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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Machines and equipment for the processing of other food products (e.g. coffee processing, production of ice cream, etc.)
  • 05.01  Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Dry Pasta Lines

Penne, macaroni, spaghetti, paccheri, long tubular fusilli, conchiglioni, ziti and many other shapes are currently produced using our pasta lines. In our pasta equipment, we use the culture of the tradition as a basis and apply it utilizing advanced technologies and the best pasta equipment in order to maintain the original philosophy of slow processing and long drying times, while combining these with the most high-tech equipment in the world and modern, reliable control systems. Our pasta line can be completely automatic up to trolley filling, for both short- and long-cut pasta, while leaving to traditional drying in the static chamber the task of completing shaping. But even here, in our pasta line, nothing is left to chance and a personal computer can control all drying phases in order to obtain consistent quality. This translates, in the pasta processing, into lower manpower requirements and a product made to traditional standards, for the best high tech pasta equipment in the pasta manufacturing.

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Fresh Pasta Lines

The production of fresh pasta is a process that many consider well-consolidated and fully-developed.
Storci Spa begs to differ and, what’s more, it is ready to accept the new challenges presented by the market: and fresh pasta is one of them. A market that is in constant growth with special demands that require great skill and professionalism from the plant engineering perspective. Pasta manufacturers not only expect technology that can guarantee the excellent quality of the product but also, and even more important, its safety for the consumer.
Storci proposes pasta lines and equipments, composed not just of equipment manufactured to the highest quality standards, but also technologies designed and developed on the basis of organoleptic quality and product safety and hygiene. We product only the best high pasta equipment for the best high pasta processing.

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Couscous Lines

Couscous is a natural product connected with an ancient tradition. Its preparation and cooking require care and skill, following specific rules which make it a healthy and enjoyable food.
For this reason we have dedicated all our experience to the creation of a couscous line and equipment capable of obtaining the very best at each stage of the pasta processing. The various machines making up the couscous line are built with the most valuable and resilient materials available on the market today.
We have transferred all our technical know how to this sector. The technology adopted strictly and scientifically respects the rules imposed by this food product. Only the best equipment for the best pasta manufacturing.

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About us

Company details

The long history of technology for pasta

In the Collecchio countryside there is a company that all food lovers should thank, given that its machines are responsible for making the much of the pasta eaten all over the world each day. Storci was founded in 1991, yet it can boast over 50 years of history under its belt. Anzio Storci began at Barilla at a tender age as the workshop apprentice boy, in 1949.

He later became a designer and finally technical manger of what, from 1970 right up to the present day, has stood as the largest pasta manufacturer in the world, with production lines of 4,000 to 6,000 kg per hour. In the seventies, together with five other work colleagues, he founded ParmaSei, operating in the dairy sector.

Then, having completed their studies, his sons Michele and Simone decided to follow in their father’s footsteps by founding Storci. Its core business immediately centred on the construction of pasta-making machines.

A few years later came the merger with a large company in the same sector, Fava, based in Cento. Success quickly followed, which today sees the group as the world’s leading force in the sector, with a market share of approximately 40%.

On behalf of Fava, Storci produces press machines for the largest industrial production lines in the world, in the manufacture of dry pasta. Under its own brand, it makes machines for all other types of production: fresh pasta, pre-prepared food, instant pasta, gluten-free pasta and special pasta. It can boast approximately 110 employees and an annual turnover of 22 million, which is slowly but surely growing. “We are moving against market trends”, says Anzio Storci, “also because pasta is a low cost product, and it performs well, even in troubled times. While our chief sector is that of presses for large machines, we are also specialising in other sectors, because we believe diversification to be highly important.  

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