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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01  Complete lines for manufacturing bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01.01  Complete lines for the Production of bread

Complete lines for the Production of bread

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01  Complete lines for manufacturing bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01.06  Complete lines for the Production of croissants

Complete lines for the Production of croissants

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01  Complete lines for manufacturing bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01.15  Complete lines for the Production of rusk

Complete lines for the Production of rusk

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01  Complete lines for manufacturing bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01.17  Complete lines for the Production of special bread (baguette, chiabatta, focaccia)

Complete lines for the Production of special bread (baguette, chiabatta, focaccia)

  • 04  Machines and equipment for the production of bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01  Complete lines for manufacturing bakery products, snacks and cereals (including biscuits, waffles, etc.)
  • 04.01.21  Complete lines for the Production of toast

Complete lines for the Production of toast

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the Production of bread


Over 10 million tonnes consumed worldwide in 2014. But this international success shouldn't fool us into thinking that toast bread has become a dull, standard product. Habits and preferences vary according to the countries where is is consumed: wholemeal, in the United States, soft grain in Asia, or with the crustless for one British child in three...

So, there's not just one type of toast bread but countless versions, with each variant having its own recipe (natural, with milk, as brioche, with seeds, gluten free and so on) or its own type of preparation (open or closed mould, with or without crust, tight or loose dough, thin or thick crust and many more).

Whatever the type of toast bread, MECATHERM has put all of its expertise into MECAtoast, a complete and adaptable solution that is ideally suited to demanding performance right down the line.


Perfect command of each step in the manufacturing process

To become toast bread, the dough must go through a series of stages, each of which provides an opportunity for a mistake to slip through and disrupt the bread's delicate chemical process.

MECATHERM has infused its MECAtoast line with all of its control and requirements at every stage, guaranteeing high-quality results. On exiting the production line: toast bread with an exact weight, a controlled colour level, excellent hold, which is soft and not dense and has the ideal conservation time.

Each step in the manufacturing process is designed to meet the producer's every criterion and provide an even result.



An adapted, complete and scalable production line

The MECAtotat line meets all recipe and production requirements (national specifics, different variants in terms of formulation, format and baking and so on) and is made up of standard tried and tested equipment: H3 divider, Bloc Combi make up line, MVS proofer and FDA oven. It takes up less than 1 000 m² of floor space, making it the most compact production line on the market.

MECAtoast is scalable and can switch from semi-automatic to automatic, without needing to modify the equipment already in place.

MECAtoast is also a flexible solution that allows producing toast bread but permitting the production of baguettes and derivatives.



Finally, MECAtoast provides high production capacities: Up to 47 tonnes of toast bread per day. Manufactured, assembled and commissioned within a few months, MECAtoast combines an attractive price with low operating costs. Professionals will love its wide range of features which guarantee quick return on their investment.

·         Limited number of operators

·         Line operation 24/224, 7/7 without intervention

·         Option: Remote maintenance thanks to the connected equipment

·         Easy cleaning (equipment accessible and plastic materials used)

·         Simple to use (removable cooling plate and elements)

·         Energy-saving (high modulation burners; start and stop mechanics)

·         A reliable line: equipment self-control, products presented aligned to facilitate automatic packaging, high output line.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of bread

FTA Oven

Intimate control of the baking process from the first to the last minute, with the precise and accurate adjustment of each and every parameter (baking mode, intensity of heat transfer, steam management, etc.), ensuring optimal results to meet market requirements in terms of quality. This dream has become true thanks to the new-generation FTA oven developed by MECATHERM.

Whatever baking or pastry products to produce, industrial baking professionals can now obtain extremely precise and accurate equipment, allowing them to adapt each and every phase of the baking process in order to produce products which look good and taste wonderful.

The FTA oven can be adapted to a wide range of baking specialities, ensuring flexible and effective use, which can easily be duplicated between lines, and settings can be used to easily modify line production to meet requirements.


FTA, a precise, powerful and smart modular oven

The new FTA oven by MECATHERM is a continuous, precise, accurate and upgradable single-deck oven, which can be controlled from start to finish and is the only oven of its kind to offer such high performance levels.


A precise oven: Thanks to its international knowledge of bread varieties and types (soft or crusty products, with thick or thin crusts, shaped or uniform, with small or large holes, light or dark finish, etc.), MECATHERM has developed the FTA oven to allow industrial bakeries to produce all types of products to meet the current and future requirements of consumers.

