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  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.04  Machines for the production of packaging and packaging components
  • 02.04.17  Machines for the production of Padding materials and inserts

Machines for the production of Padding materials and inserts

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Product category: Machines for the production of Padding materials and inserts


SILITTER CAT LITTER has a large number of porous internal structure and owns a big absorption capacity for the water vapor, and all kinds of smell .Based on above special properties SILITTER a cat litter is manufactured through processing and refining. SILITTER cat litter is a new type and ideal pet waste cleaning agents which have better properties than the past cat litter such as clay. Silica gel being used as cat litter is a major improvement for the cat litter industry. the main ingredient of Silica cat litter is silica which is non-toxic and pollution-free, so that it can be a green product for family use. The used cat litter can be merely buried and doesn’t course trouble. SILITTER cat litter has the appearance of a white granular material and has a light weight; it is hard to be broken, can inhibit bacterial from growing and is the most popular cat litter products in the current international market.
1. Extra odor control! It can absorb and hold the urine and feces odor, thus keep the air in your room fresh & clean.
2. Strong absorption capacity & fast absorbing speed. It has millions of tiny pores in the surface, which can completely absorb the cat urine or liquid waste in feces in seconds, and leaves litter dry. It can adsorb liquid as over 80% of its own weight and still keep its appearance dry.
3. Long lasting. It is money & labor saving and lasts for long time; one 4 lbs. bag cat litter can last as long as one month without changing for one cat.
4. Non-toxic & Anti bacterial. It can keep cat litter tray dry which inhibits bacterial growth. Cat litter processed with antimicrobial is beneficial to sterilization.
5. Easy maintain & clean up. It is non-tracking, non-clumping, non-dust, with light weight, produces little waste, easy & safe for household use and can be disposed as normal waste. Due to the unique size and shape, it does not stick to cats’ paws and can keep litter from scattering or tracking out.

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Product category: Machines for the production of Padding materials and inserts

Fragrant Silica Gel

【Character】Fragrant silica gel, a patent particle product developed recently, takes silica gel as carrier and essence, pearl powder, and edible pigment as accessories. It is a new, nontoxic product to keep air fresh and fragrant, and absorb moisture or harmful gas.

It is applicable for hotel, restaurant, office, living room, toilet and kitchen that can eliminate peculiar smell, cleanse air and ameliorate environment; moreover, it can cleanse air,clear-headed people, to improve efficiency. 
It is applicable for stationery, shoes and caps, costume, headgear and package that can enhance grade and flavor of products through cleansing humidity, eliminating peculiar smell and emitting fragrant flavor.
It can eliminate peculiar smell of tobacco and cleanse air if putting it in ashtray.
It is applicable for vehicles and kinds of auto that can eliminate air in vehicles; therefore, it can enforce attention and reaction of drivers through making a fresh and relaxed environment for drivers.
【Size】1-3mm、2-4mm、3-5mm、4-8mm:Lemon Aroma、Apple Aroma、Orange Aroma
【Package】20kg,25kg PP woven bag or compound bag
【Note】The moisture content, packing and size can be adjusted according to customer’s different requirements.

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Product category: Machines for the production of Padding materials and inserts

Silica Sol,Solloidal Silica

Silica SOl is a kind of colloid which iS formed by nm—grade particles SiO,dispersed in water.With bigger specific
surface of Si02 colloid particles,silica sol is widely used in precision casting,papermaking,textile and paint industry
as inorganic adhesive.and is also used as catalyst and skidproof avent.
Traditional alkali/acid silica SOl have been used in precision casting.papermaking and paint industry for many
years.Silica S01 with special specifications iS needed recently with the improvement of world technology.In order
to meet this market,Oingdao Hai Yang Chemicals CO.,Ltd has developed a series of new silica SOl products.

1.JX IS a kind of silica SOl of small sized particle diameter.Apart from characteristics of ordinary alkall silica
sol,JX has small sized particle diameter,big specific surface,SO it has the advantages of good smooth finish and
high precision in size,compared with ordinary alkali silica sol.It also has the special usage in storage battery
2.JA is a kind of silica sol with ammonium as its stable agent.For ordinary silica sol,the exist of Na+is a
disadvantage when at high temperature or with the exist of catalyst or when is used directly as catalyst.Thus JX
has its advantage without Na+,compared with ordinary silica s01.
3.ZA is a kind of neutral silica sol.Compared with ordinary alkali silica sol,ZA has no need to adjust PH
value to maintain its stability.So ZA is practical in coating,especially under high temperature in ceramics and
4.JK is a kind of silica sol of high drying speed.Compared with ordinary silica sol when used in precision
casting,JK has the advantage of shorter dry time,1/2—1/3 of the ordinary time.Furthermore,it has improved its
high temperature—resistant performance.

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About us

Company details

SINCHEM is a modern high-tech company which integrate with design,R&D,production and sales of silica gel products,it was built in 1993 and has three subsidiaries:Shandong Sinchem Silica Co.,Ltd,Tengzhou Hongtai Chemical Co.,Ltd and Tengzhou Xinxu Chemical Material Co.,Ltd.

SINCHEM manufacture more than 80000 tons of silica gel per year, and sodium silicate produces around 200000 tons annually.It has its own quartz and sodium silicate production base,located in the national coal production bases to ensure the lowest cost of material.It locate in the middle of Tianjin Port,Qingdao Port,Shanghai Port,Its transportation is very convenience.Products is used in cat litter,paint,adsorption separation purification,silicon rubber and tire filler,desiccant,indicators,pharmaceutical personal care(cosmetics,toothpaste,pharmaceutical silica) and catalyst.

More and more industry leading manufacturer adopts SINCHEM to meet their performance requirements when they select dry and adsorption solution.

SINCHEM has obtained ISO9001:2000 certification,REACH registration,SGS,BRC certificate,ROHS,MSDS certification.we cooperate with customer closely to meet customer’s last changing needs. From China,Serve Global.

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