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Our products

Product category: Trays made of plastic


Unique EcoFit® injection moulding technology
Bordex Packaging developed EcoFit® as the answer to the growing demand for thinner, more sustainable packaging. EcoFit® is an exclusive and unique technology that combines the cost-effective and sustainable product properties of thermoforming with the advantages of conventional injection moulding technology.

Important advantages
Flow Moulding, the unique technology developed and patented by Bordex, has a number of significant advantages over traditional injection moulding technology. The resulting product weighs 30% less than traditional injection moulded packaging, yet remains optimally sturdy and dimensionally stable, and extremely evenly partitioned. In-mould labelling with up to six colours provides appealing brand-communication options that convey the right image. The EcoFit® process also has no limitations regarding the model or use of colour in the base material.

More efficient technology
The extremely versatile EcoFit® technology is based on an injection moulding technique where the moulds are ‘apart’ and are opened and closed simultaneously with the injection, creating counter pressure. This reduces the required injection pressure, resulting in considerable savings in energy and material use. Less material for efficient flow means a considerable weight reduction in comparison to the traditional methods. The final product also cools faster, achieving a 20-50% reduction in cycle time, depending on the application. The EcoFit® technology can use lighter machines than traditional injection moulding, resulting in a lower depreciation. In short, its efficiency leads to lots of savings in many areas!

Dutch flexibility
EcoFit® is a technology developed exclusively by Bordex Packaging in the Netherlands. The basic moulds are produced in the Netherlands and can be converted for many products, using various mould sections for variable heights.

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Product category: Trays made of plastic

EcoSlim® Non-PVC film

Smart and responsible packaging!
Packaging various types of food products with EcoSlim®, our crystal-clear polyolefin stretch film, is a smart and environmentally-responsible packaging method. Products of any fat content can be packaged successfully due to the excellent stretch properties.  EcoSlim® Non-PVC film is also more environmentally friendly and attractively priced. Printing in up to six colours provides extra brand promotional value. Smart and responsible!

Excellent choice
EcoSlim® contains no chlorine or harmful solvents and is 100% recyclable. That means less waste, which is better for the environment. A second advantage over the traditional stretch films is the lower density in combination with increased stretch properties. This results in considerable material savings. EcoSlim® is an excellent choice from both ecological and commercial perspectives.

High brand-promotional value
A third good reason to choose EcoSlim® is the option of printing the material in up to six colours. The film can be supplied with your own logo, pay-off, product name, special campaign or other message. Your own eye-catching and unique printing combined with the films excellent properties ensure that your products will stand out on the supermarket shelves.

Compliance with strict legislation
Our EcoSlim® stretch film satisfies the highest quality requirements and is certified according to the strictest European and international standards.

The films are intended for industrial use and are available in various standard widths from 250 up to 600 mm. For more information on the benefits and possibilities of EcoSlim® Non-PVC film, please contact us.

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Product category: Trays made of plastic


Bordanil®: Crystal-clear film that has it all
Bordanil® film is the leading crystal-clear top seal and flow pack film with good protective polyester properties. This film has excellent lustre and transparency, and is suitable for many common materials. Bordanil® film provides an appealing presentation for your products on the retail shelves, in the oven or in the freezer. Bordanil® film combines perfectly with ovenable CPET trays for example, and satisfies all requirements and more. Also available with custom printing.

Suitable for all common materials
Bordanil® film provides optimal protection and is safe and easy to use, giving your product an appealing presentation. Suitable for sealing a wide range of packaging in various common materials such as APET, CPET, rPET, PVC and PLA. The crystal-clear and flexible material ensures your high-quality products an eye-catching, appealing presentation. Bordanil® film is available in various widths, thicknesses and designs.

Appealing brand-communication vehicle
Our Bordanil® film also provides added value as a brand-communication vehicle. The film can be printed in full colour with up to 8 colours, providing the perfect presentation for your product.

Food safe
Bordanil® film can be used at temperatures from -40°C to 200°C and meets the strictest EU food-safety standards. The film has all the usually required certification.

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About us

Company details

What do we offer?
The best packaging is the perfect mix of functional design, sustainable use of material, optimal protective properties, logistic feasibility and clear presentation possibilities. This is what we strive for every day. We know how to pack success!

Standard and custom-made solutions
We offer a wide range of standard packaging that meets all practical requirements. Our standard packaging is compatible with the logistics sector standards. Where necessary, we provide exceptional custom-made solutions to match customer-specific production methods and processes.

Project management
To us, knowhow is independent knowledge of all the links in the chain: market, logistics, material, production and product. A team of experienced project managers and a flexible sales organisation with a hands-on mentality are valuable to any project. Bordex’s approach? A clear overview and shoulders to the wheel!

Eye-catching design
The design of the ideal packaging plays an important role in the visual presentation and logistical processability. We work with a creative platform that works closely together with our customers to provide an eye-catching design that suits all aspects of the project.

Certified quality
Our packaging solutions meet the highest quality requirements. All of our products and processes are certified according to the strictest European and international standards. We also only work with preferred suppliers: leading European manufacturers who prove their quality every day in practice.

Solutions at a European level
Bordex Packaging’s head office is in the Netherlands. Every day, our products are shipped from various production facilities throughout Europe. The shipments sometimes pass through our warehouse in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, but are increasingly sent directly to the customer. This guarantees the speed required by the market.

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