This oven is unrivalled on the market and consists of several separate modules. On this basis, each baking stage (rising, baking and crust) can be set to the degree, and separately from the other modules. The FTA oven offers the possibility thanks to the numerous settings to bake high quality soft products on indempted pans, toast bread in tins as well as high quality artisan product directly on hearth.

This flexibility is given by the fact that the heat transfer mode can be choosen between convection/radiant heat on the top and bottom. MECATHERM offers an exclusive and original patented technology, now compatible with bottom radiant heat or bottom convection.

Professionals can benefit from 6 possible baking combinations with just one single item of equipment, offering precise control over a wide range of products: soft or crusty bread, brioches, pizzas, hot-dogs, buns, bagels, muffins, crème caramel, pies, etc.

top convection /bottom convection
top convection /bottom radiant heat
Top radiant heat/bottom convection
Top radiant heat/bottom radiant heat
Top radiant heat and convection /bottom convection
Top radiant heat and convection /bottom radiant heat
On this basis, convection is used for products requiring a high baking power and which are not affected by turbulence in the hot blown air, and radiant heat is used for products which must be baked for a longer period, but could dry out. The intensity and type of heat used are optimised, just like steam injection/extraction.

Finally, each module can host a wide range of baking supports: flat trays, convoluted trays, indempted trays, tins…

A powerful oven:

Thanks to power of up to 25 kW per m², the FTA oven can be used to:

- rapidly heats the trays or the bottom for products, from the start of the baking phase,

- reduce baking time in order to limit water losses or avoid the formation of excessively thick or dry crusts,

- react to variations in loads without need to wait for many minutes.

Despite its relatively high power, this oven does not consume high energy levels, on the contrary. Current measurements during production (figures available on request) demonstrate consumption down by approximately 15% compared with a traditional cyclothermic oven, for the same output! In fact, the FTA oven modulates its power to provide the right amount at the right time. Energy consumption (gas, electricity, compressed air, steam) and baking discharges can be controlled over defined periods (day, week, month) and are available at all times.


A smart controlled oven:

Day after day, MECATHERM strives to prepare for the future and to invent tomorrow’s production lines, by developing increasingly intuitive and connected equipment.

By continuously optimizing the monitoring and understanding of line operations, MECATHERM responses to the growing demands in reliability, technical performance and business optimization.

In this regard, MECATHERM provides its e-connect packs, a range of high-quality, innovative solutions that grow ever more appropriate and relevant. Intended to operate, optimize and develop the production units, the packs feature the following:

-          Traceability pack: To ensure you are aware of all events occurring on the line

With MECATHERM, it is possible to accurately identify all users, to anticipate events and to process them.

The professionals thus have access to a comprehensive log of all actions and the users involved

-          e-Maintenance Pack: To ensure you preserve capital assets and optimize equipment availability.

The pack features standard and specific sensors, as well actuators, which provide at all times the operating status of every main technical operation: trays detection, vibration, motorization, jack etc.

In this way, it becomes possible to act in a predictive, preventive way upon the equipment.


-          Energy &exhaust Packs: To ensure you optimize operational costs by monitoring use and waste over specific periods (daily, weekly, monthly).

Since it is available at all times, the data will lead to increased productivity and lower cost prices.


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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of bread

HQ Process

In recent years, professional bakers have been increasingly required to meet the demands of consumers turning away from standard bread and preferring artisan-quality bread.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in crusty bread, and after years of research, MECATHERM, a pioneer and world leader in the industrial baking segment, has designed and developed a new process, the HQ process. This original industrial process is unique on the market, easy to manage from an operational viewpoint, and can be used to produce artisan-quality bread for approximately the same cost price as standard bread.

This solution allows the baking industry to meet consumer demands and increase their operating results.

 A golden crusty bottom; a fresh-feeling crumb with large and irregular honeycomb cells; clear, open and contrasting scoring; bread with complex aromatic undertones… More and more people are turning to artisan-quality bread, both in France and around the world.

MECATHERM can propose its innovative HQ process to the baking industry, with specific equipment, from the point where you receive the mix right up to baking, maintaining the qualities of the product at every stage of baking, extensively simplifying the whole process. Capacity: 360 trays/h (9000 baguettes/h).

