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CPM Wolverine Proctor Ltd.

Prism House Suite 1 Rankine Avenue Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, G75 0QF East Kilbride
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1355 575350
Fax +44 1355 575351

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Machines and equipment for the processing of other food products (e.g. coffee processing, production of ice cream, etc.)
  • 05.01  Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)



The CPM Wolverine Proctor Shredding Mill is engineered for future expandability. This high-capacity machine provides superior throughput while ensuring biscuit uniformity. Its Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) makes full automation possible and contributes to final product uniformity and quality.

  • Modular: Modular design to allow for easy future expansion
  • Expandable: Two station heads are provided in a shredding line, which can be expanded up to 30 or more stations
  • 100% Automation: PLC allows 100% automation. This feature ensures biscuit uniformity through precise control and exact repeatability in a “hands-off” mode of operation
  • Configurable: Ideal for producing both filled and unfilled biscuits from spoon to large size
  • Highly Efficient: Closed-loop variable speed drive system minimizes web breaks, thereby increasing production and substantially decreasing downtime
  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning blades are easily replaceable
  • Ensures continuous feed: Each station’s feed hopper has fully automatic level control to ensure continuous feed
  • Customizable: Custom engineered for your unique and specific product
  • Effective: Lines supplied with lapping and filling stations. In-line systems with filling station and longitudinal cutting and cross crimping
  • Robust: Product can be depanned onto oven conveyor
  • Scalable: Assembled in test-sized or custom configurations to meet specific testing needs
  • Expandable: A wide selection of optional equipment is also available

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)



Wolverine Proctor Belt Grills are used to impart texture, mouth-feel, and taste-of-home into restaurant-cooked products on a commercial/industrial scale. CPM Wolverine Proctor Belt Grills help maintain or improve production rates on existing ovens by rapidly increasing the internal product temperature. A minimum amount of space is required to achieve the desired product benefits.

  • Robust: All stainless steel wash down design
  • Efficient: Most uniform heat transfer to product
  • Innovative: Product is conveyed between two coated fiberglass belts
  • Flexible: Multiple independent heating zones for controlled cooking
  • Effective: Top and bottom heat applied directly to the product for rapid surface sealing and thorough cooking
  • Enduring: Automatic belt tracking and tensioning system for longest belt life
  • Maintainable: Excellent accessibility for cleaning
  • Options: Optional electric or thermal oil heated
  • Troughs: Contains grease collection troughs
  • Wash System: Offers an automatic belt wash system
  • PLC Control System: Contains power/control panel with motor starters and digital cook time display

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Product category: Complete lines for the processing of other food products (no confectionery and bakery machines)



CPM Wolverine Proctor’s Cheese Melter, also know as the Pizza Infrared Fuser, economically and efficiently produces the most uniform and enhanced product possible. Designed and fabricated with USDA approval, it incorporates the most sanitary operation, with quick and easy access to all areas of the machine for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Fast: Extremely short melting or fusing times eliminate ingredient damage. Fusing times are half of what is typical for those of air melting systems
  • Uniform: Uniformity of treatment by heat source
  • Efficient: Virtually no ingredient losses during fusing process
  • Effective: Enhanced product appearance as more cheese/ingredients remain on pizza, cutting ingredient losses during freezing by over 90%
  • Improved Product Quality: Minimizes the amount of heat absorbed by product, improving product quality
  • Cost-Effective: Less clean-up/disposal costs and less waste
  • Adaptable: Easily adaptable to existing process layouts

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About us

Company portrait

Our international sales, manufacturing capabilities, and worldwide network of after-sales support means CPM Wolverine Proctor is everywhere you are. With over 200 years of experience, we’re the industry standard in the food, tobacco, fiber, and chemical industries. Our first-class engineering design capabilities in thermal processing and our turnkey capability in cereal production and snack processing lines puts us at the forefront of processing technology.

We have a longstanding history of breaking the mold for our customers. Wolverine invented the JetTube air handling technology that’s now a staple of in many food, chemical, and fiber products. Proctor & Schwartz was the first manufacturing company to apply forced convection drying principles to a number of industries. Constantly innovating is what we do, and our customers see the benefits.

You don’t thrive for over two centuries in the processing industry unless you can live up to your promises. At Wolverine Proctor, we do every time. We have first class engineering abilities, allowing us to design equipment custom-made to your specific needs. But our machines do more than just meet your unique application requirements, they’re built to give your maximum energy efficiency, quick installation, and to adapt with your business.

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  • Food
  • Confectionery products
  • Bakery products
  • Industrial goods