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Evolabel AB

Johannefredsgatan 9, 431 53 Mölndal

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  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.04  Labelling and marking
  • 01.04.05  Printer (Thermo, Inkjet, Matrix)

Printer (Thermo, Inkjet, Matrix)

Our products

Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

NEW - Evolabel Motorized Stand XL - Fast and Safe vertical Movement of the FlexWipe Pallet Labeller

The successful launch of Evolabel’s FlexWipe Pallet Labelling Solution at Interpack 2017 is now followed by the launch of the Evolabel Motorized XL Stand at Interpack 2020.

A patent pending solution that makes the pallet labeler almost weightless, allowing fast and safe vertical movement at 100 mm/s with a stroke length of up to 1400 mm.

In automated pallet labeling applications, there is often a need to apply the label at various heights. One example is when labeling the last pallet in a batch, which is often lower than the standard pallets. Another is labeling two pallets stacked on top of one another and a third example is to print and apply a shipping label above one of the pallet labels. Today this is handled either manually, with two machines, or with a bulky movement system that must be surrounded by cumbersome safety guards.

Evolabel’s innovative solution contains pressure-controlled pneumatics making the print and apply system almost weightless. Thereby only a small force is required to move the system up or down, which is done by a pulse encoded stepper-motor rotating a ball screw. 

The pulse-encoder and a laser height-sensor are constantly monitoring and controlling the system, making it totally safe for any user or object accidentally getting in its way. If the movement is restricted, the system will immediately stop and alert with an alarm or warning. A safety brake ensures stopping the system if power or air is disconnected.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

FlexWipe Pallet Labeller - A giant leap for pallet labeling

Print and Apply machines are critical links in almost all kinds of production chains and in logistic centers, yet they are often overlooked and there is a great potential for improvements. For example today’s pallet labelers are big, slow and complex and cumbersome with many inherent safety risks. Evolabel doesn’t think they have to be and is therefore releasing a truly innovative, different and patent pending pallet labeler. The FlexWipe gives you:

  • Enhanced Safety: Trap point risks between the applicator arm and the printer or pallet are eliminated with the Evolabel Tactile Applicator. No safety guarding required.  There is no crushing hazard between the FlexWipe system and the pallet thanks to the Pivotable Machine Mount. If a person gets between the pallet and the system, it simply rotates to let the person through.
  • Maximized Throughput: With its light and durable Monocoque Arm, the system exceeds to print, apply and check scan 5 dual-sided pallets per minute. Label roll changes take only 20 seconds thanks to the One Roller Solution.
  • Ensured Traceability: Pallets are often uneven packed or contain products that create an uneven surface. The Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system labels safely to any surface with its Touch And Flex Apply solution. The optimal reading position allows the camera to check scan all the barcodes printed on the label.
  • Released Flexibility: The patent pending Free Motion Apply allows one standard FlexWipe system to label the front, side and the rear face of the pallet. If check scan is not required, it can label all three sides without stopping the pallet at all. This pallet labeler saves a lot of floor space, not only thanks to its minimal footprint but also due to the fact that the safe system negates the need of expensive and cumbersome safety guards.
  • Simplified Integration: The modern Linux based platform simplifies integration to customers or system integrators software systems. The open and defined Evolabel API is used for full control of the system, the XML support is an easy way to transfer label data and select label layout. Additionally, built-in digital I/O:s are configurable from the standard Evolabel on board software.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

SECONDARY PACKAGING - Print & Apply for boxes and trays

Evolabel  print and apply on a broad variety of outer case packaging with large or small labels.
  • Do you, for example, want to apply a 150x100 mm label from a long distance without any moving parts? Evolabel T63 printer with BlowVAC applicator does the job.
  • Or maybe a 100x50 mm label on both front and top with a capacity above 30 boxes/min? Evolabel range of fast and safe Wipe G2 applicators handles two sides, corner wrap, front, side or rear side labeling.
  • Curious to see how your beverage trays can be labeled at 100 ppm? Evolabels compact D43 with Tamp applicator fits easily even in narrow spaces.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

PRIMARY PACKAGING - Print & Apply solutions for labeling directly on your product

Learn about our fast and precise Print and Apply systems for labeling any side of your product. Whether you need variable weight information on food products or three labels per second on your building material we can provide a solution. Evolabel compact Marking Station enable fast and precise labeling from above and below at the same time.

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Product category: Pressure sensitive labelling machines

Evolabel QuickTamp - fast and friendly Logistics Labeling System

e-Commerce drives in-line labeling requirements to higher levels and leading providers of warehouse and distribution solutions to identify traditional print and apply systems as bottlenecks. Evolabel eliminates that bottleneck with the new QuickTamp solution. 

The fast and flexible label printer applicator is based on Evolabel’s unique Tactile apply solution, where the movement is constantly monitored and controlled, making the system totally safe for any user or object accidentally getting in its way. If the movement is restricted, the system will immediately stop and alert with an alarm or warning.

Driven by a pulse encoder controlled stepper motor, the carbon fiber shaft holding the label firmly with a patented 3D printed applicator pad, moves quickly until it finds its target and applies the label with high precision from a distance of up to 3.2 feet. The lightweight solution allows high acceleration and apply speed of up to 300 fpm. This enables moving the label from the printer to the package only holding it by the force of the air resistance. Thus, the moving part is both free from electrical cabling and free from air tubes that would wear over time, resulting in more uptime and better economy. 

A height measuring sensor simplifies installation and ensures that the label is being applied at the right position, even if the height of the package changes randomly and the line speed is up to 260 fpm. Alternatively, the height information can be transferred to the printer together with the label data and layout.

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About us

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Our mission is to “Provide the most attractive Print and Apply solutions exceeding our customer's high expectations”.
We are a skilled, free thinking team with loads of passion and the strive to be “Good people to work with and to grow with”. In order to keep focus we have our vision “Stay relevant” in mind.
We understand the importance of our end customers' production chains and strive to give them the best possible experience. We work together with skilled, value adding partners with knowledge of their local markets around the world. Our partners often also supply and service complementing industrial coding equipment and software from other manufacturers. We believe that the strongest logistics or production chains are built when the links can be selected and changed individually.
Our customers choose Evolabel because we provide the strongest link within Print and Apply.

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