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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.05  Inspection and control
  • 01.05.04  Optical inspection systems
  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.02  Single machines /equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • 06.02.14  Inspection machines for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Inspection machines for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
  • 07.01.02  Consulting and project planning of track & trace solutions

Consulting and project planning of track & trace solutions

Our products

Product category: Optical inspection systems

Code Reading

Optimized Goods Handling: Identify Barcodes and 2D Codes Accurately and Efficiently with VITRONIC Technology
Each and every day, retailers, industrial and pharmaceutical companies, mail order companies, and textile and sports goods manufacturers need to place different goods in stock and pick, sort and ship them.  Huge cost savings can potentially be made in these processes. The company's goal is to optimize the flow of goods and automate handling as far as possible.

For this reason, shipping is no longer recorded manually in most cases. Scanners are still often used to identify goods shipments. In this context, VITRONIC offers a better solution for faster and more reliable recording of goods and codes:

Camera-Based Code Reading
As well as standard barcodes, the system identifies more complex 2D codes and can even read multiple codes simultaneously (multicode reading), accurately and at high conveyor speeds.

It makes no difference whether the goods are being handled manually or on conveyor belts. VITRONIC has the ideal solution for every handling scenario.

Benefits Compared with Conventional Barcode Scanners:

  • VIPAC identifies all standard barcodes and 2D codes at conveyor speeds of up to 4.5 m/s
  • shorter throughput and delivery times
  • enables significantly improved performance
  • multicode reading
  • top read rates due to better resolution and excellent image quality
  • identifies partially damaged or obscured codes
  • reads codes with poor print quality, and even  barcodes as small as 2mm
  • reads codes behind foils
  • captures every side of the item, regardless of how it is positioned
  • online or offline video coding possible
  • web-based monitoring possible
  • read results documented and archived
  • outputs meaningful statistics and logs
Compared with barcode scanners, VITRONIC's reading system generates images that are archived for the purposes of documentation, as a record for clients and suppliers, and inbound and outbound goods inspections. Archived data can also be used to analyze the identification process.

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Product category: Optical inspection systems

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If goods receipts and returns are to be recorded quickly and reliably, handwritten and typewritten characters on goods labels and packaging need to be captured automatically.

Whether at goods receipt or during processing and recording of returns, VITRONIC's OCR system automatically identifies both handwritten and typewritten characters, ensures that goods are placed in stock efficiently and securely, and simultaneously triggers the relevant postings in the customer's ERP systems. Written data is analyzed automatically using our specially developed VIPAC OCR software.

Overview of the Benefits:

  • top read rates and accuracy, even at high conveyor speeds of up to 3 m/s
  • efficient recording of goods and returns
  • reads both typewritten and handwritten address data
  • reads different forms of writing reliably
  • accurate, efficient optical character recognition (OCR), even behind crumpled foil
  • top reading results, even with poor-quality characters and low contrast
  • reads all sides of the item, regardless of how it is positioned
  • the data read is archived and images are analyzed (images are stored for tracking and documentation)

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Product category: Optical inspection systems

Video Coding

Optimized Throughput Rates and Process Accuracy with VITRONIC's Video Coding
Non-machine-readable or not fully identified addresses are sent via a fast network to video coding workstations. An image, or part of an image that contains the label, is sent to a free workstation. There, trained staff can rotate or zoom in on the image, and enter the data either on- or offline.

Online video coding means that the data is added to immediately and the item is prepared for sorting. With offline video coding, data that is required for delivery rather than for sorting is added at a later stage.

Handwritten address details cannot always be read 100% automatically. VITRONIC therefore provides not only the latest auto-ID systems but also on- and offline video coding.

The Benefits to you:

  • high throughput
  • ergonomic operation
  • pop-up menus
  • training mode
  • detailed statistics
  • also possible when the identification location and the video coding terminal are far apart
  • process 600 to 1,000 addresses per hour
  • several systems can be bundled centrally to one (remote) video coding station

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About us

Company details

VITRONIC is a medium-sized, owner-managed group of companies comprising VITRONIC GmbH with its headquarters in Wiesbaden and several international subsidiaries. Since its establishment in 1984, the group has grown on the strength of its own resources. Today, we are represented on four continents and are a world leader in industrial machine vision. In 2015, the VITRONIC Group generated total revenue of more than 110 million euros.

We are a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers. Our ownership structure ensures continuity of management and frees us from the need to create shareholder value. This, in turn, ensures our ability to pursue our long-term goals.

Around the globe, 700 employees strive to ensure that VITRONIC meets the individual needs of our customers. Our employees are our most important value driver. Nearly 50 percent of them are highly qualified specialists with a university degree.

VITRONIC products are state-of-the-art and are guaranteed to offer our customers maximum benefits. To this end, VITRONIC invests over 10 percent of total revenue each year in research and development. We develop, manufacture and sell all of our systems ourselves.

Our products rightly carry the "Made in Germany" seal of quality, and we are proud of our outstanding quality standards. Our Research, Development, Design and Production departments are based at company HQ in Wiesbaden, together with our administrative offices. In addition to our central Service and Sales teams in Wiesbaden, our international subsidiaries also offer an excellent level of local service and sales.

In our core sectors of industrial automation, logistics automation and traffic technology, we offer our customers a vast store of experience acquired over the last 30 years. From standard products with customer-specific upgradeable modules to individually customized solutions, our approach is to work together to define objectives and conduct analyses before developing solution concepts. For the professional management of projects of all sizes – from single contracts to projects with values of tens of millions of euros - experienced project managers, trained in the PRINCE2 methodology, are available at VITRONIC.
Industrial and Logistics Automation

VITRONIC machine vision systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications to carry out precise or complex inspection tasks. Our automated solutions ensure the highest quality standards of welded and brazed seams and are used, for example, in the automotive and aerospace industries. We also offer flexible surface quality inspection for metal workpieces and endless material.
We support the pharmaceutical industry with seamless print, surface and geometry inspection systems, quality inspection and track-and-trace inspection solutions – which can also be validated thanks to our GAMP certification. For manufacturers of solar cells and modules, we are one of the largest independent partners for optical inspection systems, with over 1,000 installations worldwide.

Our customers in the area of material flow, parcel logistics and mail order seek to optimize their logistics processes. VIPAC systems from VITRONIC can be integrated at any point along the process chain for the automatic capture of product data, package data and customer-specific data. VIPAC reads addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, customer-specific codes and plain text (OCR) with maximum read rates, and measures and weighs packages online. This information is sent directly to the connected ERP system or CRM solution.

VIPAC systems are used by global logistics companies in the courier, express and parcel sector and in mail order, warehousing and distribution, and the manufacturing industry.

Traffic Technology
VITRONIC's core competency in the traffic technology sector is the monitoring of vehicles in moving traffic. With our POLISCAN family of products, we offer national agencies and private service providers systems for speed enforcement, red light enforcement and number plate recognition. Toll system operators use our TOLLCHECKER system to automate toll collection and toll enforcement. All VITRONIC traffic enforcement systems are based on laser scanner measurement technology (LIDAR, Light Detection and Ranging). This innovation enables high-precision measurements over several lanes of traffic and eliminates the need to integrate equipment into the road surface. Thanks to the benefits offered by LIDAR technology, more than 5,000 VITRONIC laser scanners are currently used in traffic enforcement across the globe.

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Company data

Target groups
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)