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Ackley Machine Corporation

1273 North Church Street, 08057 Moorestown, NJ
Telephone +1 856 234-3626
Fax +1 856 234-8657

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Our range of products

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  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03.23  Tablet printing machines - pharmacy and cosmetics

Our products

Product category: Tablet printing machines - pharmacy and cosmetics

Printing Systems

In today’s pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionary marketplaces, product branding is not only critical to achieving market share, but serves as brand anti-counterfeiting protection. Marking or coding that brand directly on the tablet, caplet or capsule makes sure that the brand remains with the product until it is consumed. 

There are many compelling reasons to brand your product with a clear, precise printed image.

Some of these include:
  • Achieving product identification when outside the package
  • Creating distinction from competitors
  • Protecting against counterfeiting
  • Avoiding the fill-in issues that occur with functional coatings on embossed brands
  • Meeting FDA requirements for consumer information, product coding or labeling
  • Avoiding accidental adverse reactions resulting from insufficient labeling
  • Generating advertising
  • Promoting seasonally

There are even more reasons to choose Ackley Machine Corporation as your source for customized tablet, caplet and capsule printing solutions.

With over 1000 printers installed worldwide, we understand the physical issues that need to be addressed in making sure that your product brand can be printed clearly with pixel precision, shift after shift, day after day on any tablet, caplet or capsule. Laser engraving of product identification is also possible on soft gel capsules.

Ackley printing solutions for one or both sides of tablets and capsules can incorporate letters or numbers, company or specialty logos, or combinations of all. We manufacture printer models capable of multi-color printing and maintaining the product’s position during the separate printing stages to allow overlaying registered multi-colored separations. Hard-shell two-color gelatin capsules can be oriented and printed in two colors, either in line on the surface or wrapped around the diameters. This allows the printing of a large amount of information such as name, strength, dosage and other marking and coding.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and the available printing area.

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Product category: Tablet printing machines - pharmacy and cosmetics

VIP Systems

Ackley Machine Corporation’s VIP System is ideal for research and development and small batch manufacturing

Now in its fifth generation, Ackley Machine Corporation’s VIP System provides a single-lane, one or two- side printing system with precise logo registration. The machine is also capable of laser drilling single or bi-layer tablets with single or multiple apertures. The VIP can be supplied with vision inspection coupled with single tablet rejection. As a single lane system, it is the ideal choice for small batch manufacturing or research and development projects. 

The VIP System is versatile, designed to work with film or sugar coated tablets and caplets and hard or soft shell gelatin capsules with one or two color, linear or radial, and one- or two-sided printing.

Each Ackley’s VIP is customized to meet your production specifications.

The VIP guarantees high quality presentation of your brand as a result of:

  • A Servo-drive operation utilizing a timing gear and a precision timing belt coupled with carrier links custom designed for the size and shape of the product to be printed.
  • Servo drive motors with optical encoder feedback for product set-up and exact registration of your printed logo.
  • A simplified operator interface: Touch-screen display for printer operating conditions, setup, maintenance, fault status check and product selection.

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Product category: Tablet printing machines - pharmacy and cosmetics

Adjustable Angle Ramp Systems

Ackley Machine Corporation’s Adjustable Angle Ramp System delivers high output with vision inspection and single tablet rejection

A production workhorse, the Ackley Adjustable Angle Ramp System allows multi-lane imprinting and laser drilling and is available with visual logo inspection and single tablet rejection at throughputs up to 400,000 tablets or capsules per hour. 

The Ackley Adjustable Angle Ramp System features:
  • A patented adjustable angle ramp feed to ensure optimum fill rates and eliminate product breakage
  • Quick-release carrier bars for fast and safe product changes
  • An extended bed design
  • An exclusive vacuum drum pick off and integral vacuum manifold integrated into the vision inspection system
  • Single tablet rejection
  • Front facing lift-up print unit for quick and easy job changes and cleaning
  • A simplified operator interface provides real-time display of inspection results and images

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Product category: Tablet printing machines - pharmacy and cosmetics

Drum Style Systems

Ackley Machine Corporation’s Servo-drive Drum System delivers the highest quality logo branding and drilling for one or two side applications
The unique design features of the Ackley Servo Drum Printer enable the most accurate print registration available today in the production of film- or sugar-coated tablets, caplet and oval-shaped products, and hard-shell gelatin capsules by the pharmaceutical, confectionary and nutraceutical industries. 

