Fabryka Opakowan Foliowych Rossoplast D. i R. Rossochaccy Sp. J.

Ul. Dantyszka 19, 11-100 Lidzbark Warminski
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Robert Saletra

Trade Manager

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.02  Packagings
  • 02.02.11  Plastic Packagings
  •  Foils made of plastic

Our products

Product category: Foils made of plastic

LDPE, LLDPE and MDPE films

Modern production technologies based on proven solutions of leading Western companies implemented at the plant and the use of raw materials from internationally renowned manufacturers allow us to produce films with the required properties, agreed technical parameters and repeatable quality.

In simultaneous co-extrusion of five film layers, each of them can be separately dyed and its physicochemical characteristics and raw material composition can be separately modified. This enables the obtaining of film with precisely-defined parameters and properties. Five-layer film (tube) extrusion lines are provided with internal tube cooling, computer control and monitoring of all production parameters, automatic dosage of up to 17 raw materials, which allows us to produce film with the required and repeatable parameters with the highest quality.

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Product category: Foils made of plastic

Flexographically printed multilayer laminates

Laminates allow us to produce packaging printed on the inner side of glued tapes with different physicochemical properties. The printing between the layers prevents printed design damage, effectively protects products against the harmful action of external factors such as: air, steam, light, UV radiation etc. Using barrier layers in laminates, packaging properties can be matched to the expected technical and technological parameters, including affecting the time of usefulness of the packaged product.

We offer laminates for packaging, e.g.:
  • food industry products
  • household chemicals
  • petfood and animal foodstuffs
  • construction materials
  • gardening substrates, peat and bark
  • fertilizers
  • salts
  • hygroscopic materials

The benefits of using laminates:
  • adjustment of the laminate structure to the requirements of the packaged product
  • optimal in terms of its cost and the set requirements, matching the packaging strength to the needs
  • the possibility of obtaining appropriate packaging barrier capacity by proper selection of layer structures,
  • printed design protection against damage during the packaging, storage and transport of packaged products
  • adjustment of the thermally welded layer to the packaging machine characteristics

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Product category: Foils made of plastic

Branded carrier bags

Branded carrier bags with a customized printed design are a relatively cheap and effective method of target advertising to directly reach customers. They can complement a larger advertising campaign or make the sale of products more attractive on their own. The bags are produced from high quality five-layer transparent film, white or dyed in the mass. Flexographic printing with up to 8 colours guarantees the reproduction of graphic designs according to customer expectations. We manufacture branded carrier bags to order with a customized printed design (so-called thematic bags) and with a neutral printed design (non-branded bags) to choose from the plant’s offer.

Branded carrier bags are produced:
  • of the DKT type with (or without) a reinforced patch containing a bottom gusset
  • of the market type with a cut-out handle with (or without) an upper gusset or with a bottom gusset
  • with a soft loop with (or without) a bottom gusset or with (or without) an upper gusset

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Product category: Foils made of plastic

Bags from tapes, tube and laminates

Bags are produced in a wide range, e.g. from a tube or a tape with a side seal, with a fin seal, in the version with (or without) a side gusset, as stand-up bags or flat bags. Depending on the customer’s needs and the intended applications, packaging in the form of bags is manufactured from LDPE, LLDPE or mLLDPE polyethylene, with additives for dyeing and modifying physical properties, as well as from laminates: PE/PE, OPA/PE, PET/PE, OPP/PE, CPP/PE, PET/MET-PET/PE or any their combination. Flexographically printed bags are produced according to the graphic design provided by the orderer. The basic advantage of the technique of bag manufacture with a fin seal is the possibility of printing its entire surface, including side gussets.

Bag production from laminates allows proper structure selection to meet the packaging needs, the application of a barrier layer extending the useful life of the packaged product. Moreover, the application of interlayer printing in laminates protects the printed design against mechanical damage during the packaging, transport and storage of packaged products, the packaging’s aesthetics and its functionality increase. The bags have found application for packaging household chemicals, gardening substrates, bark and peat, petfood and animal foodstuffs, fertilizers, all kinds of hygroscopic materials, raw materials etc.

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About us

Company details

Fabryka Opakowań Foliowych (Film Packaging Plant) ROSSOPLAST D. and R. Rossochaccy Spółka Jawna (Registered Partnership) in Lidzbark Warmiński is a Polish family-run company which started operations in 1986. With a view to increasing customer satisfaction and improving the company’s competitiveness in the packaging market, the partners attach particular attention to the plant’s development, which they implement by continuous investments in technological progress, automation of manufacturing processes and improvement of product quality.

ISO certificate and European Union co-funding
An ISO certificate was granted to the company in 2004, and we currently we work according to EN ISO 9001:2008. The implementation of a development programme intended to replace the entire production equipment of the plant with new equipment was started in 2005. The company invested in modern means of production with innovative solutions of internationally renowned manufacturers. An investment project completed in the 1st quarter of 2014 brought to an end the replacement of all machines and equipment with modern items, manufactured already in the 21st c. The company uses European Union co-funding in the implementation of the development plans.

The plant specializes in the production of film packaging to individual customer orders with multicoloured printed designs. The company has 30 years’ of experience in the manufacture of a wide range of products from LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, OPP, CPP, PET, MET-PET films and multilayer laminates obtained from combinations of any kinds of the listed films. It also produces different types of bags from films and laminates. The film packaging buyers include manufacturers of household chemicals, gardening substrates, petfood, food products, fertilizers, industrial raw materials, construction materials, etc.

We kindly encourage you to learn about our offer and we are looking forward to doing business with you.
Danuta Rossochacka and Ryszard Rossochacki

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Industrial goods
  • Consumer goods (non-food)