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Camen Quimica S.A. de C.V.

Av. Marcelino Buendia Eje 5 Sur # 1195 Col. Leyes de reorma, 09310 Mexico City

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging means
  • 02.03.08  Desiccation bags

Our products

Product category: Desiccation bags


  • DeseCamen® White Silica Gel (or transparent silica gel).
  • Activated adsorbent recommended for food or pharma application.
  • Type "A" Silica Gel (no humidity indicator).
  • Sphered or granular presentation.
  • Available in multiple diameters for different applications.
  • Does not corrode, has no odor or taste, is non-toxic and chemically unreactive.
  • Capable of adsorbing a large amount of moisture. (40% adsorbing capacity)
  • It can be used to absorb water however, in industrial applications it can also be used to adsorb CI2, CO2, hydrocarbons, HC1, sulfur, nitrogen, among other substances.

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Product category: Desiccation bags


VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Plastic Bags prevent metal corrosion due to its durable polyethylene film that has the ability to vaporize and condense its corrosion inhibitor, covering the whole surface of any piece of metal, therefore allowing an optimum condition for transport and storage.


  • All bags are custom for each client
  • Can be ordered folded or unfolded
  • Film gauges vary from 80 to 600 microns

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Product category: Desiccation bags


Spraying metal products with VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid, prevents metal corrosion due to its ability to vaporize and condense on the entire surface of a metal object, protecting it from oxidation, an attribute of its excellent penetrating power.

When using the VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid, you replace the use of conventional protective products, while saving money and time required to apply unnecessary oils to each metal part. Additionally, with VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid, metals or equipment can be used immediately after being unpacked, no need for cleaning up any residue.

Main Applications:

  • Machinery or equipment with a high content of iron.
  • Large metal boxes.
  • Aircraft parts.
  • Electronic circuits.
  • Electrical parts.
  • Military products.
  • Increase effectiveness by combining VCI Universal® with desiccant products.

  • 180 kg. Barrel
  • 18 kg. Container

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About us

Company details

In Camen, an effective moisture control is fundamental for lowering the risk of incurring in unnecessary costs derived from humid and contaminated storage facilities. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we now set the consumer preference and can assure you that we can guide your business to better practices and a solution always supported by research and superior quality.

We are an ISO certificated company, in addition, our company is reinventing humidity control, we work daily to improve our company with continuous research and development, to ensure innovative solutions for the industry as well as the consumers.

Moisture control consulting, will guarantee the quality in the manufacture and sale of products in any industry, that is our guarantee, as well as our expertize, one that has made Camen a leading company in the Latin American market, as well as achieving an internationally recognized positioning.

In CAMEN we are at your service, we work with you to achieve a solution tailored to your needs, contact us and discover the benefits we have ready for you and your business.

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Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Industrial goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods (non-food)