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Auf dem Tigge 60 b + c
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.01  Preparing and feeding
  • 01.01.04  Machines for cleaning or sterilising and drying packagings
  •  Cleaning machines
  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.01  Preparing and feeding
  • 01.01.06  Unpacking, emptying and depalletizing machines

Unpacking, emptying and depalletizing machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.04  Fill and seal machines (FS)
  •  Fill and seal machines (FS) for Cases

Fill and seal machines (FS) for Cases

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.06  Closing machines
  •  Closing machines for Cases

Closing machines for Cases

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.01  Filling machines for group and transport packaging

Filling machines for group and transport packaging

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.06  Additional machines and devices in the packaging process
  • 01.06.13  Robotic systems
  •  Pick & Place robots
  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.08  Tools and equipment to assist manual packaging
  • 01.08.02  Equipment for lifting heavy products

Equipment for lifting heavy products

Our products

Product category: Pick & Place robots

Optical system for quality control of sausages

Before the sausage products are labelled, their dimensions are checked to separate out any that may be underweight. The same thing happens with soiled or damaged casing in the visible area of the camera. These products do not make it to the labelling machine. This already eliminates a proportion of faulty packaging.

Once the products have successfully passed through the first quality control test, they are conveyed to the labelling section. After this has been done, it is important to detect products with no label, or a label that is not attached correctly, or one which has no best-before date printed on it. It may also be possible to check that the product has been given the correct label. In this case, the correct product is determined via the colour of the aluminium clip and compared with an identification mark or with the text on the label. If at least one of the faulty features has been detected, the product is removed from the pro­cess, thus avoiding the prospect of wrongly labelled products first being identified by the retailer, or, in the worst-case scenario, by the end customer. The goods are then gathered together in four groups of five and placed in the waiting open packaging on a deep-drawing machine using a robot and a specially developed vacuum gripper.

Thanks to the integration of these optical quality control tests, it has been possible to eliminate a number of faulty packs. Mechanical automation also increases hygienic protection of the product and ensures the continual flow of products whilst also raising capacity.

The following controls are possible with the help of an optical system:

·       Avoid delivering consignments containing products with wrongly labelled best-before dates
·       Simple checking of the date for existence, accuracy and legibility
·       Check the presence and position of the correct label
·       Solid recognition despite varying surfaces and reflections
·       Quick adjustment to the intended position by means of an external teach-in
·       Check to ensure that transport containers have been completely emptied
·       Detection of foreign bodies, irrespective of their shape or colour
·       Additional verification of the container geometry
·       Positional monitoring of the product track
·       An average of 30 inspections per second
·       No time-consuming training necessary to recognise font styles
·       Integrated code reader for product identification reads all common 1D and 2D codes

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Product category: Fill and seal machines (FS) for Cases

Foil wrapping machine type FWAL 150

This packing machine is designed for fully automatic wrapping of fresh meat products (not marinated etc.) e.g. pork loin ribs and tender loins, in plastic film. The packing machine is made completely of stainless steel with smooth surfaces making it highly hygienic and very easy to clean. 

The products are placed in the inlet chute of the machine from where they automatically will be transported directly into the film and onto the outlet belt. When the product is stopped in chute system, the 2 sealing bars are automatically closed and seals the plastic around the product. Finally, the sealing bars open and the product is transported on the outlet conveyor and leaves the machine ready for box packing.

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Product category: Cleaning machines

MANOTIZER type 23704

The MANOTIZER simplifies manual disinfection and optionally controls access to sensitive company areas. It is made completely of stainless steel 1.4301 and is easy to clean due to its hygienic design. The flashing LED light on the front of the device increases attention, especially in busy areas.

The 5 liter disinfectant container is locked inside the MANOTIZER and is easily interchangeable. The filling level of the canister can be read at any time on a viewing window on the front of the device. The dispensing quantity of the disinfectant is individually adjustable. A rapidly closing membrane pump prevents any subsequent dripping.

As an option the MANOTIZER can control the activation of automatic doors. Access to sensitive areas is then only granted after hand disinfection.

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Product category: Unpacking, emptying and depalletizing machines, Equipment for lifting heavy products

Pneumatic lifting device type 2740

Lifting and tilting devices from ITEC offer a diversity of options for the lifting and emptying of a range of container types to aid personnel and optimise working procedures. The back-friendly Pneumatic lifting device type 2740 can be used wherever products are manually packed, sorted or repackaged from containers. The trolley of the mobile lifting device tilts about 15 ° in direction of the user.

  • mobile design
  • Lifting device for 200 l standard trolley according to DIN 9797
  • Stroke length cylinder: 400 mm
  • Tilting angle approx. 15 ° towards user
  • Load: max. 300 kg
  • 2 pcs. Ø63 air cylinder
  • approx. 8 bar air pressure
  • Manual control valve up / down
  • 2 fixed castors and 2 swivel castors with brake

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Product category: Filling machines for group and transport packaging

Label control unit

The label control is a test system as single station variant. An additional scanner is not necessary, the "production order" slip is pushed into the test system and the barcode of the order number is read. The identified order number is transferred to the SAP system. The SAP system sends the corresponding data record to the test system. The label control unit consists of:

  • Stainless steel frame, with wheels 
  • Cover 
  • 2 camera systems with 5 M pixels 
  • Connection strip for the sensor 
  • Supply from integrated control box 
  • Light signal to visualize the fault
  • Check material number label - 6-digit number - ok 
  • Test material number foil - 6-digit number - not ok 
  • Check for label presence 
  • Check for the presence and correctness of the MHD 
  • Check batch number - 10-digit number - ok 
  • Check for data matrix code

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Product category: Cleaning machines

Cleaning basin or trough type 20580

Due to the integrated Dyson Airblade Tap, the Clean & Dry Cleaning basin type 20580 is the fastest way to professionally clean hands. The cleaning basin convinces in several aspects: economic, ecological and hygienic.

Hands are dried in less than 12 seconds. A highly effective HEPA filter removes 99.9% of airborne particles that may contain bacteria and viruses before it hits hands. The risk of contamination by towels or product contamination by transferring paper scraps to the production areas is eliminated. Also acquisition costs for paper towels and various expenses such as human resource costs for purchase, storage, providing and disposal of the paper towels and the greater cleaning effort of the hygiene stations are eliminated.

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Product category: Cleaning machines

MANO Vision type 23780

The MANO Vision offers a camera supervised hand disinfection. A camera checks if both hands are in the correct position in the detection area. Dispensing of the disinfecting agent occurs only when the fingers are kept spread and thus a maximum disinfecting effect is achieved by spraying over an extensive area. The user can recognize the correct position of the hands on the integrated display. This simplifies the use of the device and increases the throughput speed. Only after the disinfectant has been dispensed will the gangway – e.g. a motor-driven turnstile – be opened and access granted to the production area.

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Product category: Cleaning machines

STAR CLEAN All in One 2/3

Hygiene stations from the "STAR CLEAN All in One" models range enable a compelled-guidance cleaning and disinfection of the soles of the shoes and hands in a very confined space. The consistently implemented principle offers a range of adjustment possibilities. For example, it is possible to choose between three hand drying versions: folded paper towel dispenser, paper roll dispenser or paper-free with a hot air dryer. STAR CLEAN hygiene stations can be used as a platform or as a shaft installation version. The hygienic open design enables the rapid and effective cleaning of all machine parts.

 The hand hygiene takes place in four steps: Firstly, the liquid soap is obtained via two sensors controlled nozzles. In a second step, the hands and forearms are cleaned under flowing water. This is followed by the drying of the hands. Before leaving the hygiene sluice the disinfectant is applied to the hands. The motorised turnstile only provides free access to the production area once the full hand cleaning process has been completed. All steps described above are activated on a contact-free basis.

The sole cleaning and disinfection takes place with two sole cleaning brushes at the same time as the hand cleaning. On entering the hygiene station, the rotation of the brushes is activated when the employee steps over them to complete the hand hygiene routine. The brushes are sprayed with water throughout the entire cleaning phase. At the start of the cleaning process, a definable time frame occurs for the provision of the cleaning agent and disinfectant. The helical shape of the bristles increases the effectiveness of the mechanical cleaning. An optimum removal of the dirt is also guaranteed. The optional integration of an automatic foam cleaning system enables the interim cleaning of the brushes in the tub without the need to remove them.

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Product category: Cleaning machines

Soap and disinfectant dispenser Touchless

The battery-operated, automated soap and disinfectant dispenser Touchless can be used with liquids, soaps and gels. A special spray nozzle ensures the agent is dispensed with good coverage. Contact-free operation minimizes the risk of contamination. Dispensing amounts can be adjusted to individual requirements.

The dispenser is made entirely of stainless steel no. 1.4301 and is supplied optionally with 0.5 or 1 liter tanks.

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Formed in the summer of 2016 through the acquisition of Attec, ITEC, Carometec, SFK LEBLANC and Frontmatec, the company develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry. Renowned for high-quality systems for the entire value chain of the meat industry – from carcass grading to slaughter lines, cutting and deboning lines, hygiene systems and control systems, to logistics and packaging. With operations in Europa, Americas and Asia, Frontmatec serves a wide range of highly respected customers, from local industrial players to large global food processors.

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