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No. 2 Yongan Road, Xuguan Ind. Park, SND Suzhou, 215151 Suzhou, Jiangsu
Telephone +86 512 65391735
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machines and equipment for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionary, gum)
  • 03.01  Complete lines for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionary, gum)
  • 03.01.07  Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Candy Bar Line

Gusu Candy Bar Automatic Forming Line is designed to meet the fast growing market demand for bar products like Snicker, Nougat, Cereal Bar, Grains Bar, Energy Bar, Fruit Bar, Protein Bar, etc. This line is perfect for both candy bars and bar products intend for diet and nutritional markets. And can also be used to produce everything from nougat or toffee layers, with or without nuts, to granola bars, etc.

Gusu Candy Bar Forming Line is available in three widths: 400, 600 and 800mm. All functions of the bar forming line are regulated by means of one or two PLC control cabinets which is very easy to operate and saves time. Option of incorporating a cooling tunnel for enhanced cooling of the product layers. High quality rollers designed to guarantee both precise forming and optimum cold transfer from the brine tank (Copeland Brand) to the product. The outstanding performance of the cooling equipment and system used for subsequent drying of product layers. Maximum efficiency and reliability and the option of varying cut dimensions, both in terms of length and width.

Modular machine that can be adapted for production of any product the market might require: Energy Bar, Cereal Bar, Granola Bar, Protein Bar, Fruit Bar, Nougat, etc.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Enrober

Gusu Machinery® TYJ Series Chocolate Enrobing Machine is a specified equipment used for enrobing chocolate on the surface of products such as candy, cake and biscuit, etc. Using this machine, you can make various unique flavors.
Gusu enrobers are available in five mesh widths (600, 800,900,1000 and 1200 mm) and designed for all common enrobing tasks with tempered as well as non-tempered chocolate.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Moulding Line

Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Molding Machine can be used to produce any type of molded chocolate products, whether solid color, filled by means of a classic three-station or one-shot process or containing nuts. Moreover, chocolate products can be manufactured with biscuits or wafers simply by installing the relevant feeding units. GUSU Chocolate Molding Line offers adjustable capacities in order to meet diverse production needs.

Manufactured in stainless steel, ample use of servo/pneumatic/ mechanical motors to ensure smoother operation, precision moulding. Multifunction molding heads working in continuous motion. Easy to operation PLC screen which is steady, secure and reliable.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Chips Depositor

Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Chip Depositor allows for the deposit of chocolate and chocolate compound drops and chips in a variety of shapes and weights, ranging from 0.1 to 5 grams. These types of products are ideal for industrial supply and subsequent melting, for decorating and for use in other products, especially cookies and ice creams.
This Chocolate Chip Depositor includes a depositor cylinder equipped with temperature control and agitator. The movements of the head are coordinated with the belt used to collect the deposited products. The line also includes a belt-lifting system for deposit enabling diverse drop shapes. The drops are forwarded into cooling tunnel immediately after deposit.
Servo-controlled or Pneumatic-Driven depositor pistons enhanced measuring precision. Optimum tank size and double-jacketed water circulation system for efficient control of deposit temperatures. Easy to remove and clean chocolate agitator and tank. SUS304 stainless steel used for operating parts and all components that come into contact with the product. User-friendly screen with specially designed PLC control all of the operating parameters.
This highly versatile machine can be easily adapted to meet new products’ needs, both in terms of design and of changes in shape or weight, simply by replacing the distributor board, a process that takes minutes to complete. It is available in a variety of belt widths, ranging from 600 to 1200mm.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Conching Machine

Gusu Food Processing Machinery Suzhou Co.,Ltd.,is the first enterprise making conche machine in China. This model is the fourth generation which updated by the transmission, automatic motor for tighten and loosen and PLC system control, with the functions of refining, grinding, deodorization and dehydration functions and advantages of easy maintenance, durability, leakage-proofing, stable performance, energy saving etc. It’s the necessary machine for producing chocolate.
Except for chocolate fine grinding, this machine is also suitable for milling jam, peanut butter and other liquid fat material.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Tank

Chocolate Storage Tanks are a crucial step in chocolate production - between the tempering and final molding phase. If you want delicately molded chocolates, the chocolate must be kept at the correct consistency and temperature. A highly advanced chocolate tank is the only way to achieve such results and exactly why you should choose GUSU Machinery® as your machine suppliers.
From 100L to 5,000L and higher in the standard range of vertical tanks. Larger capacity vertical and horizontal tanks can be built to suit your specific need. These fully Gusu Machinery® made storage tanks are used to store finished liquid masses like chocolate, at a required temperature and are continuously moved by means of the stirrer in one direction. A heavy duty stirrer guarantees a continuous agitation of the mass. Water temperature in the jacket is controlled by means of a thermostat control which is governed by the setting on the control panel.
Gusu chocolate Storage tank comes in a sleek stainless steel design. Its thick shell makes it highly durable and built to last years on your production line.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Tempering Machine

Gusu Machinery® QT Series Chocolate Tempering Machines are the perfect preliminary step for natural fat chocolate processes. Specially designed to provide the natural cocoa butter in the chocolate with the appropriate crystal structure.
The feeding pump set up in front of the chocolate tempering machine feeds the chocolate paste into the thermostat unit. Since the Chocolate Tempering Machine is divided into different zones and the temperature of each zone is controlled exhaustively, the cold is transferred quickly to chocolate, causing Beta crystals to form and the chocolate to become tempered. Same product circulation provides chocolate to molding or enrobing unit, while unused chocolate returns back to a previous storage tank.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Ball Mill

Gusu Machinery® Ball Mill Machine is the ideal machine for ensuring efficient and uniform refinement of chocolate and similar masses with relatively low fat contents. Though this ball mill machine can be used as a stand-alone refining mill (Set after mixing machine), its features are best put to use when it is combined with our Chocolate Conche Machine, whether installed separately or as part of a comprehensive, compact unicom system.
The chocolate paste is refined through the combined spinning of the two main shafts fitted with discs and the alloy beads located in the milling tank. The design and distribution of these components forces the mass (pumped upwards) to remain in the mill tank as long as needed, thereby allowing for the required reduction in fine particle size (20-25μm) while ensuring the homogenous distribution thereof.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Bean Roller Former

Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Bean Roller Former machine is specially used for cold rolling to produce different shapes of pure chocolate such as ball shape, ellipse shape, bean shape and a variety of other shapes with simple operation, hygienic and safe.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Coating Pan

Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Coating Pan is suitable for the polishing and coating of different shape of chocolate products such as circular, flat, oval and cylindrical form etc. Chocolate polished and coated are excellent in lustre, colour aluminium foil polished in the machine will have a tight, plain and clear-cut appearance.

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Product category: Complete lines for the Production of chocolate

Chocolate Melter

Gusu Machinery® Chocolate Melter is designed for continuously melting of chocolate, compound, butter and fat, whether in chip/button or block form. The chocolate melter also have a holding function, which enables you to draw from the tank while still melting the product. Chocolate Melter can be equipped with large melting grills for high melter rates. The design of the chocolate melter have been manufactured with safety in mind, as the melters have a low loading height, within 1100mm, which means there is no need for stairs or gantries.

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About us

Company details

Gusu Food Processing Machinery Suzhou Co.,Ltd., formerly known as Gusu General Works of Food Processing Machinery Suzhou, founded in 1969, is also the first enterprise making complete sets of chocolate machinery in China and honored in this industry as “the Mother of Chocolate in China”.

Over 45 years, Gusu insists on a corporate philosophy of people-oriented, be loyal to customers and credit management, we aim at the first class equipments and technologies worldwide in the industry, we connected with the food industry, scientific and technological enterprises and universities to make continuous improvements, innovations and development of the products in order to provide better service to customers. Products are sold all over China and more than 80 countries and regions.

Gusu expanded and moved to the new factory in 2014, “Suzhou Food Engineering Research Center” was founded in our new factory.

The purpose of Gusu is daring to scale the heights and striving for industry pioneer, we will continuously work on scientific research and innovations, provide customers with better and better service.

We warmly welcome customers worldwide to Gusu to conduct and consult.

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> 500 Mio US $

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