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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.02  Packagings
  • 02.02.10  Paper Packagings
  •  Labels made of paper

Labels made of paper

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging
  • 02.03.11  Labels
  •  Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels

Our products

Product category: Self-adhesive labels

ECL® solutions

Users of self-adhesive labels may encounter the following problems:

  • The label has to include a lot of information, but there is not enough surface area on my product to attach the label to, which means the text can only be read by a magnifying glass.
  • The label has to include information in various languages, but there is not enough space for that. Costs are significantly higher if separate labels are printed for each language.
  • No space is left for spectacular graphics next to the mandatory information.
  • How to draw attention to the product by using an unconventional label?
Codex Zrt.’s answer is ECL® (Extended CODEX Label): constantly being developed by our Company and protected by Utility Model Protection in Hungary, it is an innovative, multipage label construction with a self-adhesive base label, which is available in several forms, depending on the requirements of the application and industry.

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About us

Company details

Our Company today...

As in recent years, we have continued to constantly adjust to the needs of the domestic and international markets. We lead the way in applying technological novelties in the printing industry and we are developing our production facilities with full energy.
Several decades of professional experience, an outstanding technical background, continuous innovation on our part, and last but not least, our committed team guarantee that we align the ever changing market needs with the rapidly developing printing technologies in order to provide services to our customers in a cost effective and flexible manner, keeping short deadlines, and still ensuring impeccable quality.


Widening our possibilities in terms of technology... Procurement of a Xeikon equipment
allowed us to enter the market of high performance digital label printing. We installed our finishing machine ensuring 100% camera control and our ECL® product was an award winner at the FINAT competition.
Our new innovations on the ECL® products market in 2016... With the installation of yet another production line we managed to increase our ECL® production capacity again, while widening our technological potential. Our ECL® product was again an award winner at the FINAT competition, and we won an award at HUNGAROPACK’s competition as well.


A further increase of our production capacity...
We continued to increase our ECL® production and converting capacity.


Manufacturing of food industry labels…
As a result of our constant technological development and innovation, our ECL® labels appeared in the food industry as well. Since then we have been fully present on this market as a supplier for important international companies.


Entry to the market of secondary packaging materials for pharmaceutical products…
In order to increase production safety and capacity for our different ECL® label structures, we installed another state-of-the-art ECL® production line.
In the same year, our Company took over the printing production activities of Sásdi Nyomda Kft. By doing so, we entered the market of secondary packaging materials for pharmaceutical products.


Development and further expansion…
The development of our technology and the continuous expansion of our activities made it necessary to modernize our printing facility in Budakeszi, to expand its territory significantly, and to install a full air-conditioning system within the production area.


Being special and unique…
We won a gold medal at the Pro Typographia 2010 competition in the category of Special Publications with our Budapest 2010 calendar printed with special effect varnishing technology.


Another recognition, and a confirmation of our innovative ambitions at the same time…
The execution of a special ECL® label won us the Special Prize for Innovation at the Pro Typographia 2009 competition.


One of our Company’s products won a bronze medal at the Pro Typographia 2008 competition.


Special printing solutions, ‘smart’ labels…
Having recognized the market needs, we implemented a significant capital project to launch the production of self-adhesive ECL® labels (i.e. extendable content labels) for the first time in Hungary. Combined with our previous developments, this paved the way for us to innovate further. We started to develop unique technical solutions and label structures based on the needs of our customers.


Capturing new market segments…
In response to the requirements of the Hungarian Post Office, we developed the new return receipt forms with a self-adhesive structure, which comply with the international standards. We still supply these products in sheets and leporello formats. With our further developments, we entered the market of direct mail products.


Another strategic move, and a significant step forward at the same time…
As a greenfield investment project in Budakeszi, we put our headquarters into operation. This site became home to the ideal production facility. Regarding its design, our most important consideration was to create a safe environment and an optimum infrastructure. According to our principles, this, coupled with our tested team of staff members, is the key to success.


A continuous extension of our product range…
Our Company moved to a new, larger building in Budapest. This was necessary due to the constant extension of our printing business. We focused our attention on developing new products and finding solutions that require special knowledge and technology to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. These were no longer always associated with the production of the usual forgery proof products.


As a form of divestiture and in order to increase efficiency and safekeeping, our printing house transferred administration and recording of securities to CODEX Értéktár és Értékpapír Rt. as of 1 January 1996. A few years later, the new company specializing in this business increased the total volume of deposits it administers and holds in safekeeping to above HUF 700 billion.


Value and safety…
In compliance with the requirements of the legal regulations, CODEX Rt. was the first Company in Hungary to receive a licence to produce other securities.


As a result of a buyout process, CODEX Rt. shares were passed from the founding institutional investors to the ownership of the management, which meant that management’s commitment kept on increasing.


Satisfying new market needs…
In order to satisfy new market needs, and now having a licence from the Banking Supervision, we started the safekeeping and administration of securities.


When everything changed…
Having recognized the market possibilities, we added the manufacture of securities to our printing business, which had started its activities in 1989. This strategic decision was a milestone in the history of our Company. A few years later we completed the investment projects relating to the machinery and equipment necessary for our printing business. We started to manufacture, in three shifts, forgery proof share certificates, various bank bonds, certificates of deposit and other certificates, cooperative shares, asset notes and almost every kind of security on the market. We started to develop a computer design software programme to create the forgery proof graphics for securities.


It all started in a downtown office…
The Company was established on the 30th September 1988 by Hungarian institutional investors. As originally planned by the founders, the Company started publishing books and manufacturing conventional printed products.

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)