Optimizing every single stage of manufacturing

From dividing the dough to depanning, not forgetting the proofer and the oven, every single part of the HQ line has been designed to optimize each phase in baking artisan bread.

 Division, extrusion: the patented MECAFLOW process creates a layer of ideally sized dough, maintaining the strength and aeration of the mix. Pre-prepared dough pieces are cut up and placed in an opening (opening width: 55 - 80 cm). The large opening is flexible, leaving bakers free to work with up to 25 dough pieces width wise.

 Depositing: the products are continuously deposited. The HQ trays are exclusive to MECATHERM and patented. These trays are not perforated and leave no marks on the bottom of the products. In terms of energy, the upper and lower coatings have been designed to optimize the energy reaching the products, just like the open space between the chutes allows the air blown in the oven to pass.

The chutes also prevent the baguettes from spreading out more than required and give them their round shape. These chutes can also be used to improve tray filling, and therefore increase the number of baguettes placed width wise, creating up to an extra +30% space per tray compared to a peelboard.

Proofing:  the MVS (Modular Vertical System) proofer is 100% modular. Dimensions can be adjusted, from the number of cells to the number of levels. This proofer can also easily be adapted to available floor area and the type of baking support used. The system is easy to clean (plasticized chains) and maintenance is straightforward (no greasing required, easy access, automatic humidity control). Slow ventilation (< 0.5 m/s) prevents a skin forming on the surface.

Proofing time is adapted to the volume of bread required, rising and behavior during baking, as well as the preferred crumb structure.

Water scoring: guaranteeing ideal scoring by water jet, leaving a clean cut, even if the recipe is well hydrated (no dough sticking to blades,). This aspect can be configured from start to finish; users can define the number of cuts, the angle and length of the cuts, overlap between cuts and the depth of the cuts. One single piece of dough can therefore be scored at various angles.

 Baking: the FMP convection oven is designed to reinforce the effect of yeast and hearth baking and is modular (1 - 6 cells) depending on the required period of baking, or whether the products are to be baked or pre-baked, and on the format of the products baked (50 or 500 g). One or several cells can be by-passed, and several baking zones can be configured separately.

Alternate blowing (from left to right, and then from right to left, for alternate levels) optimizes heat exchange, with products subjected to a low air flow. The different temperatures and steam can be controlled separately and precisely for each zone.

The BBB (Bottom Bake Booster) is a MECATHERM patented solution, where the trays are preheated in few second at high temperature before entering into the oven. This system also prevents the steam from condensing and avoids any runoff along the molds and frames.

Two different post-baking cold circuit options are available: either on trays or using cooling/freezing coils. If cold trays are used, a tray slicing option is available for sandwich bread.


Depanning: the finger depanner will not deform the product. This device will also leave the position of the product unchanged, simplifying checks and product routing to the packaging area.


Conveyor: the conveyor system is reliable and resistant, produced in stainless steel and with approved food grade materials, and equipped with gradual acceleration and deceleration functions, avoiding sudden impacts. This system is easy to maintain (standard motors, no greasing) and ergonomic.

 A controlled HQ process thanks to the e-connect pack

MECATHERM has developed e-connect solutions to create smarter equipment and lines. The e-connect pack can be used to manage consumption and protect investments.

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About us

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Our group produces exclusively equipment for Industrial Bakery, excluding any equipment or oven for small-size Bakeries:
More than 750 automatic lines installed in 63 countries worldwide, 20,000 tons of products from our lines every day ... these figures make us the world's leading manufacturer of bakery equipment.
To maintain our leadership position, we work to: 

constantly innovate in new product development processes : mainly dough handling and baking, and also other stages, from the proofing to the freezing process.Patents as well as the contents of our offer are proofs our dynamism in innovation that has always been at the heart of our identity.
create around our lines the services that will make them ever more "profitable" : training, preventive maintenance, online help, ...
At the heart of these daily goals, we place the rules of safety, food security, persons protection, materials preservation and environmental protection, working constantly on reducing consumption and waste.

Studying your projects, we will have the pleasure to present you the real means that we apply to serve our goals, in terms of staff skills, technical resources, internal organization, equipment ... 
Enjoy the tour on our website and we hope to soon have the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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