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Desi Kimya ve Madencilik Ins. Tur. San. ve Tic. A.S.

Acisu Mah. Karaoglan Sok. No:19/2 Kartepe, 41080 Kocaeli
Telephone +90 216 6586165
Fax +90 216 6586167

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Our range of products

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  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging means
  • 02.03.06  Corrosion protecting agents

Our products

Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

Al-Pack Aluminum Barrier

ALPACK is very special packaging material designed for using in the ambient that a barrier for moisture is needed to be occurred.

ALPACK that has the properties suchlike self adhesive, heat adhesive, air and moisture proof, vacuumable due to its three layered special structure is designed for providing an exact protection on materials in several industrial sectors.

ALPACK  optimized as containing PET on upper layer, alumina on middle layer and polyethylene on down layer can be used for production of either little aluminum bag or very large aluminum packages.

As is known, all kind of polyethylene packages have air permeableness at a certain extent. In case of that is unwanted materials that is shipping to be harmed even at top level moisture rate and in case of that is unwanted to let the air inside of the package, ALPACK is the optimum solution. Due to aluminum is not permeable, ALPACK provides this specific area of usage.

It is produced proper to MIL PRF 131K and MIL B 131 H standards.

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Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

Al- Pack Extra

ALPACK EXTRA is very special packaging material that is designed for ambients that high strength is required and needed to create a barrier for moisture as well.

ALPACK EXTRA that is either self adhesive or heat adhesive due to its structure undergirded by Glass Fabric, nonpermeable to air and moisture and vacuumable is designed for providing your products to be protected exactly.

ALPACK EXTRA optimized with its four layered structure is used for producing aluminum packages either for bag or for huge machines.

While Glass Fabric that occurs the structure is protecting the product in it against physical effects, aluminum provides maximum protection against oxidation and mould growth by stopping moisture and air flow.

It is produced proper to MIL PRF 131K and MIL B 131 H standards.

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Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

Desi Wrap

Desi-Wrap VCI is a special type plastic film product that is shrinkable with heat, taking the shape of the product that it covers, providing an excellent protection against corrosion and preventing itself and product from UV lights.

The product that can be applied by heat gun tenders a tight packaging thereby withering away at a rate of 30%.

VCI corrosion inhibitors that vaporises rapidly in heat would provide needed corrosion protection by diffusing on all metal surface. High performance VCI inhibitors that diffuses in gas phase provides an effective protection via reaching even tight walls by passing through the tightest holes that air can flow through.

  • Easy to apply
  • Provides high degree of protection in outdoor conditions   
  • Economic
  • Accommodates to incoherent structures with any size

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Product category: Corrosion protecting agents

Desi Forced

Desi Forced VCI is the craft paper product that is strengthened with lamination of jute and has VCI property . It protects any kind of metal effectively against rustiness and other corrosion kinds due to contained VCI chemicals which is high efficiently and concentrated.

Desi Forced VCI is useful in wrapping over rolled plate, rolled wire, heavy products suchlike steel and tube bundle. Due to its physical strength, it can be used on sharp surfaces without tearing.

Desi Line VCI provides metal parts to be shipped as ready to use and spotless by abolishing the lubricating application which is inconvenient, dirty and noncontemporary.

Although Desi Forced VCI can be customized in different dimensions, it can also be rolled as having 102cm or less width.

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About us

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Desi Chemical and Mining Industry A.S. is the first and the only firm, experted in corrosion control and shipping safe, as per either its knowledge and technological infrastructure or its experience and areas that it makes production in Turkey. It folows the technological developments and innovations by its forward looking dynamic pattern. It preserves the leading company position by prioritising quality and employment, and for preserving it keeps cooperating with the companies that it renders service to as solution partner. Head Office of Desi Chemical and Mining Industry A.S. is located in Istanbul and the production and researching center are located in Izmit-Kartepe. Desi Chemical and Mining Industry A.S. renders service to many firms inside and outside Turkey with its qualified and leading expert staff about corrosion control, safe of shipment, industrial minerals and industrial chemicals and neither it provides consultancy service as well.

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