Using a multi-axis motion controller with a digital signal processor, optical encoder speed and position feedback, product is transferred from oversize pockets in the feed drum, to very confining pockets in the print drum, ensuring a high rate of product pick-up, excellent print registration, and a maximum print surface for larger logos with perfect print quality.

Other features include:

  • User friendly operator control station with digital interfaces
  • Multi-lane capability to meet large high production requirements
  • Online maintenance manual with fault status screen
  • Touchscreen controls for setup, logo registration and operation
  • Change parts designed for easy removal and quick change to a different product in less than 2 hours
  • Easy-to-clean FDA compliant product contact parts

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Product category: Tablet printing machines - pharmacy and cosmetics

Sorters and Feeders

Ackley Machine Corporation’s feeding and sorting systems keep your tablets and capsule production lines moving with quality output

Ackley Angle Ramp Printer with Bulk Hopper Vibratory Feeder on left and Tablet Sorter on right
Ackley offers a complete line of feeding systems, including tablet conveyors, tablet elevators, and vibratory feed systems to keep production moving smoothly. In addition, Ackley has a complementary line of machinery for tablet, caplet, capsule and candy sorting. These units offer a cost-effective and efficient system for removing dimensionally reduced tablets such as chips, shorts, and capped or broken product, twinned products and oversized or malformed products.

Some of these products include:

A Bulk Hopper Feeder
– The Ackley Bulk Hopper Feeder with level sensor control will maintain a constant amount of product in the ramp printer hopper, which is necessary for obtaining throughput and pocket occurrence rates. It features:

  • 7.68 bulk hopper
  • Vibratory feed system
  • Casters for portability
  • Level controller to ensure optimum product hopper level
  • All stainless steel construction
A Flighted Conveyor
– The Ackley Flighted Conveyor is custom designed to fit production requirements, and is easy to operate. It features:

  • A removable belt and casters for easy mobility and cleaning
  • All stainless steel construction
  • A polyurethane with Kevlar® flighted belt
  • A Tablet/Capsule Sorter – The Ackley Tablet/Capsule sorter is intended for inline or standalone use prior to or after printing or other production states. It features:Plates designed for a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Efficient sorting removing up to 99% of dimensionally reduced tablets due to chips, shorts, capped, broken, oversize or particles
  • A production rate of 300,000 to 1,000,000 tablets/hour
  • Quick release sorting that automatically sorts compressed sugar or film-coated tablets.

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About us

Company details

Ackley Machine Corporation designs and manufactures machines that singulate and precisely align tablets, caplets and capsules for accurate printing, laser marking and drilling, and vision inspection.
Ackley Machine Corporation is known by our pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and confectionary customers throughout the world for our ability to engineer and manufacture custom machines for printing, laser marking and drilling, and vision inspecting tablets, caplets and capsules with pixel precision. This capability of Ackley machines to singulate a tablet from a mound of product and precisely align that tablet in a nest delivers unparalleled accuracy in production, improving output and delivering a quality product truly reflecting your brand.

With over 1000 systems installed worldwide, Ackley offers the experience you need to maintain brand integrity throughout your production run. Our staff has over 200 years combined experience in the design, engineering, machining and assembly of:

Printing systems – one or two-sided, multi- or single-lane, one or two colors, high or low output
Laser drilling systems – for single and bi-layer tablets
Vision inspection systems – with single tablet rejection
And we do so with service levels without peer in the industry.

Whether you need an integrated system or individual solutions, Ackley is sure to meet your need for clear, precise distinct branding that is guaranteed to get your product recognized.

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  • Confectionery products
  • Pharmaceuticals