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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.01  Packaging materials
  • 02.01.03  Packaging materials / Plastic (pellets, films)
  •  Packaging materials / Polypropylene (PP)
  •  Packaging materials / Bi-oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)

Packaging materials / Bi-oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)

Our products

Product category: Packaging materials / Bi-oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)


The output product of the company is huge (jambo) rolls of adhesive tape, and it is a raw material for the companies specialized in cutting huge reels into smaller rolls of duct tape and further sale.

The main two products manufactured by Promtape company are - masking paper base tape and packaging adhesive polypropylene base tape.

We are able to manufacture these to items in commercial  scale. 

Paper based tape is made from micro creped paper with polymer impregnation and specific adhesive material layer.

This tape can be used in painting and plaster works, as a makeshift leakproof material, in different constructive activities, for domestic  and  industrial purposes.

It does not leave marks on the surfaces after removing.

Sticky polypropylene base packing tape consists of two layers: biaxial polymeric film (BOPP) and acrylic adhesive layer.

This tape can be used for wrapping corrugated packs, gluing various surfaces, adhesive sealing and so on.

High  initial adhesion index, as well as high peeling adhesion and strength – these  characteristics guarantee low cost and safe package of heavy goods.Jambo rolls are issued in following sizes: 1200mm to 1650mm wide, tape length 3000 m to 8000 m.

The base materials are wounded up on a thick-walled cardboard core 76 or 152 mm diameter. 

Every roll is packed in corrugated paperboard, it has markig label with serial number and characteristic list of the product.

To provide comfort load discharge the rolls are supplied plumb, on pallets.

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About us

Company details

Promtape is a young and one of the most dynamically developing company operating in pack material industry.

The main production is processed in the context of State program of import substitution for the goods from Europe and Southeast Asia. 

The top goal of the company is to attract the whole potential of Russia’s  petrochemical enterprises as well as local allied manufacturers.

Today Promtape has the whole range of the modern technology equipment and productive infrastructure to make the process of gluing acrylic adhesive dispersion emulsion on different rolled materials.

High speed automatic lines are used in the process.

The output goods are supplied to the companies specialized in cutting huge reels into smaller rolls of duct tape and further sale.

Sticky packing tape produced by using acrylic technologies is highly demanded in Russia, its market share  is close to 90%.

The manufacture itself and all the production meet all ecological demands.

Both special paper and plastic film can be used as a base material of the rolls.

When a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive is applied, the tape develop excellent features to get fixed to the different surfaces by light pressure, and becomes capable of protecting the safety of  the package or dirtiness of the surface.

It is impossible to describe all the areas for applications of this product, but it is extremely convenient and widely used both at home and in industry.

Our Factory is our Pride

“PromTape” entered the packaging market several years ago back in 2012. And from it first days the company has proven itself as one of industry leaders in Russia and CIS countries. Our company has to it credit several up-to-date coating lines and a highly professional team that shares a philosophy of a continual product improvement.

A longstanding cooperation between “PromTape” and Russia’s leading petrochemical group guarantees our customers that their tape will be manufactured exclusively from high-quality raw materials. Internal inbound and outbound quality control procedures ensure tape’s consistent performance.

Currently we specialize on manufacturing jumbo-rolls of the most common and widely used types of adhesive tapes:

  • Regular BOPP packaging tape;
  • Printable packaging tape;
  • Metallised tape;
  • Stationary tape;
  • Low-noise adhesive tape.
“PromTape” strong-points

  • Fully automatic and high-speed coating lines;
  • European quality standards;
  • Long-term partnership with raw material suppliers;
  • Precision laboratory equipment;
  • Environmental compliance.

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Confectionery products
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)