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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.01  Complete lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Complete lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Turbo Mixer Emulsifier Compact

The VERSATO Developer was designed for the development of new, or small batches of product. The quality of the product may be reproduced using the production version of the VERSATO equipment, due to their Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic similarity.

It is ideal for the manufacture of creams and gels, achieving very short mixing and emulsifying times.

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Product category: Complete lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Mixer – Granulator High Shear

High shear wet granulation process is extensively used in pharmaceutical industry to transform fine heterogeneus powders into homegeneus blend of granules with bigger size and density to improve flow and compactability for tableting operation.

  • PC Siemens, trade mark, with colouredtouch screen panel.
  • Inteligent identification of raw materials.
  • Inteligent identification of operators.
  • Process edition by product.
  • Vacuum loading system.
  • Injector container for agglutinant.
  • Peristaltic pump with volume control.
  • End point by torque measurement.
  • Graphics outline.
  • Printing reports.
  • Remote assistance by IP.
  • Automatic washing system.
  • Electric system according ATEX rules.
  • IN WALL design concept.
  • According to GMP guidelines.
  • FDA - Compliance / 21 CFR part 11.
  • FAT - SAT - Validation Documents.

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Product category: Complete lines for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

Cone Mill Calibrator

The shape, size and size distribution of the pharmaceutical solids particles, are the three principal factors that can affect primarily the fluency of a mix and so have a bearing on the dosage operations as are the compression and filling of capsules.

They can also affect other unitary pharmaceutical operations as the wet granulation of high shear mixer, since the changes in the size of raw material particles are converted in changes on the surface and the volume of the agglutinating liquid and the end point (torque) of the process are modified.

Also the size of the particle of the actives has a great incidence over the speed dissolution.

Particle size reduction, grinding or calibration, are some of the denominations that are given to an important stage in the manufacture of solid pharmaceutical products which has as an objective: “Reduce and standardize the size and affect the shape of the soild particles of raw material and dry or wet granules”

From the launching of high shear granulators (MIC) to the pharmaceutical market by means of which you get firm granulated products, it was necessary to use the Conical Screen Mills (CSM) with the capacity of reducing the particle size of strong granulated material, offering size uniformity, short time process and minimum heat development.

  • Deflector baffles.
  • Adjustable impeller height.
  • Entirely dismantle.
  • Electric board removable.
  • Vacuum loading accesories.
  • According to GMP guidelines.
  • FAT - SAT - Validation Documents.

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About us

Company details

We are a company which specializes in manufacturing Production and Development equipments for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industry.

Coming from an Italian origin family, COMASA was born in 1993 and from then on, it has grown steadily, having experienced an exponential growth since the year 2004 when the new production Plant "El Talar" allowed for its expansion thanks to the technological update of the productive processes, and turning COMASA into a leader in the region. 

Focused on a steady improvement schedule, COMASA's growth and development continues on a daily basis, being committed to provide the customer with solutions that meet their needs as well as support and counselling aiming at reaching success in their projects.

Our equipment is manufactured under GMP guidelines, complying with CE, ATEX, ASME, PET, 21CFR part 11 standards, together with all the documentations needed for further validation.

As a result of this production and quality management, we offer the market highly competitive products which allow COMASA's presence in 36 countries across the 5 continents.

COMASA belongs to multidisciplinary PAT Group

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Bakery products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals