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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.07  Complete packaging lines
  • 01.07.01  Primary packaging

Our products

Product category: Primary packaging

Automatic fillers and seamers for cans and glass jars

Filler and closer for cans, glass jars and plastic containers

Revolving machine with 12 portion transport wheel. Station for seaming-on of a metal lid or metal bottom, a tear-off lid or patent lid, a „Penny-Lever“ lid or ring etc., onto tin plate, aluminium or composite cans, with station for automatic destacking of lids.

The INDOSA-matic is the basic machine for the modular construction of a fully automatic line from depalletizing the cans over filling and seaming to packing.

Technical advantages
  • Modern, neat machine, mainly made of stainless steel, hard-chrome plated steel and anodized hard aluminium
  • Solid, maintenance-free construction with lifetime lubricated beaerings.
  • High capacity, constructed for continuous industry use.
Easy and quick format tool changing
  • Switching over to other can sizes in minutes by simply exchanging of marked and specially colour-coded format parts.
  • Infi nitely variable spindle sleeve pressure (no progressive spring)
Possibility of later extensions with many additional INDOAS-stations
  • for fillers
  • for tin can manufactures
  • for composite can manufactures

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Product category: Primary packaging

Fillers and seamers - semi automatic

Can seamer for tin cans ans composite cans with metal ends
(Seamingoftin lids)
Place can with applied lid on base plate. Than place the can under lid dispensing station. A lid is destacked and placed on the can. By pressing the start button (two hand control) the seaming automatism is realeased. Remove seamed can - finished!

INDOSA TR2 - auger drive with weight control
This filling system is the result of decades of development and a great experience in the manufacture of filling lines. It grew out of the practice with filling of simple to very difficult products, under good and extreme filling conditions.

In accordance with the traditional INDOSA modular construction system everything - from the simple hand filling machine to the automatic packaging machine with integrated weight control and record printout - can be put together with compatible standard modules as per the customer’s needs.

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Product category: Primary packaging

Equipment for production of composite cans with tear-off membrane

Seam your composite cans with environmentally friendly cardboard bottoms!
Why cardboard bottoms on Composite Cans as per INDOSA’s ecological system?
Due to an increasingly new understanding for the protection of the environment more and more prescriptions as well as laws are enacted. The „packagings“ are in an exposed position and become a real target. Entire industrial branches get under pressure - not only the packaging industry, but also the manufacturers and fillers of consumer goods, particularly of food stuffs, pharmaceutical products, etc. As a matter of fact new ways in the packaging field have to be searched!

Requirements absolutely to be met by new packagings:
  • Manufacture from natural raw materials with an optimal total balance in terms of ecology
  • Environment protecting and economical manufacture
  • Easy and reasonably priced recycling and waste disposal respectively

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About us

Company details

INDOSA - a reliable partner

Traditional reliability and high-accuracy in constructing machines,
combined with modern design and latest technology

Due to our long experience in this industry and the execution of production lines for renowned customers all around the world, we achieved accuracy. INDOSA does know what matters. This means a saving for the customer resulting in a good cost-performance ratio despite of superior quality.

INDOSA builds machines with the precision of a Swiss watch. We are also proud of our „nicelooking machines“ with the many good ideas, practical handling and maintenance-free execution.

INDOSA’S staff of experienced engineers are not only active in the design department, but also interact with the customer at each step of a project.
A crew of specialists, independent from the design division, works in the research and development of environmentally friendly packaging systems.

High-accuracy and flexibility due to modular construction system with a great, extensive standard programme.
The many modules are manufactured of the single components made with serial high-accuracy which then serve als combinable modules for the great programme.

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Confectionery products
  • Bakery products
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals