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  •  Stretch-film wrapping machines

Stretch-film wrapping machines

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Machines for the production of Flexible packagings

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Packaging consulting

  • 07  Services
  • 07.01  Business support
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Packaging design

Our products

Product category: Stretch-film wrapping machines


Stretch film is in many cases transparent, but how transparent is the influence of the film on the secondary packaging?

Do you experience the following difficulties?

  • Cans, cardboard cases get crushed by the tertiary packaging?
  • Measuring the holding force of a stretch film is not precise or too difficult?
  • Each stretch wrapper gives a different result?
The FEF-200 is a portable device which is installed on a pallet before wrapping. During and after the wrapping process, the forces generated on the edge of the pallet load are monitored.

A FEF-200 measuring set contains a central unit and up to 10 measuring cells. One individual cell measures the forces at 2 different heights, in the X – and  Y-direction. One full FEF-200 set measures the forces generated by the film on the edge of a pallet load in 40 different locations.

The user friendly software generates a force profile in function of the height of the pallet. Measurements are saved and processed with the FEF-200 software.

Benefits of the system:

  • Compare force profiles to set different stretch wrappers to the same level.
  • Compare different stretch films and settings.
  • Use the accurate measurements as input for new packaging designs
  • Quality monitoring with the FEF-200 will prevent crushed cases and cans.

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Product category: Stretch-film wrapping machines


Have you ever tried to build a house with flexible bricks? Why then build a pallet load  with poor shrink bundles?

In the beverage industry, the stability of your pallet loads strongly depends on the shear stiffness of the secondary packaging. This stiffness is effected by the shrink film quality, temperature, humidity, shrink tunnel settings, bottle design…

The SPT-300 is a clever tool, used to quantify this stiffness in your production lines and avoid unstable pallet loads and damaged products.

Use this clever tool to:

  • Monitor the quality of shrink bundles
  • Optimize process settings
  • Compare shrink films
  • Compare bottle designs
  • Increase the shop appearance of shrink bundles
Ask for our references in beverage, food, cosmetics and household.

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Product category: Stretch-film wrapping machines


High performance film deserves high performance testing. ESTL’s Film Performance Tester delivers realistic stretch film testing.

ESTL’s Film Performance Tester has been developed to test stretch films in representative conditions. Stretch film tests can be done at different constant speeds. Variating speeds as found on industrial wrappers can be simulated as well. The simulation of variating speeds is a unique feature which is only offered by ESTL’s Film Performance Tester!

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About us

Company details

In 2007, Belgium implemented a new law on safe road transport of products. KAHO (Belgian engineering school), Febetra (Belgian federation of carriers and logistic service providers), OTM (Belgian federation of shippers) and the Belgian federal police started a research project in order to apply the law as efficiently as possible. The research focused on the aspect of transport packing and the most appropriate vehicles. The results were quickly adopted by main companies such as ExxonMobil, Dow, Procter and Gamble, Wienenberger, Quick Step, Borealis, etc.

The new legislation on safe transport includes a large responsibility for product packing companies. The products must be wrapped in a transport packing material that is sufficiently firm. Various methods to test the solidness of transport packing materials, were developed. These tests simulate the impact on products during a transport in a real vehicle. The acceleration test appeared to be one of the most relevant. The test details were refined and all parties concerned (packing companies, carriers and police) agreed to start performing acceleration tests to assess the shape stability of loading units. The research project ended in September 2009.  Jelle Dendauw and Kristof Baeyens established ESTL NV as a spin-off of KAHO in order to offer the acceleration test to the shipping industry.

The main ESTL activity consists of assessment and optimization of shape stability of loading units. If you pass an acceleration test is successfully, you receive an official certificate of transport packing efficiency. In case of failure, ESTL is able to optimize the transport packing. Therefore, every test is recorded with a high speed camera. Image analysis enables identification of the failure cause. Consequently, we can suggest to you efficient improvements to the transport packing, which can be tested immediately. In most cases primary and secondary product packing must not be modified in order to comply with the new transport legislation. Besides, optimization often results in transport packing price reduction.

A second ESTL activity is intended for vehicle manufacturers and builders: design, assessment, optimization and certification of vehicle parts such as construction, ground mooring points, loading ramps, posts, antiskid materials, etc. In Belgium almost all vehicle builders have the official certificates issued by ESTL. Also materials for load securing such as fastening rails, hoods, vehicle tarpaulins, etc. can be tested and certified.

Because of the changing legislation on the European multiphase type approval of vehicles, the sector commonly requested extension of the cooperation in this field. Several systems, components and units had to be tested to see their compliance with the European harmonized legislation. For the performance of the certification tests, ESTL acquired an authorization according to the ISO 17025 principles. This authorization confirms our excellent standards whereby we give extra attention to calibration and validation of measuring tools, appropriate testing methods and competences. Tests are done by ESTL itself, using own equipment and expertise.

Through the large experience with testing of vehicles, securing material and loading units, ESTL is able to handle safe packing, shipping and securing issues from a global perspective, which results in the most economic solution. If necessary, our engineers draft and test a specific custom-made solution. This can be confirmed by customers such as Coca Cola,  Procter & Gamble, Wella, BP, Total, ExxonMobil,  Schweppes, Alpro Soya, FrieslandCampina, Wienerberger, Cargill, Nestlé, Knauf, Gyproc, etc.

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  • Food
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages