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  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.04  Machines for the production of packaging and packaging components
  • 02.04.22  Machines for the production of Trays and similar containers

Machines for the production of Trays and similar containers

Our products

Product category: Machines for the production of Trays and similar containers

FC Series

The new FC SPEEDMASTER PLUS series, new generation of vacuum and pressure forming machines, assures the highest level of automation and the new control system guarantees efficiency and highest performances with all materials.

Constant forming quality, very short re-tooling times, accuracy in cutting, high flexibility and ease of use are only few of the advantages of the Speedmaster Plus line.

Integrated power regeneration: kinetic energy generated during braking movements is converted to electrical energy that is regenerated into the power system of the machine with important resulting on energy savings.

The SPEEDMASTER PLUS FC series comes in a very wide range of models and versions, this makes it possible to provide the most suitable solution to the various production needs in the modern packaging industry.

Vacuum and compressed air forming, in-line steel rule cutting press and vertical stacking unit

Vacuum and compressed air forming, in-line vertical press for punching holes (punch and die), steel rule cutting press and vertical stacking unit.

Vacuum and compressed air forming with steel rule cutting in the forming tool and vertical stacking unit.

Vacuum and compressed air forming with possibility of steel rule cutting in the forming tool, additional in-line cutting press and vertical stacking unit.

These machines ensure:

• High speed of output
• Ease of use
• Fast tool change speed with reduced machine downtime
• Energy saving
• Initial self-setting of the cycle parameters to make the operator’s job easier
• Maximum safety. In addition to full compliance with European standards, all the moving platens have mechanical safety bars to prevent gravity falls. The latest generation software program, operating panel with touch screen and colour monitor, fitted on a sliding arm that runs the length of the operator side of the machine.
• Maximum access to all parts of the machine to make cleaning and maintenance easier.
• Remote service assistance, a new access hardware support, an evolution of the modem connection, with the advantage of higher speed without phone connection costs assures an after-sale assistance service more efficient and precise all over the world.

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Product category: Machines for the production of Trays and similar containers

FT Series

The FT DESMOFORMER simultaneous forming and punching thermoforming machine guarantees outstanding product dimensional precision.

The lower titling platen turns through 75 degrees permitting precise rapid ejection of the formings, which are then transported to the stacking unit.

The (patent pending) pivot system uses a combination of servomotor driven cams and levers. It guarantees absolute precision of movement and repeatability and a controlled distribution of forces during the platen movement and cutting phases of the cycle.

The plug movement is controlled by servomotor and provides an even and controlled distribution of the material inside the mould cavity.

Different plug speeds and times can be programmed, which can considerably improve the aesthetic appearance of the forming plug marks due to contact of the plugs with the material.

Differentiated stacking systems can be supplied to optimise the machine speed in relation to the size and format of the items to be produced.

All the machines can be supplied as an IN LINE version, constituting a “production island” starting from the raw material feed in granules through to the packaging of the finished product , including the in-line recycling of the granulated scrap.

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Product category: Machines for the production of Trays and similar containers

INTEC Series

Complete in line installations
The IN-LINE plant is a true "production island" comprising all operational components that transform the raw material granules into the finished product.

This production system is the optimal solution for managing medium and high production levels allowing the most cost-efficient usage of raw materials, energy consumption and consequently reducing the personnel cost rate as well as the required working space.

The IN-LINE plants are manufactured for PROGRESSIVE INLINE productions starting from granules passing through extrusion, calendering, thermoforming, stacking, scrap grinding and ultimately feeding the extrusion with the grinded material generating a number of proven advantages for the end user that can be summarized as following: 


Thanks to immediate sheet extrusion we are able to obtain high temperature uniformity, reached in the very center of the sheet mass. This provide a more homogeneous distribution and better stretching of the material during the forming process contributing to better mechanical and aesthetical characteristics of the final product.

The optimal distribution enables further thicknesses reduction of the sheet maintaining the same characteristics of the material and turning it into a lighter piece. The recycled material coming from the grinded scrap prevents material pollution and thereby improving the product quality.


With the extrusion line, the sheet unwinding station is eliminated. The residual temperature of the extruded sheet is fully used and therefore it is not necessary to further submit the material to intensive heating.


The downtime due to reel changing is eliminated and in order to reduce waste immediate action can be taken when any anomaly is being detected on the extruded sheet.


The compactness of the production line and the elimination of the storage reels and waste management units allow a considerable increase of space savings.

Once fully operational, a single operator can manage the complete production line.

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About us

Company details

WM Thermoforming Machines, based in Stabio (Switzerland), has been designing and manufacturing thermoforming machines since 1981 and complete IN LINE plants since 1992.

The latest generation of our thermoforming machines is the result of continuous research, testing and close collaboration with our customers, mould makers and raw material suppliers, enabling us to acquire the necessary particular knowledge of the thermoforming processing technology covering the current needs of the packaging industry.

In addition, we build up a highly qualified and experienced technical team, engaged in continuously developing new process improvements and tailor-made solutions responding the specific and changing requirements of each Customer.

Today WM Thermoforming Machines, considered as one of the most important thermoforming equipment manufacturers worldwide, is enjoying great international prestige for producing reliable, state-of-the-art and high performable machinery.

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