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Zhejiang Rigao Machinery Corp., Ltd

No. 29, Shenwan Rd., Light Industry Zone, Lucheng District, 325019 Wenzhou
Telephone +86 577 56965688
Fax +86 577 88821168

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.04  Fill and seal machines (FS) for
  •  Fill and seal machines (FS) for Tubes

Our products

Product category: Fill and seal machines (FS) for Tubes

RGPL-1580A Tube Filling and Sealing, Carton Line Production

This production line combined by Rigao tube filling & sealing machine and cartoning machine, the entire process composed of functions of automatic tube feeding, eye mark orientation, filling, hot melt, sealing, coding, trimming and automatic inserting tubes and leaflets into the box.
Tube feeding by pneumatic with high accuracy.

The product contact parts is made of stainless steel 316L, which is clean and fully meets the requirements of GMP standard.

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Product category: Fill and seal machines (FS) for Tubes

RGA-GSX60 Liquid and Cream Product Line Introduction

The machine adopts motion control system so it can run high speed.

Bottle holder automatic adjustment device: Adopt the servo motor to rotate the bottle holder to adjust the screw and adjust the size of the cup holder. When changing the bottle type, the machine uses an one-button switching mode, so that the operation is more convenient and time-saving.

Bottle air washing device: When the bottle enters the bottle washing station, the servo motor rotates to drive the bottle to 180 degrees, while blowing and inhaling, and rotating 180 degrees after the bottle is finished, so that the inside of the bottle is clean before filling.

Filling device: Adopting servo motor to drive the machine. Adjust the filling volume automatically by changing the screen parameters to make the operation more convenient. The filling nozzle is driven by a servo motor, which can be raised while filling to prevent the material from bubbling and bursting out of the bottle.

Automatic plugging device: the vibration disc arranges the plug, and the track is equipped with the plug detection sensor. When the plug is full on track, the vibration disc stops working and reduces noise. The servo motor drives the plug to rotate the internal plug to improve the speed of internal plug removal. When the inner plug is used, the cylinder head is positioned by cylinder to improve the success rate of plugging.

plug detection device: the machine automatic alarem(alarms) when no plug detected by sensor.

Automatic capping: manually rotate the lid to the bottle mouth. Automatic capping: Manually rotate the lid to the bottle mouth, then the servo motor drives the capping jaw to rotate the cap, and thus the torque can be directly adjusted on the touch screen.

Product grasping device: the mechanical arms grabs the bottle, detaches from the bottle holder, and puts it into the conveyor to save labor working and improving efficiency. 

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Product category: Fill and seal machines (FS) for Tubes

RGA-GY65 Filling and Plugging Machine for Toothpaste

The machine is mainly developed for pump tube toothpaste.Automatic system controlled: Feeding containers, Filling,feeding plug , Plugging etc.Adopts mechanical cam type filling, which has high filling precision, stable and convenient filling adjustment.

The filling station uses a servo moto, centrifugal rotation to reduces air retention and keep liquid level flat in pump tube during fillling.

With multi-function detection function, it can realize that no pump tube  no flling and inserting plug, to achieve the case of no plug and inner plug pressured offset, the waste disposal process is performed.

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Product category: Fill and seal machines (FS) for Tubes

RGPL-0540A Lip Balm Production Line

RGPL-0540A lip balm hot filling line is High degree of automation, high yield, high adaptability, wide stability, enjoy high reputation among our customers.

The current models are getting better and more mature, with its high technical content, high quality and other characteristics, it is an ideal equipment for manufacturers.The new developed line for lip balm and relevant products.

It is composed of automatic feeder, intermittent conveyor, four heads hot filler, preheater, reheater, cooling tunnel, and automatic capper, container stick checker, ejector. It’s with function of no capping ejecting and no finished.

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Founded in 1996, the company has developed into a domestic manufacturer specialized in auto intelligent packaging machinery products, integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company has more than 70% of the products sold to other foreign countries, staying ahead of the new packaging concept and R & D, and innovation within the industry, providing perfect packaging solutions for customers around the world with packaging products covering the fields of medicine, daily chemicals, make-up and food.

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