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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.01  Preparing and feeding
  • 01.01.04  Machines for cleaning or sterilising and drying packagings
  •  Pasteurizing and sterilizing machines

Pasteurizing and sterilizing machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.06  Additional machines and devices in the packaging process
  • 01.06.08  Machines and equipment for subsequently pasteurizing and sterilizing packaged products

Machines and equipment for subsequently pasteurizing and sterilizing packaged products

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.03  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cerials (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.03.17  Heat tunnels for the production of baked goods, snacks and cerials

Heat tunnels for the production of baked goods, snacks and cerials

  • 05  Machines and equipment for the processing of other food products (e.g. coffee processing, production of ice cream, etc.)
  • 05.01  Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03.09  Laboratory equipment - pharmacy and cosmetics

Laboratory equipment - pharmacy and cosmetics

  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03.15  Sterilization units - pharmacy and cosmetics

Sterilization units - pharmacy and cosmetics

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Autoclaves Vap'R from STERITECH, with steam and air pressure

The STERITECH Steam / Air autoclaves are the most efficient, fastest and economical on the market, designed to sterilize and pasteurize all types of packaged products: meats and sausages, baby foods, ready-to-serve dishes, fruits and vegetables, animal food...

Particularly suitable for all foods in flexible and fragile packaging, our VAP'R autoclaves show lower consumption by 30% than traditional water runoff or immersion autoclaves, with a cycle time reduced by over 25%.

Compatible with all conveyor, loading and unloading systems, they accept all your existing baskets and integrate them directly on any existing production line.
Exceptional heat treatment, the fastest and most economical on the market

Heating of injected air for a faster and more economical increase in heat
Reverse flow forced fan turbine, for maximum distribution of heat
Optimum thermal control by means of ultrafine regulation of temperatures (±0.5°C), pressure    (± 0.003 bar) and steam and water quantities
Guarantee to respect the optimum  Fo value with real time adjustment by Online Fo Control
Rocking System, a shaking system for homogenous and fast heat transfer
Complete integrity with all your flexible and fragile packaging  by means of STERITECH Pack Sensor
Unparalleled safety and ease of operation

SCADA or SIEMENS control system with touch screen  and SteriControl software
Real time optimisation of parameters, temperatures (+/- 0.5°C) and pressure (+/- 30 mbar)
Ultra-precise regulation of quantities of steam, compressed air and water
No risk of thermal shock or expansion of air
Permanent control of all data and parameters, display of curves and recipes in progress with logging of the last 600 cycles
Network connection, in-line management and automatic download of software  updates
Open measurement and control interface, with Ethernet, Profibus and SQL
A scalable solution customised to your needs

More than 30 models of different diameters, sizes and capacities
Customised design, assembly, configuration, integration and optimisation

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Product category: Machines and equipment for subsequently pasteurizing and sterilizing packaged products

Continuous sterilisation and pasteurisation with overpressure for flexible packages

The SerialTower is the first continuous system with back pressure on the market specifically designed to pasteurize and sterilize all types of flexible and fragile packed products, from small quantities to more significant quantities.

Ideal for replacing 2 to 3 autoclaves or as many batch retorts as necessary, this ultra-compact continuous system with overpressure now enables companies of all sizes to automatise their production line with an unparalleled performance, efficiency, safety and economy of water and energy, on the market.
Its innovative technology has earned SerialTower the support of Eco-Innovation for its clear economical and ecological superiority over all the autoclaves and continuous systems on the market.

Fruit of the Sterilis Project, the SerialTower range was funded by the European Community, as part of the Eco-Innovation initiative from the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP).

New SerialTower 2013, a continuous Cook-Chill version with overpressure to cook and chill up to 3°C

More efficient, the overpressure can now be adjusted independently in each tower from 0.1 to 2 bars
Safer, it provides the perfect integrity of all pouches and film-covered trays with a headspace
More flexible, it offers the greatest variety of cooking tables and adapts to all kinds of food
Ultra-compact, it also includes an automated conveyor for the return of empty trays
This Cook & Chill version ensures a longer shelf life and better preservation of the organoleptic qualities of your food.

The highest performance, simplicity and energy savings on the market

No more baskets to load / unload, manpower, waiting time or cold storage, your products are automatically treated and returned in a continuous flow, at the pace of your production line
A reduction in consumption of water by 33%, steam by 23% and energy by 15% compared to an  immersion or water run-off autoclave
The best performance and the least ground space on the market, 35% smaller than a conventional autoclave solution with equivalent capacity
A demonstrated performance and energy savings, earning it the support of Eco-Innovation
A continuous technology dedicated to flexible and pliable packaging

The best of the Steam and Water suction autoclave technologies of STERITECH meet in an ultra-compact vertical continuous system with overpressure, adapted to all types, shapes and sizes of flexible packaging
Optimum heat exchanges, by means of the back pressure which guarantees the perfect preservation of the organoleptic qualities of foods and the complete integrity of flexible and pliable packaging
Management, control and total traceability

Real time control and optimisation of all the parameters of cycles, sensors, input/output status...
Management and total traceability of all the information, data, recipes, curves of the last 600 cycles, adjustments, interventions, intrusions, users, alerts...
Network connection, remote management, self-maintenance and automatic download of updates by means of a open measurement and control Interface, with Ethernet, Profibus and  SQL

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

CHP and CHS, the new generation of continuous hydrostatic systems

The CHP and CHS from STERITECH, two worldwide innovations, revolutionise the pasteurisation and sterilisation in large quantity of packed agro-food and pharmaceutical products. Speed, removal of waiting time, enhanced food safety and significant reduction of manpower, floor space and water and energy consumption, make the most innovative, efficient and economical continuous systems with overpressure till date on the market

Capable of treating rigid packaging as well as the most flexible and fragile ones, the CHP and CHS from STERITECH are meant for all agro food and pharmaceutical industries and meet all their requirements for sterilisation and flash or core pasteurization: ready-to-eat dishes, animal feed, sausages, soups, sauces, baby food...
The continuous Cook-Chill solution with overpressure which revolutionizes the market

First continuous Cook-Chill system with overpressure in the world meant for large volume and high speed pasteurization of products packed in flexible and fragile packing, the Continuous Hydrostatic Pasteurizer offers by far the most significant yield in square meters and the highest productivity in the market. The Continuous Hydrostatic Sterilizer has the same advantages in pasteurization but also allows sterilization of all your products irrespective of the type of packing.

Most compact, large volume, economical and profitable systems in the market

No more gigantic installations with huge investments, by means of CHP and CHS, pasteurizing and sterilizing in large quantities and very high speed requires just a small amount of floor space and a considerably reduced height. The savings and gains in production floor space, manpower, water and electricity consumptions generated by STERITECH's Continuous Hydrostatic systems result in significant and sizeable financial savings for our clients.

Multi-products and packagings, an incomparable flexibility till date

Completely automatic but also faster, more flexible, more economic and compact than any rival autoclave, the CHP and CHS systems fom STERITECH are the only ones in the world to be multi-product and multi-packaging. Not only the temperature, natural pressure and overpressure can now be controlled and adjusted in real time in each column, but the duration of exposure to heat treatment can now also be modulated according to the requirements or the nature of the product and its packaging, without interrupting the cycle in progress or modifying the input and output speed of the products.

A global exclusivity of STERITECH which pushes the limits of conventional hydrostatic technology and places our systems with overpressure at the top of the market, far ahead of the competition

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About us

Company details

Since its creation in 1988, the company STERITECH S.A. has quickly established as the world leader for innovation in the techniques for canning of food and pharmaceutical products.

Designer, manufacturer and integrator of for automated and intelligent solutions for sterilisation and pasteurisation, STERITECH brings to your service the competencies and the know-how of professionals with background in agro-food or packaging and of engineers who are experts in their respective fields: thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic engineering, automatism, sheet metal working, electro-mechanics and industrial informatics and also marketing, trade service or after-sales service.

"A World of Preservation"

We provide you with the best means to preserve your resources and the environment by designing the innovative systems which meet the needs of agro-food and pharmaceutical industries at all points and which benefit from a clear economic and ecological superiority over competitive technological solutions.

Based above all on human values, the passion for work of precision and a sense of service, our know-how unique to the world has enabled  to develop sustainable and successful partnerships at the international level, meeting with relevance to ambitious specifications surpassing all requirements in terms of productivity and savings.

It is this world of preservation that we share everyday with our clients, by increasing their ratings, profits and advantages in a really amazing manner. Contact us to obtain free a costing for tens or even hundreds of thousands of Euros which you can save each year by replacing your current equipment with our autoclaves or continuous systems for sterilisation or pasteurisation with back-pressure.

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