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Our products

Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

Pk-130 Label applier Hi Performance

Pk-130 industrial labeller produced by Packin enjoying the advantages of the three patents registered for the mechanical parts and for innovative solutions to improve the traction of the paper, pull the paper to the optimization of the engine, eliminating brakes - brushes - side guides, use of coder/marker HP inkjet technology, improving the ease of use to the operator and the overall effectiveness of the machine.

The fast automatic labelling applier Pk-130 is dedicated for industrial use and are easily placed on production lines as in existing machines due to the compact size of the labelling head also due to the separate control unit. In only 880 mm wide can be installed 2 labelling heads NO-STOP for continuous cycles (when the labels end up on the first machine automatically starts the second and vice versa). Available the remote control panel (RS485) touch-screen that allows seamless integration with the machinery host.

The paper passage simplified and the automatic regulation of alignment allow users to perform reel changes very rapidly, with consequent advantages on the production and less waste of labels.

The Pk-130 comes complete with all the necessary functions for the control of remote machines, encoder, traffic signal, inputs, outputs, alarms, pre and end of roll, paper tear, recovery of missing label, two labels on a product, automatic adjustment of speed (encoder), No-Stop 2 heads.

The labelling can be equipped with marker/coder HP inkjet technology with high-definition character for marking dates, lots, alphanumeric data, sequentially numbered, 1D and 2D barcodes, images, logo. Mc 12.7mm or 25.4mm MK area printing (up to 50.8mm optionally) of one or more rows. The marker inkjet offers the possibility of using different types of inks for all kinds of labels and does not limit the speed of the machine so that it can exploit the full potential of 90 mt / min. Autonomously adapts to the speed of the card without any adjustment thanks to the encoder integrated and can independently manage the change date / time, deadlines, thanks to the integrated microprocessor and clock.

The Pk-130 is also available in Pk-130-Hygi that thanks to the anti-bacterial treatments and the use of stainless steel can be used in the food and pharma sectors. Pk-130 is IP56 and can be washed with high-pressure lance.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

Pk-100-Fast-Minikey (Mk) labeling with marker/coder up to 25.4mm. printing

Pk-100 xxx is a industrial labeling machines series made by Packin Srl that enjoy the benefits due to the three patents for the mechanical parts and innovative solutions dedicated to improving the optimal paper tension not influenced by speed and roll diameter. Auto-alignment paper.

The elimination of brakes, brushes and side seals, improving the ease of use to the operator and the overall effectiveness of the machine.

The fast automatic Pk-100-FAST labelers are produced for industrial use and can be positioned in production lines like in already existing machinery, thanks to the compact dimension and the separate controller panel.

The simplified passage of the paper allows the users to change label roll very quickly with consequent advantages on production and less waste of labels. Pk-100 xxx has all the necessary functions for the control of remote machines, encoder, signaling, input, output, approaching end-roll alarms , break paper, recovery of missing label, two labels on a single product and a lot more. The labeler is available also in the more economic version (Pk-100 STD) for demands up to 30 mt/min. 100mm wide. Version Pk-200 up to 200 mm of width and Pk-200-7Nw the 200mm wide up to 60 mt/min.

All the labelers models can be equipped with inkjet marker with high definition technology (600 dpi) by HP for marking dates, lots, data, progressive or decreasing sequential numbering, barcode 1D and 2D, images, logo. Mc 12,7mm or Mk 25,4mm on print area in one or more lines.

The inkjet marker gives the possibility to use different types of inks for all types of labels without limiting the full speed of the machine, 60 mt/min. It adapts itself to the speed of the paper without any adjustment thanks to the integrated encoder. Through the microprocessor and integrated clock it can manage the date/time, expire date, etc.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

Pk-Line InkJet printer

ON Packin labeling machine is possible to install the inkjet printer for variable/static data printing from 12.7 to 25.4mm (50.8mm optional under request). Two printers model available called Mc and Mk.

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About us

Company details

Labelling - Marking.
Production industrial labeling machines, automatic and semi-automatic. Sale inkjet printing systems and marking. Integration with Feeder, ribbons, business banquets with vacuum table, and database software for mailing, read & print and accessories for mailing.

The continuous search for new solutions and new materials allows labeling machines Packin to gain a leading position in today existing products.

The range of machines now offer varies from simple print & apply table until labeling lines industrial integration of feeders (sfilatori), marking, control cameras, traceability with specific products pharma-food sector and with ability to read & print.

The presence and strong market knowledge of the marking ink jet has allowed Packin connect two areas usually not related integrating solutions of ink-jet printing technology HP (Tij2.5) to obtain speed labeling machines for labeling with printing given variable to 90 m / min. pace up to 600 pcs / min available for its customers for years at very competitive. The ink-jet printing systems Mc and Mk are always used on all labeling heads Packin in KIT. The machines with accessories after purchase allow a small initial investment. The various types of inks available today allow printing on non-porous materials (films, labels, plastic, UV-cured, etc.).

Every product is designed Packin built, tested and treated in all phases of production to delivery to the customer to ensure consistent quality.

Customer-care: one of the strengths always.

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  • Bakery products
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals