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sema Systemtechnik GmbH

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.01  Preparing and feeding
  • 01.01.01  Erecting machines for cardboard articles

Erecting machines for cardboard articles

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.01  Preparing and feeding
  • 01.01.10  Product sorting and/or feeding machines

Product sorting and/or feeding machines

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.03  Cartoners
  •  Top load cartoners

Top load cartoners

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.01  Filling machines for group and transport packaging

Filling machines for group and transport packaging

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.03  Picking systems

Picking systems

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.06  Additional machines and devices in the packaging process
  • 01.06.13  Robotic systems
  •  Pick & Place robots

Pick & Place robots

Our products

Product category: Product sorting and/or feeding machines

Tray Former

Folding and bonding trays and crates

For the production of open trays and crates, we offer the sema tray former in two high-quality series, beginning with the single-format basic machine up to the multi-format high-speed machine with an output of up to 80 trays per minute.

An open construction with overhead drives make the sema tray and carton former easy to operate at all times. The sema drive design stands out for its trouble-free operation and effi ciency. We have therefore also reduced the servo-drives to the minimum necessary, without increasing the number of pneumatic drives. This saves energy, protects materials and reduces your expenses.

For efficient work.

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Product category: Pick & Place robots

Pick & Place Packer

Flexible access

Always fitting. Robotic top-loading is suitable for all products and containers. Our highlight: The sema design with multi-format gripping elements makes it possible to pack various cup diameters without any tool changes. This saves you time and money.

sema pick & place packers are offered optionally as a stand-alone system with product feeding via
transport conveyors, or directly connected with cups or thermoformed cup filling machines. Both versions stand out for their open and easily accessible constructions. The modular construction with the maintenance-free sema 2-axis handling module ensures the greatest possible flexibility of output and packing material. Depending on the product, either mechanical individual or series gripping segments or vacuum gripping systems are used.

For flexible access.

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Product category: Erecting machines for cardboard articles

Carton Sleever

Stable packing

Producing multi-packs as fast as possible:

sema carton sleevers are multi-functional, compact systems for re-packaging primary packaged products in cardboard sleeves (clusters), trays or crates. Its fi nely tuned modular design
guarantees an output of up to 50,000 cups per hour.

sema carton sleevers have been systematically designed for wet operation. Their open constructions, lack of hollow sections in sensitive areas and the use of laser sheet metal structural parts result in user-friendly, long-lasting systems. Take advantage of the design of the clusters, which is optimised to meet marketing requirements. And leave it up to the extremely durable carton sleevers.

For stable packing.

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About us

Company details

Machines and plants from a pro
In business for almost 35 years, sema systemtechnik is a leading international manufacturer of machines and systems for the semi-finished goods industry and packaging technology. sema produces and distributes technologies for the straightening, inspection and assembly of metal components and tubes as well as the packaging, transportation, palletising, erecting and re-packing of primary packaged products, especially for the dairy industry. 

sema systemtechnik is an owner-managed SME engaged for its customers around the globe from the company headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia. A lean, flexible organisation with in-house design and production departments, sema delivers economical, innovative solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

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  • Food
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