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Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.03  Final packaging, material flow, logistics
  • 01.03.04  Palletizing machines

Our products

Product category: Palletizing machines


BL palletizers with fixed pallet can satisfy all requirements for low and medium production:
LF 800 for low production, having the minimum size.
LF 1200 complete with layer pre-forming unit, the high speed low level palletizers for medium production.
Thanks to the great flexibility of these palletizers it is possible to pass from the palletizing scheme to another one without any mechanical adjustment.

The complete visibility and accessibility of the whole machine and of the working cycle from each position assure the maximum safety and the possibility of immediate intervention.
The main movements motorized by inverter and the belt drives minimize noise, mechanical stresses and need of maintenance.
It is possible to set type of layer and bag dimensions from the control panel without any mechanical adjustment.

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Product category: Palletizing machines

HF-G palletizer

The HF-G palletizer of the HF range, with mobile pallet and bags high feed loading, has been designed to merge the advantages of a traditional palletizer with the versatility of a robot.

The bags are taken by  movable gripper which can also rotate the bags 90° and 180° then transferred to the stripping plates in discharge position.
This peculiarity merge the advantages of a standard layers palletizer to an ROBOT  palletizer  in fact with this gripper, bags can be positioned even overlapped, typical case of pre-made open mouth bags.
All movements are done by a belt drive in order to reduce noise and maintenance to the minimum. All main drives are controlled by a frequency converter in order to reduce mechanical or maintenance stress to the minimum and increase the production speed.

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Product category: Palletizing machines


The HF palletizers line with mobile pallet and bag loaded from the top, is designed to ensure high production, with high working load and at heavy working conditions.

The size change is automatic with 20 programs memorized according to the kind of bag and to the scheme required.
The machine will then adapt bags rotation, pushing depth and the layer compacting action.
All of the main movements are controlled by inverter while belt drivers minimize noise, levels, mechanical stresses and maintenance operations.
HF palletizers operate without direct control and are equipped with a careful diagnostic system.

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Product category: Horizontal form, fill and seal machines (H-FFS)


FFS bagging machine for tubular film, up to 2600 bags/h, key factors:
Latest top-notch technology with use of servo-motors.
Optimized accessibility.
Ease of use with reduction of adjustments by the operator.
Constructive and commercial components of the highest quality.
Low running and maintenance costs.

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Company news




Apr 13, 2017


During Interpack, we shall present the new machine COMPACTA HS:
FFS bagging machine for tubular film, up to 2600 bags/h, key factors:
Latest top-notch technology with use of servo-motors.
Optimized accessibility.
Ease of use with reduction of adjustments by the operator.
Constructive and commercial components of the highest quality.
Low running and maintenance costs.

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About us

Company details

In the early 1980's, BL introduced on the market its first FFS, Form, Fill & Seal machines, the APTA Series.  Due to the versatility of its bagging equipment, B.L. Bag Line soon became the number one manufacturer of FFS machinery in Italy. 

A new technological improvement was realized in 1989 with the introduction of the COMPACTA Series, which meant a total redesign of traditional packaging concepts; the bag was created from a single tubular roll stock film.  Consequently, the creation of a new weighing system suitable to keep up to these high performances was mandatory.  In 1996 B.L. Bag Line developed a revolutionary net weigh scale called "CONCEPT" using servo technology.

The CONCEPT net weigh scale is able to reach accuracy of ± 15 to 20 grams on 25 to 50 kg bags at production rates over 2400 bags/hour. 

With the aim to introduce a high quality product at competitive prices and to be present in every market of the packaging industry, B.L. Bag Line formed its palletizer division in 1997.  Due to a staff of technicians with a well-proven experience in the field, B.L. Bag Line immediately acquired the confidence of several companies requiring palletizing equipment.

Since then, B.L. Bag Line has continued both to increase the performance of its machines and to reduce customer operating costs.  In 1998, the time was right to update the famous COMPACTA series; the new models were called COMPACTA 700, 1000, 1300 and 1600, four solutions to satisfy every production requirement.  Power, reliability, versatility and above all simplicity are the characteristics that distinguish the COMPACTA models.

In 2002 BL surpassed itself with the new COMPACTA 2000 model.  Building upon its traditional strong points, this machine is able to reach extraordinary production speeds up to 2300 bags/hour, 25 kg ± 15 grams with one reject bag out of 5000 bags.  It can undoubtedly be considered one of the most powerful FFS bagging machine available worldwide.  The reduction of down time and optimization of every function and movement has enabled the COMPACTA FFS to achieve performances that were up to now considered unattainable.

January 2006, B.L. Mediterraneo s.r.l. belonging to CAM packaging organization (http://www.campackaging.it/) takes over all the activities of B.L. Macchine Automatiche S.p.A. acquiring trade mark, know how, patents and employees. The new ownership focused its market activities on foreign Countries strong of 26 years experience of B.L. Macchine Automatiche S.p.A.

Few months after the acquisition, a new entry level FFS bagging machine, the COMPACTA EASY, has been introduced into the market getting an immediate and positive feedback: same advantages as the previous COMPACTA models, but with a very attractive price. COMPACTA EASY can run from 200 up to 1300 bags/hour at 25 kg ± 15 grams.

The enormous success of this machine, merged with the company policy, introduced a new manufacturing system allowing to produce batch of 10 machines per time.

As a matter of fact BL ensures prompt response to Customers requests and allowing also OEM distribution to system integrators, palletizer manufacturer or  end-users capable to finalize and personalize the machine by themselves.

Nowadays the two models COMPACTA and COMPACTA EASY represent the BL full range of tubular FFS guaranteeing from 200 up to 2300 bags/hour with various products.

In addition to being a leading manufacturer, B.L. Bag Line is now dedicating its efforts to the development of engineering activities designed to meet the requirements of every customer, end-user, and the most respected engineering companies.  In fact, B.L. Bag Line is involved in the study, design, realization and selling of turnkey installations and supervision systems for complete packaging lines, suitable to meet the requirements of a wide number of end-users: chemical, petrochemical, salt, fertilizer (both chemical and organic), building, food and animal feed industries, acting directly or being the primary partner of the most respected engineering companies.

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