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Heimo Keränen

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Olli Oksanen

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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Optical inspection systems

On-line thickness measurement system for plastic bottles and containers

The FocalSpec Bottle Wall Thickness Measurement System is a real-time wall thickness measuring system designed specifically for plastic bottles and containers. The system is installed on an existing conveyor downstream of a blow molding machine for 100% product inspection. The system’s MCP 100 sensors read thicknesses of each container in desired locations and stores the results in csv files. The results are displayed instantly on charts providing immediate feedback information for machine operator to quickly adjust and optimize blow molder settings after changeovers and during daily production. The system can also be set to automatically alert operators and to reject containers that exceed specified thickness limits with an trigger output for air blast blow-off.

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Product category: Optical inspection systems

On-line cable roughness measurement system - MicroProfiler MP900

FocalSpec’s MicroProfiler MP900 is specially designed for online real-time measurement of Surface Roughness in extruded tubing, cable, wire, filament, profile, band, tape and other narrow continuous product applications.

The MP900 is installed on the production line at the outfeed of the extruder for automatic monitoring of surface roughness of the moving product. The system can be used for minimizing a product’s Ra/Rz value or keeping roughness at the desired level on products that require a certain roughness. The system instantly detects processing problems at any stage of surface roughness including sharkskin, stick-slip and melt fracture.

The system is based on a direct optical roughness measurement of the real 3D surface profile and can be used on all materials and surfaces including matte, glossy, clear, opaque and without color limitation.

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Product category: Optical inspection systems

On-line web roughness measurement system - MicroProfiler MP9000

Optical real-time surface roughness measurement for continuous web applications
• For polymer films, sheets, laminates and coatings
• New patented LCI sensor technology
• Direct roughness measurement from actual 3D surface micro topography
                                   Non-contact method - works well on
                                   Flexible materials
                                   Soft materials
                                   Porous materials
                                   Fragile materials
• LCI allows for measurement of
                                   Highly reflective, glossy and matte surfaces
                                   Transparent and opaque surfaces
                                   Printed and high-contrast surfaces
                                   Surfaces of any color
• High resolution, very precise and extremely repeatable
• Automatic reporting
                                   Cross direction roughness profile
                                   Machine direction roughness
• Local database with data export
• Top or bottom side measur

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Product category: Optical inspection systems

Line Confocal Sensors

FocalSpec’s 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) and IR-based dual-point thickness sensors have caused quite a stir among systems integrators that develop specialized measurement solutions for product and process quality control. The sensors’ very high data acquisition rate and the LCI method’s unique capability to measure 3D features from challenging and previously impossible surfaces make them a logical choice for many online scanning applications. LCI may be the correct 3D sensor for you due to the following key advantages:

Very high 3D data acquisition rates, enables in-production scanning of fast moving objects
LCI works well onHighly reflective and mirror-like surfaces
Curved, convex, concave and sloping surfaces
Transparent and semitransparent surfaces
High-contrast (matte-glossy, dark-light) assemblies
Soft and fragile surfaces
Porous materials
All surface/object colors
Measures thickness of transparent layers and air gaps
Measures topography under transparent coatings and material layers
No speckle effect -> sub-micron resolution

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About us

Company details

FocalSpec is a privately held Finnish high tech company offering laboratory level measurement precision for online quality control and manufacturing line process optimization. Our product range consists of sensors, 2D profilers and 3D at-line scanners for metal, electronics, plastics and medical industries as well as for systems integrators. FocalSpec’s headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland and it operates globally through its subsidiary in Atlanta, USA and a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners.

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  • Food
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals