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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.03  Cartoners
  •  Horizontal cartoners

Horizontal cartoners

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.03  Cartoners
  •  Top load cartoners

Top load cartoners

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.07  Wrapping machines

Wrapping machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.08  Shrink film machines

Shrink film machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.06  Additional machines and devices in the packaging process
  • 01.06.13  Robotic systems
  •  Pick & Place robots

Pick & Place robots

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.07  Complete packaging lines
  • 01.07.01  Primary packaging
  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.07  Complete packaging lines
  • 01.07.02  Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging

Our products

Product category: Primary packaging

Case Packing Technology

Bradman Lake offer both pre-formed case and wraparound case packers in combination with appropriate collators for a very wide range of products. Where a pre-formed case is used, there are three machine type options; side load, bottom load and top load depending upon the nature of the product, its handling ability and the required format within the case.

The ‘flag-ship’ of our range is the MX Robotic Top Load machine that is a true modular construction machine and can be readily adapted for changing applications offering our clients a totally future-proofed machine.

Our wraparound case packers are multi-servo axis indexing machines and can handle a wide range of case sizes. The wraparound case is a high quality package that is ideally suited for shelf ready designs and provides the smallest case due to minimal internal clearance.

All machines can handle corrugated and carton board materials. RSC cases can be sealed with adhesive tape and / or hot melt adhesive while wraparound machines use hot melt. Our range of case packers delivers flexible solutions to satisfy the demands of modern shelf ready retailing.

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Product category: Primary packaging


The Bradman Lake name is synonymous with high quality and high efficiency cartoning machines. Supplying equipment to the fast moving consumer market Bradman Lake has proven to be a leading innovator of both top load and end load cartoning including: carton erectors, robotic top loading, inline and right angled carton closers, indexing and continuous motion end loading, all machines cover a wide spectrum of operating speeds.

To compliment our cartoning machines we manufacture a range of collator / in feed systems such as cascade loading, smart belts and dual race track (DRT) flat pack or on edge collators. Our custom built robotic handling systems demonstrates Bradman Lake’s position as an innovator of flexible automation, along with multi-servo axis technology machine design, not only can we offer high speeds and operational reliability our clients also receive efficiency and productivity gains whilst maintaining the highest quality finished products.

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Product category: Primary packaging

Robotic Solutions

Bradman Lake is an innovator of flexible automation using parallel axis robotics technology. The company not only offers top load cartoning solutions using the proven robot picking of products from a racetrack mechanism but we supply the ever increasing demand for pick and place feeding from a random source, using vision based technology.

Robots can replace manual feeding in many applications. Automation using robots provides a strong case for use in the food industry where incidences of repetitive strain injury and lost time in production are key factors for companies moving to use robot technology. Robots have become simpler to use, cost  significantly less and the technology has evolved for use in a broad range of industries.

The increasing demand for user operational plant flexibility without sacrificing performance has given the Bradman Lake Group significant opportunity in the core industry sectors in which it operates.

The group’s end and top load cartoning machine range, flow wrapping machines and case packers interfaces seamlessly with the new robot technology that we can offer our world wide customers.

With our global partner ABB we have developed equipment that detects an object using vision technology which enables the robot to track fast moving conveyor belts with high speed accuracy. Using the IRB 360 FlexPickerTM from ABB, this robot is the latest Delta style robot with 4-axis robot kinematics.

The robot’s key motors and gear drives are fitted in the body of the robot, minimising the mass of the moving arm and allowing for fast acceleration. Although the robot picks the product, the individual item must be recognised first. This is achieved using single or multiple cameras along with highly scaleable PC application software and appropriate controller to steer the robot. The Bradman Lake / ABB system robotic vision package can be integrated into our complete range of end and top load cartoning machines, flow wrapping and case packing machines as stand alone units or as part of a system.

  • Repeatability to within 1mm (depending upon speed)
  • Wash down and stainless steel versions available
  • Lubrication free joints
  • Industry proven control systems
  • The robot arms and end effectors are made of high performance plastics and aluminium and have been optimised for low weight, high strength and long life
  •  Monobloc integrated machine system

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Product category: Wrapping machines

FT120 Flow Wrapper

The FT120 range sets the benchmark for horizontal form fill and seal flow wrapping machines. We can supply anything from a ‘stand alone’ machine for low speed, hand fed applications, up to a fully automatic system to meet the demands of the most sophisticated hi-tech processing and packaging lines. Systems can include automatic feeding, product storage, and multiple flow wrapping for primary wrapping and multi-packing. The FT120 operates at the highest level of efficiency incorporating a PLC control system with three axis servo drive and motor package. The FT120 has clean modern lines, is simple to operate and maintain as well as being able to accommodate a wide range of product sizes with simple and quick change over.

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Product category: Top load cartoners

Top Load Case Packing

This is an innovative top loading Robotic Case Packer that erects, loads and either glue or tape seals, RSC and HSC cases, at speeds up to 24 cases per minute. The machine is available in two variants; the MX600 generally single case loading with product on edge, and the MX1200 generally flat packing multiple cases by progressively loading each case as it indexes through the machine.

The machine is extremely flexible due to its modular design. Combinations of modules can be constructed to suit all applications including other non cartoned products. The module principle ‘future proofs’ the machine allowing for variations and upgrades to be implemented easily when production and marketing demands change.

The machine has a compact footprint ideal for limited floor space applications.

Size changing is very simple and quick to achieve, most adjustments are either servo driven or use hand-wheels and digital indicators.

Product pick up heads are change parts and can be automatically or manually changed.

Standard infeeds include Dual Race Track (DRT) collators. The DRT can either collate products laying flat or on edge depending upon the infeed position.

Multiple infeed machines provide the flexibility to handle different packs, for example a flat belt infeed could deliver cartons into the machine and when required production could be switched to use a DRT to deliver flow wrapped packs.

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Company news




Mar 7, 2017

Bradman Lake Launches New Equipment at Interpack

The Bradman Lake Group will be participating at Interpack 2017 in Dusseldorf Germany 4 to 10 May, 2017.

Visitors to its stand (Hall 5/G04) will be able to witness first-hand the very latest deployment of its Integrated Packaging Technology approach in a complete state-of-the-art packaging line comprising Vision-Guided Robotics, Multipack Flow Wrapping, End Load Cartoning and Case Packing.

All of the machines – delivered and supported by award-winning customer service – have been specifically designed to meet the challenges of today’s packaging industry by improving efficiency and flexibility in order to increase profitability. Single servo motor sizes, common wiring patterns and identical HMI look-and-feel all contribute to ease of use and operation.

The innovative packaging line comprises a VGR2000 Vision Guided Robotic pick-and-place line, which will load products into the infeed of a FT120 Multipack Flow Wrapper using two robots. After the required collation has been created and flow wrapped, the products enter the IMSL End Load Cartoner – Bradman Lake’s latest machine. The compact-footprint IMSL incorporates a Rockwell Automation iTRAK unit to create a fully integrated product infeed system that uses minimal product transfers. To further enhance the IMSL’s footprint the products are side loaded into the cartons via a Linear Motion Loader. Once the carton is sealed it is transferred to the new ZX600 Case Packer, which is small footprint, top-loading machine, including a highly efficient glue-delivery solution tied into the controlling PLC.

VGR2000 Vision-Guided Robot:
- Product can be picked in single piece or a collation and loaded into either the infeed of the flow wrapping machine, a cartoning line or a case packer.
- The smart cameras and delta robots directly interface with the Rockwell Automation programmable controller using pre-loaded customised add-on instructions. No black boxes!
- The VGR2000 can be supplied without the overhead robots – with its ergonomic design suiting manual pick and place – and can be easily retrofitted should the need arise.

FT120 Multipack Wrapper:
- Operates at the highest level of efficiency and seal integrity even for difficult heat-seal applications.
- Reduced number of operators. Can be integrated with complete range of product-specific handling systems for semi and full automation.
- High standard of machine specification, which can include twin film reel holders, automatic film reel-to-reel splice, splice detection and rejection, print registration, automatic film web alignment, film printing, empty and deformed pack identification and rejection, four pairs of longitudinal seal crimp rollers provide hot- or cold-seal options and a robust end-crimp sealing module.

IMSL End Load Cartoner:
- Incorporates iTRAK technology, which has been utilised for flexible product collating, while reducing the number of transfers by means of guided pockets to ensure minimal product handling and repeatable carton loading.
- A new servo-driven linear inserter tracks the guided pockets and transfers each product into the carton, negating the need for a traditional ‘barrel loader’. This delivers excellent access for the end user, the option of constant or indexing motion on the same machine and greater flexibility in handling a wide range of products and collations with minimal rapid size changes.
- With a small footprint, new frame style and full-height doors for ease of access, the machine has fully integrated electrical panels and Nordson Liberty hot melt system, with direct interface to the Rockwell Automation programmable controller using pre-loaded customized add-on instructions. No black boxes!
- The machine is designed with an easy loading low-level carton hopper.

ZX600 Case Packer:
- Very small footprint robotic top load case packer.
- The machine uses Fanuc M10 (6 axis) robot that not only collates the products but also preconditions the cases for repeatable carton loading.
- Robot and glue systems directly interface with the Rockwell Automation programmable controller using pre-loaded customized add-on instructions. No black boxes!
- Aggregation and serialisation enabled.
Bradman Lake’s System Solutions:
Bradman Lake provides true, single-source turnkey systems, with project management from initial concept to site acceptance and beyond. The benefits to customers include: commonality of engineering standards and parts; a single point of contact for procurement; project manager and aftermarket; FAT for full system occurs in single location and systems are fully integrated and tested prior to delivery resulting in expedited start up.

Intuitive HMIs and a common control platform – utilising the latest CIP motion technology – offer customers an easier method of extracting information from a single source, as well as seamless exchange of data upstream and downstream. A single network infrastructure offers unprecedented levels of visibility, flexibility and scalability to respond to market opportunities and operational threats.

- All machines deploy the latest Allen-Bradley hardware and software froorm Rockwell Automation.
- All machines are designed with minimum frame sizes and easy-access guard design.
- Flexible ‘Future Proof’ Principle. Handles a wide range of products, formats and sizes to easily meet the demands of the fast-changing markets at any time in the future.
- Systems are simple to operate and maintain.
- Robust and well-built to the latest safety and hygiene standards required in the bakery, confectionery, dry, chilled and frozen food and healthcare industries.
- Upgradable machine construction to handle wash-down applications.
- Prompt, reliable technical support, service technicians and spare parts delivery.
- Bradman Lake is an established brand with a strong reputation for machine reliability and value for money worldwide.
- A wide range of optional features are available to enable the equipment to be readily adapted to meet the customer’s specific requirements. 

Visitors to our stand can find out more about the advanced features of these machines as well as the Ggroup’s other integrated packaging technologies, which can be supplied turnkey or individually.

About Bradman Lake
Established in 1948, the Bradman Lake Group Ltd is a leader in integrated packaging technology. From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, cartoning, loading and closing to case packing, shrink wrapping and roll wrapping, Bradman Lake’s solution based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world. Bradman Lake is located in the UK and USA with regional offices in Russia and India, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

To find out more email

Bradman Lake Ltd.
Common Lane North, Beccles | Suffolk | NR34 9BP | United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1502 470 500 F: +44 (0)1502 470 599

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The Bradman Lake Group Ltd is a leader in packaging technology solutions, incorporating the world-renowned Autowrappers and Europack brands and is an innovator of flexible automation using parallel axis robotics technology.

From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, cartoning, loading and closing to case packing, shrink wrapping and roll wrapping, Bradman Lake's solution based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world.

Bradman Lake is located in the UK and USA with regional offices in Russia and China, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK based industrial group Langley Holdings plc.

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