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Programme "Renewable raw materials"

The funding programme "Renewable raw materials" provides the framework for the promotion of research, development and demonstration projects for renewable raw materials by the Federal Ministry of food and Agriculture (BMEL). It is based on the objectives and guiding principles of the national sustainability strategy and the bio-economy policy, as well as other strategies and programs such as the program of energy research, the forest strategy 2020 and the German resource efficiency program of the research strategy bioeconomy 2030.

The funding programme "Renewable raw materials" is to support the development of sustainable bio-economy and open up new opportunities and perspectives for the industrial location Germany and the development of rural areas. It supports the development of innovative, internationally competitive bio-based products and processes on the one and technologies for their production and on the other hand, the development of concepts, which are focused on improving the sustainability of the bio-based economy, and social expectations into account.

The demand for sustainably produced biomass will grow further. The programme takes that into account and promotes research, development and demonstration projects primarily in the following areas:

  • Sustainable production and renewable resources
  • Raw materials and residual stock preparation and processing
  • Biobased products and bioenergy
  • Overarching topics
  • Social dialogue.
Additional funds for research and development in the field of bioenergy are out of the "Energy and climate fund" Fund (EKF) available. The FNR on behalf of the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture oversees EKF projects on the subject of bio-energy. You implement the promotion on the basis of the funding programme "Renewable raw materials" and for this current application process .

Current funding priorities and notices put under the support programme and promote project proposals to concrete issues a.


Objectives in the funding programme "Renewable raw materials" 

Following objectives will be achieved with the programme relating to renewable raw materials and bio-based products directly or indirectly:

  • the sustainable production and deployment,
  • efficient and environmentally friendly resource use, including the avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions and their commitment, as well as the preservation of natural resources (biodiversity),
  • the sustainable production of industrial and consumer products, as well as of energy and energy carriers,
  • the recycling and the use of the cascade,
  • the development of new technologies and integrated utilization concepts along the entire value chain, for example in the context of bio-refinery concepts,
  • the improvement of the competitiveness of the domestic economy, especially in the rural areas through new or improved processes and products,
  • the development of implementable sustainability concepts as well as possible sector of overarching sustainability standards in the international context,
  • the better perception of global responsibility for environmental and socially responsible design of the bio-based economy,
  • the strengthening of international cooperation,
  • the expansion of international research, technology and raw material cooperation,
  • the improvement of the society-wide dialogue on the potential of a sustainable bio-economy and
  • the creation and safeguarding of jobs, especially in rural areas.
Only projects that strive for these goals and in line with the philosophy of the bio-economy of the BMEL policy strategy can be funded. The Federal Government must have a substantial interest in the promotion and the necessary budgetary resources must be available.

The BMEL publishes different funding priorities for the implementation of the programme of support. In addition, but also own-initiative proposals are approved. With individual notices the BMEL sets among its priority areas published within the framework of the programme "Renewable raw materials".

The BMEL with typically temporary notices refers to specific research needs in strictly defined subject areas.

Explanatory notes to the application procedure and the ' Guide for submitting sketches and applications ' serve as a support in the application of relevant research projects.

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The Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V. (FNR) is promoter of the Federal Ministry of food and Agriculture (BMEL). It was established in 1993 on the initiative of the Federal Government with the proviso in the life in to coordinate research, development and demonstration projects in the field of renewable raw materials.

The purpose of the FNR is to make an effective and continuous contribution to the development and use of renewable raw materials in particular taking into account biomass conversions, use competitions, direct and indirect effects of surfaces as well as partial and overarching sustainability concepts.

The funding programme "Renewable raw materials" of the BMEL is above the rules.The funding for the implementation of the programme are available from the federal budget available. In addition, the FNR has funds from the energy and climate fund for research and development in the field of bio-energy.

Main task of the FNR is the professional and administrative supervision of research projects for the use of renewable raw materials. Current knowledge on the subject is collected and is available through publications available to interested scientists, individuals, politicians, economic and media representatives. Also about trade fairs and exhibitions, it draws attention to the FNR on the potential of renewable raw materials. The coordination of EU projects completes their activities at European level.

The FNR project carrier activity is certified according to ISO 9001.

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