Capsule closures

Our products

Product category: Bayonet closures

ART 855 – 28/410 Bi-injected cylindrical flip-top cap, Design Patent

855 cap comes with a classy and smooth cylindrical shape. This rich colored closure gives the additional touch to the packaging, personalizing it even further.
Extra customized solution, no extra costs!

Liner option available on demand.
Mono-color version available in the Classics line here

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Product category: Bayonet closures

ART. 838 – 38/400 Cylindrical flip-top cap, Design Patent

The 838 aesthetics is studied down to the smallest detail in order for the cap to look great whether open or closed. Plus, the design is not only a pleasure for the eye, it eases the product opening and use.

Liner option available on demand.
Bi-color version available in the Just Colors line here

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Product category: Bayonet closures

ART. 772-35 – PROTOTYPE – Eco Low Profile flip-top cap for 35mm – 1-3/8″ tubes, Design Patent

The Eco Low Profile range of caps for tubes is getting bigger: 772-35 is a prototype cap suitable for cosmetics and personal care packaging but also for the food and health care industries. It is a smaller version of the 772-50, fitting 35mm tubes.

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About us

Company details

Giflor is a reliable and innovative injection molding manufacturer producing plastic caps and closures for cosmetics, personal care, household and food. The company was founded in 1973 by Giuseppe Fracasso, out of his passion for molding.
For Giflor the most important factor in the competitiveness is reliability. Tried and tested system over the years has awarded our company for speed, competence and precision in meeting commitments.
Prompt deliveries and efficient responses to the most demanding client requests are our internationally recognized outstanding features.
ISO 9001:2008 certificate 

Zero Waste
Giflor stands as a solid partner for many companies: a successful combination of planning, technology, design and product management. Through careful quality control, we ensure supplies meeting the toughest market demands.
A generous assortment of shapes and infinite colors make Giflor caps and closures stand out in the sector of cosmetics, personal care, household and food products. Our range grows year on year with the development of prototypes, the result of intense research based on constant feedback from the market. 

Every single client is seen by Giflor as unique.
Delivering custom solutions is, therefore, just one example of our flexible attitude. A deep interest in customer’s needs is the cornerstone at the base of Giflor’s innovative products.
Made in Italy
Giflor, an Italian company is aware of the advantages of working within a cultural reality with a rich millenary history. The classic ideal of beauty where ethics and aesthetics come together in a “whole”, is interpreted by Giflor in a natural passion for beauty. 

Italians since ever
Since its foundation, Giflor has always aimed to show originality in the world of injection-molding, with an offer “advanced and refined packaging solution” and strong dedication to research of new ideas.
We want to be expressive trendsetters through an indissoluble union of ethics and aesthetics.
We therefore satisfy market demands with tangible solutions perfect for the global requirements.
This means original shapes together with reductions in the consumption of raw materials, in energy consumption, in CO2 emissions, in packaging and transport costs. 

Design and functionality, an undisputed originality.
Many Giflor caps are for this reason protected by industrial and design patents.
High levels of “know-how” in injection-molding.
Constant investments in new-gen machinery.
Highly qualified personnel.
Continual updates of human resources for the optimization of the production process.
A business that constantly seeks out new challenges.
Added values
A successful product is always the offshoot of a dream, a material, a tool; a happy fusion of experience and technology. A careful combination of design, rational production management and accurate quality control.
Giflor has for a long time been a trusted partner for many companies.
Our history
“Giflor was founded in 1973 out of my passion for molding.
For me it has always been an art, made up of dedication, concentration, patience and determination.
In molding, skill and creativity merge to create products, each one an expression of our history”
Giuseppe Fracasso 

A life
“…words are not necessary to describe our achievements. The results speak much louder, over the years, marking a successfull story of great sacrifice, but also of satisfactions and recognitions. All with the constancy of a company that knows it holds the winning card…”

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Company data

Target groups
  • Cosmetics
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)