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Product category: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)

Transportable Oxygen Concentrators

What is a transportable oxygen concentrator?
A transportable oxygen concentrator is a device that provides both pulse and continuous flow. It is capable of serving as both a stationary and portable concentrator. A transportable oxygen concentrator comes with a cart or wheels to allow it to be easily moved about like a piece of rolling luggage. They are larger than a portable oxygen concentrator because they also provide continuous oxygen flow settings.

CAIRE offers the robust SeQual Eclipse 5, and the technologically-advanced SeQual eQuinox as transportable options.

The CAIRE Portfolio
CAIRE offers the premier options for transportable oxygen concentrators. The SeQual Eclipse 5 and the SeQual eQuinox both offer pulse flow settings up to a 192 mL bolus size (Setting 9) and continuous flow up to 3 LPM. More oxygen production, combined with unique clinical features including CAIRE’s autoSAT® technology that automatically adjusts the performance of the unit to keep up with patient’s changing breath rates, allows our transportable oxygen concentrators to increase mobility in the widest variety of patients in all disease states.

Patients benefit from the 24/7 capabilities of both pulse and continuous flow options to gain the ultimate freedom with CAIRE transportable oxygen concentrators. Providers and clinicians benefit from CAIRE’s transportable oxygen concentrator products advanced clinical features that ensure patients who require advanced pulse flow settings and high continuous flow settings can stay oxygenated. Transportable oxygen concentrators are ideal for travel programs, hospital discharge, and as portable units for high flow patients.

For home care providers in the US these transportable oxygen concentrators are billable with Medicare codes E1390 and E1392.

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Product category: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)

CAIRE Liquid Oxygen Systems

What is a Liquid Oxygen System?
All liquid oxygen systems consist of two essential components – the reservoir and the portable. A liquid oxygen system provides the oxygen user with high concentration oxygen and does not require any electricity.

A liquid oxygen reservoir is a larger tank, usually weighing over 55 kg (120 lbs.) and standing over 0.75 m (30 in) in height. The reservoir typically sits stationary in an oxygen user’s home environment and contains actual liquid oxygen. The primary function of the reservoir is to fill the liquid oxygen portable units for an oxygen user to utilize while being active or away from home. Also, the oxygen user can breathe continuous flow directly from the reservoir, or as an emergency source of oxygen is needed in the event of a power outage when the user also utilizes an oxygen concentrator. Because the reservoir holds oxygen, its contents will deplete as it is used. Your oxygen provider will either refill or exchange your reservoir every few weeks to ensure you always have a sufficient source of oxygen.

The liquid oxygen portable unit is to be used for portability and time away from home. They are easily carried by a handle, shoulder strap, bag, or backpack. The oxygen user fills their own portable unit from the reservoir. The filling process is simple and quick. Liquid oxygen portables provided extended durations in much smaller packages compared to traditional oxygen cylinders. They give oxygen users ultimate freedom with lengthy durations away from home.

The CAIRE Portfolio
CAIRE continues to maintain its position as a global leader in liquid oxygen products. Liquid oxygen is lightweight, has lengthy durations, is not dependent on electricity, and can treat all disease states. Liquid oxygen is also incredibly durable and dependable in use. These features make it a great option for many users.

CAIRE’s vast selection of liquid oxygen reservoirs (bases) ranges in size from 20 liters for easy delivery and portability, to 60 liters to maximize time between refills. We also have multiple fill connection options to meet the needs of the oxygen provider’s inventory and the user’s needs.

CAIRE’s extensive inventory of liquid oxygen portables includes both lightweight pulse flow devices for maximum ambulation, and continuous flow portables up to 15 LPM to treat more severe disease states.

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Product category: MAP (modified atmosphere packaging)


Serving a variety of markets and usage requirements, Carbo-Series Bulk CO2 systems meet the unique demands of every customer. Carbo-Series systems eliminate run-outs, allowing your accounts to focus on customer sales rather than operations. All models are constructed of high-grade stainless steel for food-grade compatibility and long service life and backed by our industry-leading 7-year vacuum warranty.

The Carbo-Mite® 220 Bulk CO2 System is a new generation bulk liquid CO2 storage container designed for the small 20/50 lb. high-pressure cylinder user. The revolutionary design and construction of the Carbo-Mite tank provides all the benefits of bulk storage with no gas losses between refills up to six months apart.

Carbo-Mizer® Bulk CO2 System tanks are available in sizes ranging from 300 to 750 and offer an affordable alternative to high-pressure cylinders. Each Carbo-Series tank is equipped with a proprietary vacuum maintenance system to ensure optimized long-term performance. Unique to the market, this feature offers greater efficiency over longer periods of time.

The Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 System is available as either a 750 or 1000 High Flow System to meet the demands of high volume customers. A first in the beverage market, this system offers the capacity and flow rates necessary for high volume users such as: stadiums, brew pubs, cineplexes and microbreweries.

Serving a variety of European markets and usage requirements, the Carbo-Matic® Bulk CO2 System meets the unique demands of every customer. Built to PED code, the Carbo-Matic vessels provide efficient gas withdrawal supplying CO2 gas up to 7,0 kg per hour.

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About us

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Our focus is cryogenics. Chart is a recognized global brand for the design and manufacture of highly engineered cryogenic equipment used from the beginning to the end in the liquid gas supply chain.

Our products are critical components in the separation of oxygen, nitrogen and noble gases from air and in the processing and liquefaction of natural gas. Our distribution and storage products and engineered systems are fundamental to the delivery and end-use of liquid gases across a multitude of applications in industry and for energy.

In the life sciences sector Chart’s MVE brand is the benchmark for biological storage systems, used for the cryogenic preservation of human and animal tissues. Chiefly through the CAIRE brand, Chart is the leading provider of respiratory products for the home healthcare market.

Chart has domestic operations located in eight US states and international engineering and manufacturing in Australia, China, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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