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Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

Our products

Product category: Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)


The machine production is supported by EU: Contract No BG161PO003-1.1.07-0203-C0001


Meet the changing need of the times with our adaptive and smart production line


Cut unnecessary movements and operations
Form and Fill tubes in one machine
Eliminate carton boxes
Save storage space
Cut transportation of the empty tubes

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Product category: Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)


KOMBIS FFS60 – a highly efficient “turn-key” machine that eliminates unnecessary movements and operations

Mechatronica SC, part of Wifag-Polytype group, has developed a new compact packaging machine called the KOMBIS FFS60. The FFS60 is designed for small and middle size clients. The KOMBIS FFS60 machine produces laminated tubes and fills them ready for dispatch and retail. FFS60 utilizes raw materials such as ABL or PBL printed laminate, plastic pre-molded shoulders and caps, and the paste product for filling. The machine incorporates the industry most highly sought after features reflecting future trends in packaging machines.

The prototype KOMBIS FFS33 has been shown for the first time at Pack Expo, Chicago. It undergoes development based on the knowledge of Mechatronica gained from laminated tube making machines. The result is the KOMBIS FFS60. This model enhances the features of its predecessor, the FFS33, by eliminating many of the restrictions of the prototype.

KOMBIS FFS60 utilizes a vertical body maker, which simplifies the whole construction and eliminates the need to transfer from a horizontal to a vertical position the tube body which is ready oriented for filling. The web is not pushed, but drawn and the side welding is done at immovable web. This allows use of very thin foil and betters the quality of the side seam. The orientation of the tube body is done only once which greatly lessens the waste due to wrong orientation. Another benefit for the customers is the reduction of machine dimensions. The footprint of the machine requires less space than is currently necessary for a single tube filling machine. The construction concept provides a space saving solution in addition to a very reliable machine. The footprint is 3 812mm x 3 535mm.

KOMBIS FFS60 technology eliminates several operations which save not only production space, but saves time, storage space and transportation of empty tubes. This technology greatly lessens the risk of product contamination and waste. All these saving result in cost effective expenditures for the tube making and filling.

Oval shapes are not longer a problem for filling as the tube body is formed on a mandrel and supported by it until the filling process starts. Thus, very thin tubes can be made and filled.

The modular principle that is utilized in all the KOMBIS machines’ designs allows for simple and quick changeovers of tube sizes and paste product.

The first four KOMBIS FFS60 machines have been bought by a European cosmetics manufacturer.

KOMBIS FFS60 is a small pearl for pharmaceutical and food market.

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About us

Company details

Mechatronica S.C. is located in the town of Gabrovo which is situated at the geographical centre of Bulgaria. The town has rich history and is famous for the enterprising spirit of its citizens. Gabrovo developed as an economic center at the beginning of the last century. Nowadays it is one of the most developed industrial regions in Bulgaria.

Mechatronica S.C. was established in 1961 to solve complex technological problems in machine-building, electronics and the food industry. The equipment is designed and produced with ecological technologies, built-in energy saving and reliable process control systems.

The company specialized in 3 main activities till 2000:

  • metal melting sets
  • PVC foil welding sets
  • ultrasonic cleaning equipment
After 2000 the market situation in Bulgaria changed and the company turned its efforts to another type of unique technology - laminated tube production lines and automatic tube filling machines.

Research and development, assembly, testing and shipping of the machines is carried out entirely at our specilised plant in Gabrovo.

Our small, skilled and energetic team constantly expands its knowledge and experience through our in-house training program. Our goal is to solve our customers technological problems related to the organization and production of laminated tubes using our highly skilled service and consultation teams. We have established contacts with producers of materials necessary for making the laminated tubes, foil, shoulders and caps. We give these contacts to our clients in order for them to quickly and easily solve their materials delivery problems.

Presently Mechatronica SC is a modern machine-building plant with high-qualified staff capable of providing customised solutions related to packaging.

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Company data

Target groups
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)