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Our products

Product category: Secondary packaging

CP 201 Gravity Casepacker

The CP 201 gravity case packer has been specifically developed for horizontally packing deep-frozen products in boxes at high speed, in combination with a highly compact footprint. Typical products include frozen French fries, vegetables, meat and fish. Our CP201 case packer is capable of greater kg/m3 packing performance than any other machine.

Functional description:
The CP 201 gravity case packer packs flexible bags horizontally in boxes or crates. This is done in accordance with pre-programmed packing patterns. The bags are centred on the infeed and then turned, or left in their original orientation, in order to achieve the right packing patterns. Next, the bags pass onto an accumulator conveyor; the bags are accumulated here and allowed to partially overlap in some cases. Next, the row of bags are guided into the case packer system, which is equipped with pneumatic drop flaps and a bag feed. The bag feed system features two vertical belts, these can move laterally and reduce the volume of the bags during transfer to the drop flaps. The vertical belt system can also move from left to right in order to position the row of bags in any required position above the drop flaps. The box below is filled evenly with multiple rows and layers, the box is vibrated during loading in order to further reduce the volume of the bags in the box. Various options are available for the CP 201 case packer line; these can be selected in order to adapt the line to product requirements and customer preferences.


CPS can pack more kilograms of product/m3 performance than any other supplier

Fully quality-monitored bag handling from the form fill seal machine to the case packer unit, and highly effective special vibration volume reduction techniques

Fully menu-controlled and good accessibility for servicing

High-quality stainless steel and aluminium components

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Product category: Secondary packaging

SL 105 Sideloader

The SL 105 side loader has been specially developed for applications requiring vertical packing of a wide variety of flexible bags, in a box or crate with a number of different packing patterns.

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Functional description:
The SL 105 side loader loads pillow bags, block-base bags, doypacks, clip bags and small boxes vertically into folded boxes, crates and display boxes. The bags are laid on a feed belt and transported into a cassette. In the case of multiple rows, the feed belt pivots from side to side in order to create the laying pattern. The bags are placed in the cassette, which progressively moves downwards by one layer of bags at a time. The cassette reaches its lowest position in readiness for loading the product into the box, when the required quantity of bags (as set in the menu) is present in the cassette. After three dimensional compaction is applied, the pusher moves the contents of the cassette into the vertically placed box, which is positioned behind. The bags are accumulated on the feed belt when the boxes are exchanged. In the case of a twin version of the SL 105 side loader, the second cassette is loaded and the cycle repeated. A menu-controlled box feed system ensures supply of the empty boxes and discharges the filled boxes.


High-speed packing

Three dimensional product compaction, resulting in a highly compact final pack, that cannot be achieved by hand packing.

Good accessibility for servicing

Stainless steel and aluminium components

Many options available in order to engineer a customised solution

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Product category: Secondary packaging

CL 86 Containerloader

The CL 86 container loader loads bags fully automatically into 800 x 600 mm containers and pallet boxes.

Functional description:
The bags are supplied by a feed conveyor and can be turned on the feed conveyor if required (option), the bags are accumulated until a complete row has been formed. Overlapping is possible during this process in order to achieve optimum product distribution in the container. The whole row is then transported to the cassette. The cassette moves downwards into the container with the segments closed. Once in the discharge position, the segments are pulled away to the side creating an opening and depositing the bag formation. A detection system guarantees that no product damage can occur when placing the bags in the container. Multiple layers can be loaded into the container in this way, the container is vibrated during loading in order to achieve optimum filling.


Product-friendly packing method with zero product drop height. The product is deposited layer by layer on top of the previous layer

Good accessibility for servicing

Stainless steel and aluminium components

Many options available in order to engineer a customised solution

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About us

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Who we are and what we do
Since its foundation in 1988, CPS has focused on fully automatic case packing systems with a special emphasis on flexible products and trays. CPS is uniquely proficient in packing products of this type at high speeds and efficiently, and there are other benefits as well. CPS machines pack products more compactly than is possible by hand and therefore achieve substantial cost savings. Packing in shelf-ready boxes has also become an important aspect. CPS uses this expertise and experience to produce high-quality case packers.

Flexible bags, MAP trays or flowpacks in all shapes and sizes are packed fully automatically horizontal and vertical at high speed in RSC boxes, cardboard trays, crates, pallet boxes and wheeled containers. In order to supply customer-specific case packing lines, CPS integrates X-ray scanners, metal detectors, checkweighers, coding systems and case erectors in their case packing systems. The total case packing line is normally supplied with the complete product and box supply systems, and may also include merging and buffering systems, to the final discharge of the sealed box, which is completely designed and constructed by CPS in house.

If required, collaborations can be set up with partners in order to deliver complete turn-key projects including packaging machines and palletising systems.

CPS currently produces a complete range of professional case packers.

Making The Impossible Packable !

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