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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.02  Single machines /equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • 06.02.12  Grinding systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Grinding systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03  Operating and auxiliary equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.03.09  Laboratory equipment - pharmacy and cosmetics

Laboratory equipment - pharmacy and cosmetics

Our products

Product category: Grinding systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Quadro® Comil® Conical Mill

Quadro® Comil® is the world’s leading milling and powder size reduction technology for achieving uniform particle size distributions and deagglomeration dispersions in the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries.

For over a four-decade period, Quadro® has been refining and improving conical milling technology. Today, the Quadro® Comil® is used in major manufacturing facilities worldwide and is the leading technology in uniform size reduction, sieving/screening, deagglomeration and homogeneous dispersion.

The Comil®’s proprietary, advanced size reduction technology has been refined through thousands of applications to deliver reliable scalability, repeatability and performance. Our latest designs incorporate many innovations that offer greater application versatility and easier cleaning and maintenance. Our equipment design and construction are based on current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and meet USDA, CE and OSHA guidelines and regulations, as applicable.

Today, there are two distinct conical sieve product lines: the overdriven/underdriven models, and the new H20 Comil® high-energy conical mill. With more than 20 standard models, 200 screen types and dozens of different impellers, Quadro® offers the industry’s most extensive line of conical milling equipment — customizable to your specific requirements.

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Product category: Grinding systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products


Quadro® FlexSift takes industrial powder screening technology to the next level. FlexSift is the high-capacity centrifugal sifter/separator with the convenient inline design that has revolutionized security screening equipment technology. Simply install FlexSift near the beginning of your process stream to effectively deagglomerate raw materials, while capturing and retaining foreign materials and other impurities before they can contaminate your final product.

Centrifugal acceleration within the sifting chamber ensures continuous flow of your particles through an appropriately sized mesh, which has been selected to meet your precise process specifications. Any impurities are retained for later removal. FlexSift features all stainless steel construction and a minimal footprint for maximum space efficiency. Quadro® FlexSift has been carefully designed to meet exacting FDA cGMP standards for safe processing of pharmaceutical powders, food ingredients, cosmetics and other products intended for human use or consumption.

Available in three models to better meet customers’ specific needs, FlexSift delivers fast, efficient powder sifting capability with nearly 100% product recovery. Deagglomeration and delumping are crucial initial steps in manufacturing processes across a wide range of applications and industries. Whether your industry is pharmaceuticals, chemicals or food, Quadro® FlexSift provides reliable, efficient and safe pre-screening of your materials. Quadro Engineering is a trusted leading manufacturer of process equipment used around the world.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment - pharmacy and cosmetics


The new High Efficiency Comil® U21 represents a revolutionary approach to size reduction. By reinventing and redefining conical milling, Quadro® has achieved an unprecedented particle size distribution optimization for improved powder homogeneity and flowability.

The High Efficiency Quadro® Comil® U21 achieves what no other conical mill is capable of doing: an extraordinary decrease in unwanted “fines” or “overs,” which translates into tighter PSDs by 25% to +50%, yet still within validated particle size distributions high and low limits. Plus, the U21 provides up to 60% capacity increase.

The conical screen chamber of the High Efficiency Quadro® Comil® U21 is designed to supply a vortex flow pattern to the in-feed product by means of a rotating impeller. As product travels into the “action zone” by continuous centrifugal acceleration, it passes through precisely defined unique-geometry screen hole apertures.

As a result, material is sheared through the screen at optimum tangential velocities, creating uniform size reduction rates and producing narrow, consistent and repeatable particle size distributions.

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Product category: Grinding systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, Laboratory equipment - pharmacy and cosmetics

SLS – Scalable Lab System™

In addition to selecting the right machine when developing a new product, formulators, scientists, researchers and developers must also ensure that the equipment selected at the laboratory stage can be transferred to production. It is imperative that the same technology used during the lab-scale stage be available with larger capacity models.

The Quadro® / Fitzpatrick Scalable Lab System™ meets this challenge by ensuring that PSDs achieved at lab-scale can be duplicated in production equipment with minimal variance in particle size distributions. The SLS single platform with interchangeable size reduction heads guarantees that whatever technology is selected during trials can be easily and confidently duplicated at production volumes — with simple operating parameters transfer.

The SLS encompasses the primary size reduction and material processing technologies most often used in oral solid dosage processing — hammer mills, conical mills and security screeners.

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About us

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From mills to mixers to complementary product lines, Quadro® has earned the respect of customers with a wide variety of applications in more than 50 countries. Our recognized leadership in specialized process equipment was launched by a single idea that has stood the test of time.

Quadro® invented the original conical mill, or Comil®, in 1976. A revolutionary idea at the time, the conical mill has proven to be one of industry’s most durable and most imitated advances in size reduction technology.

At Quadro®, we believe that quality itself is a process that cannot stand still. Continuous improvement is rooted in continuous innovation. Through investment in R&D and the ongoing refinement and extension of the Comil® design, Quadro® has continued to earn its position as a quality leader.

When you choose Quadro® products, you can rely on superior engineering and manufacturing quality that give you maximum uptime and yield. What’s more, our products are backed by the highest level of application and technical support, based on more than a quarter century of experience.

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