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  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
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  •  Mailing tubes made of cardboard

Our products

Product category: Mailing tubes made of cardboard

Stretch Wrap Film, Bale Wrap Film, Stretch Hood Film, Bale Wrapper

Silage Films (bale wrap films ), Machine Stretch Wrap, Cling wrap
Stretch Wrap Film
Our high quality stretch wrap film (Bale Wrap Film, Stretch Hood Film, Bale Wrapper) is composed of high elongation, polyethylene based film that is used to utilize and protect products during storage or shipment. It offers added versatility for being able to handle various load types, provide excellent protection, combining small, individual items into larger loads as well as primary packaging material for wrapping individual products. Other benefits of stretch wrap films include reduced freight costs, improved warehouse and inventory control as well as assuring product quality and cleanliness. Agricultural mulch film is a plastic film - available in rolls or as folded- used in the ground, under the root systems of plants, to facilitate crop cultivation.

Benefits of Stretch Film:

  • The security associated and with holding performance. Load retention, and protection is readily evident
  • Stretch film protects against moisture, dirt and abrasion safeguarding the goods it wraps.
  • The clarity and appearance of stretch film enables code to be quickly scanned and read while protecting labels and codes printed underneath the film.
  • Stretch film does not produce clinging noise and it clings to itself,thus making its removal fast, clean and easy.

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Product category: Mailing tubes made of cardboard

Shrink Hood / Pallet Covers

Ldpe shrink film pallet covers and stretch hoods
Shrink Film:
LDPE shrink film pallet covers are available in shrink rolls ( tubular form) and piece form is used for automated packaging of various products on pallets. It enables stability of pallets in storage and transportation. Additionally, it protects your products from dust, dirt, water, weather conditions and damage.

On yours request, we can print (2+2 colours) on this type of shrink hood film, and give you up to 12 months of increased UV protection


  • Film thickness ranging from 0.060 to 0.200 mm
  • Film circumference up to 5500 mm


  • For automated packaging of construction materials on pallets (bricks…)
  • In automated packaging of glass products on pallets
  • In the automated packaging process in various industries

LDPE pallet covers shrink film are used for group packaging and have many others
advantages like:

  • Volume of final package up to 8 times smaller
  • Weight of PE film is 5 times lighter than paper
  • PE film enables better proportion of quality and prize

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About us

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About Us
NPF polyfilms holds the distinction of being the most technologically advanced manufacturers of barrier films in India. It manufactures high quality plastic films with the help of its state of theart facility that is fully Loaded with automatic systems for extrusion, multicolor printing, slitting, pouch/ bulk bag making and more. .

What set Navrang polyfilms apart from the others is the unique proprietary co-extrusion processesand custom resin blends. This core competency is achieved by the polymer and food chemistry expertise that the company possesses. The exceptional manufacturing capabilities also enable the company to offer custom design materials based on customer's special needs.

Our Team
We profoundly believe that the inherent and the driving strength of NPF is the team of people who conceived the idea and
nurtured it to realization.

The nucleus of the team comprises of professionals with proven track record of multi-ple skill sets in different edifices of the
plastics industry.

We are committed to consistent quality product and share the vision of success by engaging our knowledge, experience and

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  • Food
  • Bakery products
  • Industrial goods
  • Beverages