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This company is co-exhibitor of
Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (Istanbul Kimy. Mad. ve Mam. Ihr. Bir.)

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.01  Packaging materials
  • 02.01.03  Packaging materials / Plastic (pellets, films)
  •  Packaging materials / Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Our products

Product category: Packaging materials / Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


Our products are in formulations and product combinations that are special y designed for the needs of the food industry. We have special solutions for any type of food that is going to be packaged.

1. When our Mono PVC folio is used, products like butter, jam, honey, biscuits and chocolates could be protected for the duration of their shelf lives without decay.

2. With our Laminated PVC folio, valuable products like olive, meat products, mil products, bakery products are being protected from the external environment. Depending on the request of our customers, manufacture, using combinations of different materials is possible.

  • PVC/PE
  • PVC/Peelable PE
  • PVC/PE/EVOH/Peelable PE
  • PET/PE
  • PET/Peelable PE
  • PET/PE/EVOH/Peelable PE
3. We have special products available for picnic products packages, bathtub packages, packages suitable for cold chain.

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Product category: Packaging materials / Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC / PE Peelable ( Peelable Poliethylene Laminated PVC Foil )


Our PVC/PE peelable foils are completely rigid products. They are manufactured using 100% original raw material and high quality ingredients. They are in compliance with the food directives..  Inside the product, there are no heavy metals or phthalate material. After Mono PVC production, it is laminated with peelable polyethylene material in our lamination lines and they are submitted to our clients in required sizes. 


PVC / PE laminated Foil which are generally produced suitable for food can be manufactured according to the desires of our customer within the ranges shown below. 

Product Thickness Interval: 200 mic. - 1200 mic.
PE Layer Thickness Interval: 50 mic. - 100 mic.  
Product Width: 150 mm - 1500 mm. 

Color Alternatives: 

  • Transparent PVC/PE Peelable Foil
  • White PVC/PE Peelable Foil
  • Red PVC/PE Peelable  Foil
  • Green PVC/PE Peelable Foil 
  • Purple PVC/PE Peelable Foil 
  • Brown PVC/PE Peelable Foil 
  • Gold Color PVC/PE Peelable  Foil 
  • Silver Color PVC/PE Peelable Foil 
  • Manufacturing of custom colors is possible.. 

The product is used in packaging of food products. The manufacturing is done in accordance with the Food Directives. It is manufactured in the size and shape the client demands and presented in appropriate conditions. 

PVC / PE Peelable  

Uncooked Meat Products 

  • Red Meat Product Boxes
  • White Meat Product Boxes
Advanced Processed Meat Products

  • Bologna Boxes
  • Salam Boxes 
  • Sausage Boxes 
  • Pastrami Boxes 
  • Nugget Boxes
  • Prepared Rotary Boxes
  • Schnitzel Boxes
  • Meatball and Burger Boxes

Processed Milk Products

  • Kashar Cheese 
  • Chechil Cheese
  • Curd Cheese
  • String Cheese
  • Plaited Cheese
  • Dil Cheese
  • Special Cheese Sorts
Olive Packages
Vacuumed Pulse Vegetables Packages
Vacuumed Nuts Packages
Vacuumed Dry Fruit Packages
Dessert Packages

  • Desserts prepared with milk
  • Desserts prepared with syrup

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Product category: Packaging materials / Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

MONO PVC - Medication - Blister Packaging

Our Mono PVC foils are completely rigid products. They are manufactured using 100% original raw material and high quality ingredients. They are in compliance with the pharmacy sector. Inside the product, there are no heavy metals or phthalate material.


Our Mono PVC foil products are suitable for use in the pharmacy sector and can be manufactured according to the desires of our customer within the ranges shown below.

Product Thickness Interval: 80 mic. – 1200 mic. 
Product Width: 150 mm – 1500 mm. 

Color Alternatives

  • Transparent PVC Foil
  • White PVC Foil
  • Red PVC Foil
  • Green PVC Foil
  • Blue- Dark Blue PVC Foil 
  • Brown PVC Foil 
  • Gold Color PVC Foil 
  • Silver Color PVC Foil 
  • Manufacturing of custom colors as per CMYK codes is possible. 

Production at special sizes is realized in order to be used for packaging of various medication pills as blister packaging.  

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About us

Company details

Our company was established in 1990 but the investment and growth thrust of the company took place in 1998, when it moved to its factory at Luleburgaz. This factory was built on 92,000 m2 land and 17,000m2 of this is closed area. The manufacturing line investments inside are all modern and all the products manufactured here comply with the international standards.

Plasko Plastik is managed by a group of people with 40 years of experience in the sector and have a principle of “doing the best” all along the line. Our company has adopted high quality manufacturing and working in a customer-oriented manner as a principle.  We continue our production by paying utmost attention to ensure that every production meets the same quality and the standards. Manufacturing is conducted via machinery of latest technology. Con troll systems that will move the quality level forward are also integrated in to the facility.

Plasko Plastik determines its strategies with a leader, principled, rational, innovative and solution partner attitude. Including R&D and quality, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, the Company aims to maintain relationships with both internal and external environment and pays special attention to that.

Plasko Plastik gives utmost importance to nature and human. The Company conducts its manufacturing activities with special attention to environmental management issues. A special attention is given to the research and development projects, which are also supported by TUBITAK. With the help of all these, Plasko Plastik is continuously improving the customer satisfaction, product quality and manufacturing conditions. In connection with this, the Company has put into use a 2,048 kW integrated cogeneration facility. As a result, all electrical energy needs are met by this in-house facility. Moreover, the heat energy released in the waste gas of this process is recaptured with the use genuine engineering projects and integrated it in to the manufacturing processes. The Company initiates projects where it can demonstrate its sensitivity to the environment.

Factory Information

The factory has the capacity to answer all sorts of PCV/PET foil/plate and PCV Furniture foil needs. High technology machinery at the Luleburgaz factory of Plasko Plastik includes the items below:

  • 7 Rigid PVC Calendar Lines with fully automated dosage and feeding systems
  • 1 PET Line
  • 2 Solvent Mixed Lamination Lines
  • 2 Heat Lamination Lines
  • 2 Retro-engraving Printing Lines with 5 color printing capability
  • 1 Coating Line that is in Cleanroom standards and suitable to UV lacquering
  • 9 Slicing / Sizing Lines
  • 2,048 kW Integrated Cogeneration Facility with the capability to meet the electric needs of the Factory

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Bakery products
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)