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Product category: Leackage test systems/devices

NexGen Rotary Leak Testers for Empty Plastic Bottles

ALPS offers a full range of Rotary Leak Test Machines for Empty Products, with standard configurations from 4 to 30 test stations, and speeds up to 1,200 Containers Per Minute (72,000 CPH).

The leak test machine's control system features ALPS Leak Test Controller ("LTC") Pressure Decay or Vacuum Decay test heads on each station.  The LTC uses a modular concept incorporating the test electronics, probe, cylinder, manifold and valves in a single quick-connect assembly that can be changed out on the leak test machine in less than 30 seconds.  All station specific test data is available for review through the standard color touch screen interface.

The NexGen Rotary leak test machine includes significant advancements in changeover capability.  Mechanical changeover is quick and repeatable, requiring no tools or adjustments, and takes 10-15 minutes in total.  Each change parts tooling component on the leak test machine can only be mounted in the correct position and timing, using quick-lock attachments.

Common applications include the following blow molding processes:

  • Two Stage Injection-Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET containers
  • Continuous Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM Wheel) containers
  • High speed Intermittent Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM Long Stroke Shuttle) bottles
  • Metal and Composite Bottles & Cans
  • Injection Molded Containers
  • Dispensing Closures

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Product category: Leackage test systems/devices

Speed-Glider Multi Station Moving Head Leak Testers

High Speed Linear Leak Test System
The ALPS Speed-Glider is a multiple-station, continuous-motion, linear leak test system for empty containers. The Speed-Glider is designed for inspection speeds up to  500 containers-per-minute (30,000 containers-per-hour).

Positive container handling and control is achieved throughout the leak test cycle through the use of precision timing screws for each container size. (Timing screws may be shared between similar container sizes.) The timing screw regulates the container positioning, and only a single sensor is used in the leak test area to verify the presence of containers. The use of this single change part greatly simplifies setup and changeover, while ensuring optimized performance of the leak tester.

This leak test equipment is designed to conveniently install onto existing tabletop conveyor systems, in many cases eliminating the need for container transfers between conveyors.

How the Leak Tester Works
The Speed-Glider moving head leak tester incorporates leak test probes attached to a common, servo-driven carriage. The servo automatically synchronizes with the timing screw motor through the use of an encoder.

Test probes extend to form a leak tight seal on each container, and test each container using the pressure decay leak test method. If a container fails the leak test, it is ejected as it exits the Speed-Glider’s timing screw, down a chute and into a user-supplied bin.

This leak test equipment is controlled by a multi-channel PLC and color touch screen interface with an intuitive, icon based menu structure. Standard features include an integrated Self Test feature for each station.

Speed-Glider Leak Test Applications
Common applications for empty container inspection using the Speed-Glider moving head leak tester include:

  • Two Stage Injection-Stretch Blow Molded (ISBM) PET containers
  • Reciprocating Screw Extrusion Blow Molded (Recip) bottles
  • Continuous Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM Wheel) bottles
  • Injection Blow Molded (IBM) bottles produced at high speeds
  • Intermittent Extrusion Blow Molded (EBM Shuttle) bottles produced on “long stroke” machines
  • Injection Molded containers

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Product category: Leackage test systems/devices

SC Linear Indexing Conveyor Leak Testers

The ALPS SC Linear indexing conveyor leak tester is an excellent general purpose empty bottle leak tester with a wide range of capabilities. The leak tester conveyor can be fully integrated using special end plates, and can include optional vacuum capability. This bottle leak detector is designed for optimal handling to ensure the most accurate leak test possible as well as the highest speed capacity on a single test station. The SC Linear is a flexible, cost-effective solution for high speed, integrated leak testing.

A Fast & Versatile Plastic Bottle Leak Detector
The SC Linear bottle leak tester machine’s speed and sensitivity capabilities depend on the container size and volume. It can accommodate containers in a wide variety of sizes, from small pharmaceutical bottles up to 5-gallon water jugs. Typical leak inspection speeds range from 10 to 30 Containers-Per-Minute (CPM) for larger containers (e.g. 4 to 5L), to 60 to 100 CPM for single-serve containers (e.g. 0.5L), and as high as 180 to 200 CPM for the very smallest pharmaceutical bottles (e.g. 20 to 40mL).

SC Linear leak testers utilize the latest state-of-the-art controls. These bottle leak testers feature a full color touch screen with an icon-based menu structure, graphical displays of the pressure and results, unlimited recipe storage, and “Guided Setup” software. Guided Setup includes step-by-step instructions to show a novice operator how to set up a brand new bottle—including all mechanical steps plus setup of the leak test and reject limits—by simply running containers through the system.

Our standard SC Linear bottle leak detector tester uses a 4.5” (114mm) wide and 3.5’ (1067mm) long conveyor, with conveyor rails adjustable up to 8” (203mm). Custom leak tester conveyor lengths and widths are possible to suit different container size and line layout requirements.

High Speed, Fully-Automated Bottle Leak Testing
The bottle leak detector conveyor runs continuously between tests. When the test photo-eye senses the presence of a container, the conveyor is immediately stopped, a probe extends to form a leak tight seal, and the container is tested for leakage using pressure decay testing.

If the container is bad, it is ejected from the bottle leak tester machine immediately after the test, and the conveyor restarts. If the container is good, the bottle leak detector conveyor restarts automatically when the test is complete.

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Product category: Leackage test systems/devices

LC Linear Single Head Leak Tester

Low Cost Bottle Leak Detector
The LC Linear Single Head Leak Tester from Air Logic Power Systems offers high accuracy while keeping costs low. To ensure that empty plastic bottles don’t leak, blow molders and injection molders rely on ALPS bottle leak testers. The LC Linear offers a reliable and cost effective leak detection solution, particularly to small manufacturers and startups.

Benefits of the LC Linear Bottle Leak Tester
  • Color touch screen interface: Simple, efficient, and modern user interface
  • Multi-strand conveyor: Low cost and simple conveying approach
  • Painted steel frame: Rugged and durable construction, designed to last
  • Recipe storage for leak test settings: Quick and repeatable changeover of test settings
  • Dual-level conveyor rails: Ensures stability for larger containers
  • Gate cylinder: Provides ability to regulate bottles into the testing area, if needed
  • Stop cylinder: Provides ability to positively stop bottles in the testing area, if needed
Plastic Bottle Leak Detector Specs
Inspection speeds typically range between 1 to 25 Bottles-Per-Minute (60 to 1500 BPH), depending upon the container size and testing requirements.

The integrated strand conveyor, designed for end-to-end transfer of bottles from the production line, operates continuously at a fixed speed.  When the test probe force is applied to the bottle vertically, the strands that are traveling underneath the container are pressed into machined grooves, providing a sturdy base for the containers.

The bottle leak tester machine performs a sensitive leak test with capabilities typically between 0.004” to 0.020” diameter hole size detection depending upon the container size, volume, and required testing rate.

Scalable Solution for Growing Operations
As your business grows and you begin to add additional or split off production lines, you may need to increase your leak detection capacity. One option is to bring in additional LC Linear leak testers to run on your new lines, doubling or tripling capacity without affecting space. If your output has increased and is now more than 25 bottles per minute, you can upgrade to the SC Linear or RS Linear leak tester.

Installation & Training
Our team of seasoned service engineers will visit your site to install your bottle leak detector. Though installing a leak detector does interrupt production, we aim to minimize downtime as much as possible. After installation, we can train your technicians on the equipment, eliminating any confusion or guesswork that can come with new machinery.

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As part of the new TASITEST Platform, ALPS represents the historical product line for Plastics Test and Inspection. Established in 1974 in the USA, ALPS is a leading innovator of high speed linear and rotary equipment used to test empty plastic containers such as blow moulded and injection moulded bottles.

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